Paranormal Romance and Erotica: A Winning Combination

By Sheila N. Eskew

Women who enjoy reading Romance Novels today have a much wider variety to choose from than the days when Historical, Contemporary and Gothic novels made up much of their Romantic choices. Today, among the newer genres on the venue are Paranormal Romances and newer yet, Erotica novels. Paranormal Romance combines the flair and entrancing elements of everything from Science Fiction and Fantasy to Vampires and Werewolves, and Erotica influences can be found in almost all genres giving them new spice with a high squirm factor of a NC-17 rating to a theme with explicit sexual content. With Erotica fitting in well in most Romance Novel areas with possibly the exceptions of Teen and Christian Romances, it fits most naturally into the Paranormal Romance area. Paranormal Romance and Erotica when joined together form a winning combination, as evidenced in the works of three authors of this duel genre; Brenna Lyons author of the popular Kegin and Night Warrior Series, Desiree Erotique author of Disciples of Pleasure and The Bindmaster's Collar and Aurora Rose Lynn Author of The Mermaid's Seduction.

Brenna Lyons' Kegin Series is highly dependent on erotica to support her series of books about a planet of people that have reached a point in their hereditary development where their genetic make-up requires new DNA or it faces extinction. Only by finding a race of humans close enough to their genetics to breed with will their people survive and only by the Kegin lords convincing the chosen humans-Kegin crossbreeds they are truly loved by their Kegins mates will the chosen be able to breed successfully with them. Brenna has the ability to write the most spectacular and erotic love scenes that progress her plots and makes the reader wish they could journey to Kegin to join in the breeding program. However it is more than that, it is a love story not just sex. The Romance in the story is winning, the plot entrancing and the erotica a means to expand the story and keep the readers interest in a new way. Her Night Warrior Series takes the reader into the world of the Vampire as does The Bindmaster's Collar by Desiree Erotique.

In the realm of the Vampire the reader ventures into a different world in both author's visions of these legendary fiends. In the Night Warrior Series, the Vampire's out look on an immortal existence is explored. Through the pain of his lonely existence the Vampire's only pleasure is derived through his victim's gratification. Sexual magnetism has long been a part of the Vampire's mystique and Brenna and Desiree take their readers on an erotic adventure where sexual indulgence for both the Vampire and the victim with the ultimate bite and the taboo of drinking blood is joined with the sexually erotic pleasure that the Vampire feels as his victims are pleasured during the process. Looking back at the older Vampire folk lore and movies, those Vampires had the power to spellbind their victims, often young women or men, depending on the gender of the Vampire, who found the Vampire sexually attractive and erotically arousing. In Brenna's series, a group of avenging Night Warriors has been assigned to protect mankind from these evil beings and stalk the Vampire with ancient and effective weapons intent on their destruction. Only if the Vampire's victim invites the villain in can the Night Warrior be stayed.

In Desiree's The Bindmaster's Collar the reader is taken on a highly erotic romantic quest as the new Schoolmaster hired to teach the wives and adult daughters of a small, odd antediluvian village in the Alps. Unable to turn down the handsome pay, housing and the time to do the research on his personal hobby, the occult, he accepted the position. On his way home one sunny afternoon he saw four of his beautiful young students romping in a field, singing and dancing enjoying the day. Their frolics soon turned to more satisfying sexual pursuits and the four young women disrobed to enjoy each other's charms by pleasuring one another. When they completed their pleasures they sang a cheery paganish hymn when a near by gorge began to shake, their angelic chant changed to a commanding chant that stilled the disturbance. Bothered sexually by the event he witnessed, he confronts the one young woman among the group he had come to desire as he found she had him. As the story progressed the reader finds these four young maids are actually priestesses who have helped keep the Vampires, who are inside the nearby Monastery, at bay by ancient pagan rituals. By accident the young woman is taken by the Vampires and boldly fights against her fate as an un-dead. In his grief, the Bindmaster consents to help rid the village of the Vampires with help of the girl's old grandmother. Destiny has declared him to be the Bindmaster. Only he can save his love, return her to life, and rid the village of the un-dead Vampires that have plagued them for so long. By the use of an exotically woven erotic love spell can the Bindmaster save her and destroy the Vampire cult's evil mother and Queen Vampire. Desiree has used light S&M/B&D in the Bindmaster's Collar and has used erotica most effectively in progressing her plot. The story would not be as convincing if it were not for the erotica of the story. Again the feelings of the Vampires are noted but in this story the villagers live in a time variance to keep the exceptionally evil Vampires under control with their ancient beliefs in magic. Only by ancient pagan rites have they been able to contain the Vampires and only by the use of the humans are the Vampires, notably their Queen, able to experience fulfilling sex. In legend Vampires have always had the power to entrance their victims but have not been the only Paranormal beings to use sex, there by erotica, to enchant their victims with their powers.

Aurora Rose Lynn has used this method in The Mermaid's Seduction. Long known to be used by Sirens of the Sea and Mermaids to lure handsome male companions into their sexual clutches. In The Mermaid's Seduction, Merleau, the Mermaid, first tries to seduce the handsome Lighthouse Keeper into her arms and when that fails, she abducts him into the realm of the undersea world where he is finally seduced and the erotic adventure begins. Merleau has taken a great chance when she brought him to the undersea world and a jealous nemesis wastes little time trying to get her in trouble for it with the Undersea Lords. Merleau takes Josh from a mere mortal who must help her to fight off the nemesis changeling through an hilarious wrestling match with a Dolphin to become and Undersea Lord himself. The entire book is erotically driven with the sex advancing the plot, adding to it and making it a wonderful adventure to read that would not be half as great without the erotica. A wonderful and meaningful story is the key for erotica as it is in Disciples of Pleasure by Desiree Erotique, where the heroine journeys to the planet Nemi for the redemption of prisoners who have been sent to Nemi because of their destructive attitude toward women, not as a prisoner but as an aid to help the prisoners there in the position as a submissive. Here Desiree has created a world of sexual fantasies for every reader's tastes in a refined and enjoyable manner. These are three new and very popular Paranormal Romance Writers latest works mixed with Erotica. Good examples of Paranormal Romance and Erotica, new genres of romance literature that have been joined successfully with delightful and enjoyable results for the reader, but are they really that new?

Perhaps the Erotica wasn't as explicit as it is today because of the era it was penned in but the combination was there. Greek and Roman myths are resounding with stories of gods and goddess who came down from Mount of Olympus and took human lovers there by producing hybrid children such as Hercules, Caesar and Pedicles. The Paranormal part was there and the Erotica part too, only toned down to the level of the times or the level of the times the myths were translated into.

Now, Romance Literature and the modern out look of women have reached a level that allows the enjoyment and the arousal level of the sexuality combined with their favorite genre and frequently calls for strong women heroines who can not only take part in the erotica but initiate the romance and stand equal with her hero to kick the villain's butt, if necessary.

Romance Literature's newest and fastest growing genre in popularity and imagination is Paranormal Romance and Erotica, when the two are combined, the combination is explosive and all paths lay open for new and old authors to fill those paths with Hot, Sizzling and Adventurous Romance designed to keep their readers attention and their erotic fantasies flowing well into the future.

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