Faire Dreamer

Layle Black
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All Lindsey could do was sit back and take the merciless torture. Ethan began feeding her from a giant tray of fruit and honey, choosing crisp slices of apple dipped in golden honey. He carelessly drizzled her chin and lips liberally on the way to her mouth, immediately cleaning the sweet mess with his mouth. For every bite of fruit and drugging kiss, Christian's nimble fingers danced flirtatiously just within the folds of her nether lips.

She couldn't keep her hips from straining up from her seat, straining toward a deeper caress. In the back of her mind, Lindsey wondered at how the men moved in tandem with each other, as if anticipating each other's moves. Each action was designed to drive her to complete erotic madness.

Suddenly, Christian pulled his hand away, and cool air flooded the heated delta of her thighs. She moaned in dismay at the loss, her hand reaching out as if to pull him back. Chuckling, Christian grasped it, bringing it to his mouth and grazing the knuckles with a fleeting kiss of farewell. His met Ethan's gaze over her head.

"I'm going to the pavilion, to make things…comfortable." His dark gaze returned to Lindsey. "Bring her in twenty minutes."

Placing a final kiss on her sticky lips, he stood and left the table. Lindsey frowned in confusion and turned to Ethan. "What does he mean?"

Ethan brushed his lips across her neck, whispering in her ear. "He's going to make a place for us to be alone. We'll join him shortly. Come on, let's dance."

Before she could protest, he had her out from behind the table and on the dancing platform with other swaying couples. Turning to look back at the table for Cat, she found no help in that quarter. Kent had her practically bent backward over the table and was feasting on any flesh exposed to his sight.

Ethan pulled Lindsey flush to his chest. His hips moved in erotic conjunction with hers. Giving up the fight, she allowed the music to take her. His arms formed steel bands around her waist, holding her to the leashed power of his muscular chest. She could feel his arousal pressing into her stomach. The drumming became erratic, building into a crescendo, every thump the soundtrack to ravenous lust, and she was lost in it.

"Can you feel how hard I am for you, my Beauty?" Ethan rasped his passion in her ear, thrusting his hips fiercely against her, punctuating his words.

A verbal response was impossible. Instead, she stood on her toes and pulled his face toward hers. She let her tongue play at the edge of his lips, daring him to take what he wanted. It was like waving a red flag at a bull, and he charged full tilt.

She was unprepared for the onslaught. His mouth was ravenous, ravishing her lips as if they were his alone to toy with. She embraced the storm of passion, encouraging him, not caring who was looking on. He tore his mouth away, gasping for breath, his eyes molten mercury in his tanned face.

"I'd say it's been twenty minutes. Let's get the hell out of here."

He pulled her from the dance floor, heading toward the tavern door. She heard him mumble something about Christian being ready or not because they were coming anyway.

Lindsey gasped, trying to slow their momentum. Abruptly, Ethan stopped and turned to face her, his eyes blazing with an undefined intensity. Her breath caught at the determination in his gaze. His grip on her arm was gentle but unrelenting.

"Do you want me? Do you want us?"

His question sounded forced and desperate. Lindsey blinked at the note of uncertainty underlying his voice. Uncertain? He looked as if his and Christian's lives depended on it. Slowly, she nodded, unable to deny the lust eating her alive. He let out a deep sigh as if he'd been holding his breath waiting for her response. A warm smile eased the tension tightening his handsome face.

"Come with me."

Lindsey nodded again, ignoring her fear of the unknown. He pulled her from the light of the tavern into the mysterious darkness of the night.

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