Vegas Miracle

Liz Crowe
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Grace knows Henri is her husband Ryan's lover. She's arrived in Las Vegas and is supposed to be greeted by Ryan but business has kept him, so he claims.  But he's arranged for a lovely surprise for her in the form of one Henri Christophe, celebrity chef and trained masseur....

Henri kneaded the flesh of her thigh carefully and moved down to rub each toe, then the sole of her foot, which sent those same zinging, nerve rattling sensations straight up to the top her head and back down to her sex.  She stretched her hands over her head and allowed the blanket to fall away and reveal her nipples. Eyes closed, she reveled in the pure sensation of his touch.  By the time he switched over to her other leg and placed her foot on his chest again, she was moaning and had to force herself not to grab him and pull him on top of her. 

He stretched her knee towards her chest. 

"You're very flexible, yes?" His voice was hoarse.

"Yes," she breathed, pressing her hips up to make contact with his arm.

           The last time he bent her knee she felt his tongue flick her nipple.  She realized he was pulling the sheet off her completely and she gave no resistance.  Raising her arms up over her head once more, Grace stretched like a cat in the windowsill. 

She heard him make a sound deep in his throat before he ran his strong hands from her shoulders down to her nipples and across her stomach.  He stopped to knead her hips once more then kept moving down her thighs to her calves and then to her sensitized feet.  Grace felt as if she could come without even a touch to her clit.  She arched up and gasped as she felt his mouth again, this time right on her engorged nub.   He teased her tortured flesh with a few flicks of his tongue, then took her between his lips and sucked hard.   Then, just as suddenly, he was gone, standing up, just staring at her.

Grace's body was on fire, every nerve ending crying out for more.  But perhaps he was done so she started to sit up.

""Would you like a bit more?  An internal massage, perhaps?"

"Yes," she nearly yelled out then felt herself blush. 

She finally got a good look at him as he pulled his silk boxers down to reveal his long, thick cock, which was just as she remembered from that fateful night at the party.  She sat for a minute drinking him in as he brushed his shaggy, dark hair off his brow and put his hands on his hips.   

"Please," she whispered as she lay back down.  How this was happening, she had no idea but Grace knew if she didn't get this man inside her right now, she was going to explode.

As he climbed up between her legs and slipped his cock into her, she finally, fully relaxed and cried out, keeping her arms up, over head, like she had at the party.

He leaned down to lick her neck and tug at her nipples while he kept thrusting into her, his cock reaching high, right up to her g-spot.  She laid back and let him work, let him massage and fuck her and when she came, she nearly wept at the sheer, sensual, forbidden beauty of it. She touched her own face and her fingers came away wet.

"May I come inside you," he asked, his breath coming in short gasps.

"Fill me," she ordered him and repositioned her legs so her knees were up against his chest.  She had to feel him, all of him, wanted to watch his face when he came.  He increased his tempo, his face flushed red in the candlelight and she smiled as he grunted and she felt his warmth explode inside of her, felt him pulse and shudder with spent passion.

Grace sighed as Henri bent down to kiss her.  His tongue caressed her lips before he raised himself up and off her, pulling the blanket back over her sated body.  She stretched again and flipped over. 

When her eyes met Ryan's across the room she nearly screamed.  Her husband was sitting directly across from the massage table, a drink in one hand, the other arm stretched over the back of the couch.  His eyes were shining.

"How long have you been sitting there," she demanded once she realized what he’d done.  She sat up and swung her legs down to the floor.  She had no idea what to make of this now.

"Long enough, babe," he drained his glass, set it on the table and made his way over to her.  "Long enough."

She sighed as he leaned in to grasp her neck, pull her close and kiss her hard and deep.  His bourbon-tasting lips were delicious.

  "Did you like your Vegas surprise," he asked as he wrapped his arms around her.  But he pressed his mouth to hers before she could answer.  The familiar strength of his body, the crisp feel of his dress shirt against her naked skin, the clean smell of his cologne all enveloped her at once and she wrapped herself around him, ready to thank him in a way he'd never forget.


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