Speed Dating – are you kidding? But what if he was a hot attorney and a man you fantasized about every night and he wasn’t going to take no for an answer?


     Shannon paced the kitchen floor, wringing her hands. Hell yes she was hungry as a teenager in heat. “Devour? Yeah well, this is crazy. What was I thinking here? I mean I must be certifiable. Crazy. Looney tunes.” Somehow writing naughty little books and stories and reviewing copious bad ones from other writers had brought her to this? Yep, little Miss Jenna Miller, her very best and extremely wicked friend had given him, Blake Worthington, the sensual dream lover, copies of her scandalous little erotic stories to fuel his fantasies and now he knew hers. Everything had been wild and wooly since the moment he had gasped at her racy words. Shannon Spencer, romance reviewer for All Things Wicked, erotic writer wanna-be, and sometimes chicken, had enough saucy material from their over heated conversations to fuel several books or give other writers spanking new passages.

     Oh how she remembered the first day they had...talked. Over the past several months she had been a bit under the weather with her writing and the deadlines for the magazine. It had been close enough to a writer’s block to solicit concern from her editor and her employer was ready to kick her ass. God, she was backed up with reviews that could last for months and had to get to work. Unfortunately she daydreamed instead of burning up the keyboard. Maybe her mind was full of nefarious little visions of having the man in her bed and the luscious thoughts kept her from getting any work done. Dear God if she didn’t have those deadlines, she could be lost to her dreams. Damn it. Ooohhhh!

     Unfortunately, there was no way she could contain her racing desires. She wanted him, Blake, aka stud muffin, was the one man that could create a pool of juice between her legs with his sizzling and almost scandalous words written over the internet. The comical aspect about the entire shameless situation was she didn’t know him, not really. They had experienced one naughty shadowed date at one of the clubs in town where you didn’t have to reveal your identify. God, the taste had been incredible. Unfortunately he had been called away on an emergency and she had been left high and dry. “You remember the speed dating night?”

     “Are you kidding me? Was it Ralph that you ended up having drinks with?”

     “Argh! Don’t remind me.” He had been kind but scary with his views of the future.

     “Oh yeah, I remember him. Bad goatee and crooked teeth and still you were kind. God, you were depressed.”

     “Yeah, but I caught a glimpse of Blake that night.”

     Jenna laughed. “You did and I wished I could have captured your face on a camera.”

     “Delicious. Perfect.”

     “And you almost fainted.”

     “I am crazy!”

     “Yep, you are crazy as a loon but also just ready to move on.” Jenna pulled down two glasses from her cabinet and poured them each a hefty amount of wine. She pushed the merlot in Shannon’s direction, forcing her to take it. “Which part do you think is so insane? The part where you’re considering having sex with a man you’ve never met after having a wicked heated affair over the blazing trails of the Internet or the part where he’s driving here from another state to satisfy your every fantasy after renting a very expensive hotel room in hopes of taking the affair one step further?”

     She growled and grabbed the wine. “Either. Both. Neither. Shit, I don’t know! What am I doing? God, I am insane!”

     “That you are, but that’s beside the point. Look, I’ve known Blake for fifteen years. He used to work right above me in the grungy little office complex, remember? He’s kind and loving and has been given a rough road with women. You don’t have the best track record with men either so maybe this is a relationship made in heaven. Besides, you two have been heading toward this for a long time. You’re not teenagers here so relax. Blaze the trails into eroticism.”

     “Blaze the trails eh? Yeah, like a wild cowgirl. What surprise could he have in store for me?” Shannon growled and held her tongue from the salacious thoughts that rumbled in her mind, remembering everything she had told him he wanted. Another man. Voyeurism. Bondage. Oh God, what did he have in mind? He was safe and hot and… No, they were not teenagers, but the behavior was deliciously naughty. Her nipples hardened as they scraped against the lace of her bra, reminding her of just how impious the event was. “I guess you are right. There is nothing like the sinful, delicious thought of having an illicit affair with a stranger to keep your blood boiling.”

     “Except that he isn’t really a stranger any longer, except physically, right?”

     “Yeah, you are right I guess and I have to admit, the thought of touching him finally is tantalizing.” Emotionally he was her equal, but there was such a burning sadness about him and Jenna knew more than she was telling, there was no doubt. Blake knew everything about her most carnal desires as she had opened up like a flower to him. Trust was a wonderful thing to have finally after having a husband that never trusted her with his real feelings allowing the marriage to simply dissolve. Still, she had to wonder if he thought she was...depraved. This crazy idea had been hers after all.