Dagger's Lust

Diane Story
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“God is great. God is good. Thank you, Jesus, for my life. Amen.” In the middle of the meadow, Belinda paced back and forth as she thought about the childhood prayer. It wasn’t the exact, human version, but it was the one she used when she needed to concentrate or come to terms with the bad things in her life. This time, she hoped it would help her to understand what she had done so wrong to deserve her current predicament.

The werewolves circling her didn’t make her nervous, but their leader did. Every one of them dripped slobber from their mouths as they looked at her, their red eyes glowing. Their canines sharp and white. This, coupled with the fact that he now thought he owned her according to the rules of his pack, didn’t help. No matter what she did, where she went, or where she hid, he always found her. Running was useless.

She hated the full moon because it was when Braccus always came for her.

Before they managed to catch her, she’d run from one tree to the next in an effort to outrun them. She closed her eyes and quickly went over the last few hours before being caught…

She recalled a misty puff of fog floating in front of her eyes as she tried to catch her breath, cool herself down, and settle her heartbeat. She was a Lycanthrope shape-shifter with the ability to shift into two forms other than her human. The Werewolf was the one she hated most because it was the most uncomfortable. Her other shift was a monster and never allowed out unless she was alone. Her Werewolf was her only choice for her current situation.

The meadow she stood in was her way out, yet it caused her stomach to clench in dread because it was so wide. There were no other trees for her to hide behind, so she had to take her chances, knowing what they would do if they caught her.

Their howls nipped at her nerves, and she could feel the ground vibrate as their paws beat against the forest floor. Her tail swooshed quickly back and forth playfully as it reacted to the adrenalin soaring through her veins. Good god, she wished she could fly. Ancient instinct coursed through her veins, begging for release. The sky was where she belonged.

Braccus had a hard-on for her, or whatever werewolves called it. She called it a boner because that’s what it looked like. A sense of humor was mandatory when it came to the werewolves. It helped her to survive all these years. However, tonight Braccus was also pissed. When Braccus was pissed, he normally bit. Pissed she could handle, and she had been bitten many times. She was more concerned about his boner and what he planned on doing with it. Of course, she already knew because she had been through this with him before.

“Belinda! I hear you breathing.  I know you’re afraid. You can’t get away from me. You’re mine, you hear me? Mine.” Like always, his voice chilled her spine. She knew he had to shift back into his human form to speak, and she contemplated attacking him. But she knew he would have the protection of his pack.

Her ears folded flat against her head, and her claws dug into the soft dirt. Her animal instincts were alive and on fire, but the instincts of the monster inside of her were stronger. If allowed, it could kill every one of them with just one breath. She ached for its release, its power. It had been far too long since she had allowed it freedom.

They were getting too close. It was now or never, and since never was not an option when it came to Weres, she had to run. Her paws hit the ground with a thud, and with all the strength she could muster, she sprinted across the meadow.

Her body stretched out with each one of her strides. The grass was tall, so she tried to keep low. Maybe that was a mistake because it slowed her down. However, she had to use every trick she knew to keep them from catching her. She was halfway across the meadow and hope began to form in her heart. Just a few more yards, and she would finally be rid of them. For the time being anyway.

As a wolf, her fur was black and thick, just like her human hair. It made seeing her at night difficult. She also had every animalistic instinct of her wolf and her other shape-shifter form. She was actually quite frightening as a Were, but like most everything she had ever tried on Braccus, it had no effect. He would tuck his tail and run if she showed him her other form.

He was ruthless with a heart of stone, and his speed was beyond measure when it came to the hunt. If truth were known, she knew he’d been toying with her the entire night. He could have taken her anytime. He wanted her, and he felt he was entitled to her. One day, one of them would die because of his obsession.

Braccus loved games, and he loved the chase. Before she could leap over another fallen tree, he caught her and bit into the scruff of her neck. As he forced her to the ground, surrender was her only option. He would have her tonight regardless of her efforts to stop him. Nevertheless, she would make sure he didn’t enjoy it. Before he could pin her underneath him, she shifted into her human and quickly rolled away.

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