Rhian Cahill
Daring to tell the truth will change the rules of this game forever.
Party Games, Book 2
When her friend deserts her at an exclusive Sydney house party, Miki Drummond retreats to a corner to observe the insanity. Watching life go by is something she does well, especially after the hell her marriage put her through.
She never dreamed she'd reconnect with not one but two blasts from her high school past. And she never expected their heated gazes to bring her body so easily back to life.

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Grant Rogers and Dayne Pierce never forgot Miki. Ever. Past experience tells them to tread slowly and carefully, but that plan flies out the window when they're all dragged into a game of Truth or Dare. Something's up, because Miki repeatedly chooses to take a shot rather than reveal her obvious pain. Time after time.
Waking up hungover in a strange bedroom, Miki is caught in an electrically charged moment with two men who offer her unimaginable pleasure, who seem determined to keep her suspended in sweet torment—permanently.
One night of pure fantasy is all Miki dares to take, but come morning the hard truth is that walking away isn't an option.
Product Warnings: The author cannot be held responsible for any truth you may tell or dare you make take after reading this story. And if you find yourself sandwiched between two hunky men…take the dare.


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About Rhian Cahill

Years of slavery to four young aliens and their sire failed to squash the love of writing or reading hiding behind the facade of a boring stay-at-home mum. Escaping from the mother-ship with vivid imagination intact, Rhian uses her superpowers for good.
Okay, so that's not quite how it happened. Married to her very own hero for over 20 years and raising a family of four kept writing on the back burner but with more time to spend on the things she loves most, Rhian and her accomplice, Mr. Muse have taken over.
Writing a multiple of genres keeps life interesting and busy. Rhian can be found in numerous places online where her love of talking is well satisfied. An Aussie, who's spent years living overseas, Rhian and family are now happily residing back in their native land of down under.
To learn more about Rhian and her writing visit her website – www.rhiancahill.com
You can contact Rhian at rhian@rhiancahill.com




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An Interview with Rhian Cahill
By Megan Garbe for The Romance Studio

MG: Rhian, thank you for talking with us at TRS! Your featured book is Truth or Dare and is part of the multi author series Party Games. What can you tell us about this series and how did you come to be part of it?

RC: Thank you for having me. The series is written with fellow Aussie author Lexxie Couper and the idea was actually mine. We'd talked about doing something together for a while and then one day the idea hit me. I mentioned it to Lexxie and from there it snowballed. We've just signed the next two books in the series, Twister and Spin The Bottle, to Samhain for release later this year but we're also discussing more books in the series. It's been absolutely fab working with Lexxie on these and I'd jump at the chance to do it again.

MG: Truth or Dare is the second book in the series. What can you tell us about your story?

RC: Miki is coming out of a bad marriage that ended in tragedy and coming face to face with the boys she had a crush on in high school is a shock but discovering the men they've become starts the re-awakening of Miki as a woman. She ran from Grant and Dayne all those years ago and at first she's not sure about what they're offering but really, what woman could say no to a night of pleasure with not one but two hunky men. ;) I loved writing this story. I liked all the characters and having to confer with Lexxie about the parts where her characters appear was an interesting and exciting process I'd never dealt with before. It was fun and I'm really happy to see Truth or Dare finally released.

MG: What can you tell us about Miki and why will readers relate to her?

RC: I liked Miki for a number of reasons, but her courage and loyalty are what stood out for me. Even when her life had become less than perfect she stuck it out and tried her best. She committed. So when she takes Grant and Dayne up on their offer I just knew she wouldn't back out. Sure she has her shaky moments, who doesn't, but in the end she digs down deep and even though what she discovers isn't that flattering to her or her marriage, she finds the answers she needs to go after what she thought was lost forever even if that's in an unconventional way.

MG: What can you tell us about Grant and Dayne and why will readers love them?

RC: Two hot Aussie men, what's not to love? *grin* Okay, let's see....I think the fact neither of them give up on Miki is the biggest draw. Both are determined to win her over to their way of thinking but they're also willing to let her go. Of course they let her go on their terms and make sure she doesn't forget them. They're a little sneaky when it comes to reminding Miki of what they offer.

MG: Will you have more stories in this series?

RC: Two more definite. Twister is out mid 2012 and Spin The Bottle a little after that. We don't have definite dates yet. And as I said before, we are talking about expanding the series from the original four stories.

MG: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

RC: Plenty. I've got Sand, Surf and Sunni, it's a sequel to my novella Bondi Beach Boys coming out soon. I'm currently working on the next Coyote Hunger book. In the plan for 2012 is the next Only You book, another Coyote Hunger book and a contemporary series I'm playing with that is proving difficult to put aside. I'm also working on another shifter story that I'm planning to self publish in an anthology with a group of Aussie authors. As you can see there's more than enough on my plate right now.

MG: What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

RC: Not getting out of my pj's. No, really. I love sitting at my desk with my morning cuppa and checking my email without having to get showered and dressed. It's the best way to ease into the day. The other bonus is I get to fall in love every day. All day. *sigh*

MG: What advantages are there for writers now as opposed to when you started out?

RC: The boom in digital publishing has opened so many more opportunities for authors to get their work in front of readers. And with the internet playing such a big roll in our lives now we're able to connect with other writers which goes a long way to relieving the isolation that the very nature of what we do encloses us in.

MG: What is one of your all time favorite books?

RC: Wow. Tough question. This changes as I get older and my reading habits change but if I'm forced to pick one it would have to be Tamara's Spirit by Nicole Austin. This book led to a friendship with Nicole that has not only shaped my life but my writing in so many ways. She's an inspiration that I'm thankful for and a friend I'm grateful for. If I'd never read Tamara's Spirit I wouldn't be where I am now. And I definitely wouldn't have published as many books as I have if any.

MG: Any goals you've set for yourself this year?

RC: One goal, write more than I did this year. This past year has been tough, Mr.C traveled every second week and while some might think that's a good thing it's the most disruptive schedule ever! It's hard to settle into a routine when I'm constantly packing or unpacking his suitcase. He'll be traveling less this year and working from home a couple of days a week so that's another routine that we need to settle into but with him home I'm able to hand over the cooking duties which gives me another couple of hours in my day to write. I'm looking forward to the new schedule although I'm sure he'll work out a way to get on my nerves before long. LOL MG: Thank you!


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