Ann Cory

Welcome to Smolder Springs. Pampered by day. Seduced by night.

After years in an emotionally draining job, Kaitlin West visits a luxurious spa known for its healing springs and breathtaking beauty. And where her personal guide, Harrison Knight, helps to awaken her long suppressed desires.

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About Ann Cory

Ann Cory was born and raised in Oregon with an overactive imagination, and a love of words. With the loving support of her family, she's able to devote time to her craft.

She enjoys writing sweet and spicy romance in an array of genres including paranormal, contemporary, historical, urban fantasy, ménage, and western.

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Also by Ann Cory

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Raina, a gifted healer known for her magic mead, must deliver her rare medicine to King Valin who lies dying from a poison of black magic concocted by a vengeful sorceress.

On her quest she is joined by Torin, the fierce and handsome warrior she handpicked from a village to join her. Along the way they are thwarted by harpies, a ruthless warlock, and the sorceress herself. When Torin falls prey to a spell of black magic, Raina must stay strong and trust her heart to decide who she will save.

Patchouli Dreams

Lovers from another century?

When Marilyn Sommers inherits a beautiful Gothic-style house, she has no idea its past and hers are intertwined. In the room upstairs, the scent of patchouli lingers, a scent that reminds her of Mason Donahue, the guy she dated her senior year. The guy that got away.

Marilyn decides to host a get-together, and invites Mason and two of her girlfriends. It's a night to revisit the past, and a night that could change the future.

Mississippi Twilight

Madeline accepts an invitation to ride the Mississippi Twilight, a Victorian riverboat that promises plenty of sun, scenery and relaxation. The only thing missing is the hunk she fell madly in love with and has never forgotten.

Reinaldo is prepared to go all out to reclaim a love that got away. Hell-bent on proving that he is the only man for Madeline, he secretly arranges a trip where he plans a memorable night of seduction. With Maddy as his guest, he figures his plan can't backfire. Operation Paddlewheel is a go.

As the sun sets over the Mississippi River, Madeline quickly realizes that time hasn't changed how hot she is for Reinaldo or the way her body responds to his masterful touch. But they have an uphill battle ahead if they're going to get beyond their past mistakes.

Angel with a Blade

Using rune stones as her guide, natural healer Rebecca travels to aid those who need her. Armed with her basket of tonics and a sword, she travels to her next destination, Blatsfort , England. At first glance, a handsome gentleman stirs her desires and makes her question the solitary path she has chosen.

But their sweet exchange turns sour when the gentleman is poisoned by men seeking to rob him of his fortune. Unable to deny her growing affections, Rebecca gathers her sword and all her courage, knowing in her heart she was meant to save him.


An Interview with Ann Cory
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Ann, thank you for talking with us at TRS BLUE! Your featured book is Smolder Springs and it's just my kind of book. <g> Where did you get the idea for this sizzling tale?

AC: The inspiration for this book came after the realization that it has been ages since I've gone on vacation. I thought about going someplace relaxing and peaceful, a weekend escape, a place to be pampered and forget about work and responsibilities. Once the title came to me, my imagination was off and running.

HH: What do you like best about Kaitlin and why will readers relate to her?

AC: She's strong, witty, imaginative, and craves a little shake-up in her life.

HH: What do you like best about Harrison and why will readers love him?

AC: He's a romantic and hero at heart. And his voice... oh so sexy!

HH: In a sea of complicated paranormal and fantasy romances, why do you think this story will appeal to readers? (Like me!)

AC: This is a story for a quick escape -- much like the premise of the book. It's meant to make you smile, chuckle, and enjoy the break from reality. And maybe make you long for a few nights at Smolder Springs yourself!

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

AC: A couple sequels of reader favorites, and a holiday story.

HH: How do you view the future of ebooks?

AC: While I love love love to hold a book in my hands, I'm also well aware of the changes going on around us. The times are changing. Ebooks are environmentally sound, save space, are often more affordable, and I can't deny the wonderful ease of online shopping.

HH: How much of your day is devoted to your writing career?

AC: I've managed to pare it down to about 8 hours. I used to spend more time but I'm working on a more balanced approach to my life.

HH: What's your favorite way to interact with readers?

AC: Chats and blogs. TRS chats are a favorite because authors can show up at the times that work best for their schedules.

HH: What is your favorite Halloween type/themed story? Why?

AC: Around Halloween I enjoy reading Dracula, Halloween Party by Agatha Christie, and stories about true ghosts and hauntings. Those stories get my imagination running wild. And sleeping with a nightlight for several nights afterwards.

HH: What do you most enjoy about Autumn?

AC: It's my favorite season for more reasons than I can list, but for me it's when I feel most alive. The crispness in the air, wearing my favorite sweaters, the colors of the leaves, baking desserts that infuse the house with delicious aromas, and trying out new recipes sure to please the family.

HH: Thank you!


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