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The Masters of Tabu center around the journey of college friends from Dallas, Texas, seeking redemption, healing and love when they least expect it. Hot days and sizzling nights await—Marcus Knight, Mitchell Prince, Jared King, Shane Marshal, Brock Dragon and Jagger Squire with Simon Tempest, a friend of Marcus Knight rounding out the co-owners of Club Tabu, a BDSM private club.

Dallas will never be the same.

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Marcus Knight, entrepreneur and CEO of Knight Enterprises, is a Dom with a darker side. After a nasty divorce, he’s sworn off any emotional involvement with any woman. By accident he meets a woman at a party when he travels to New York City for business. She’s too young and inexperienced with his lifestyle. Or so he thinks.

Khari Bradford, small town girl in search of fame and fortune on the Broadway stage. On a chance meeting, she meets an older man who captivates her. Within a short time, she becomes his newest submissive, but wonders how she ended up with him instead of on Broadway.

Will her new aspiration have her lose both dreams, Broadway and her Knight after discovering he has no intentions of staying in New York or with her? Will Marcus return to Dallas and give Khari her dream, but lose the woman who makes his heart sing?

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About Gray Dixon

“What’s to tell?” Gray Dixon asked. The nom de plume of erotica writer of hot, sexy stories for the adult crowd loves walks along the beach at sunset, a glass of wine over a romantic dinner and a night of love.
On the serious side, she’s married to her Dear Heart for many years, has three children, many grandchildren, a dog, a couple of fish, a big yard with lots of fruit trees, two cars and a house. Ah, the American Dream she loves to describe. She likes a lot of different things, crafts, watching the History Channel, reality shows (not all, but some), travel, and of course writing. She’s worked hard all her life in many interesting fields and enjoyed all of them, but she finally found enough time to relax and enjoy escaping into the worlds she created through her stories. She mainly writes erotica with BDSM elements, and hopes readers will enjoy the tales she weaves.
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Upcoming Books in the Series:
Master Prince, Book 2 ~ Release May 2013
Master King, Book 3 ~ Release August 2013
Master Marshal, Book 4 ~Release November 2013
Master Dragon, Book 5 ~ Release February 2014
Master Squire, Book 6 ~ Release May 2014
Master Tempest, Book 7 ~ Release August 2014
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Cristale’s Awakening ~ Release April 2013



An Interview with Gray Dixon
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Gray, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Master Knight and is the first in what promises to be a tantalizing new series. First, what can you tell us about the series itself?

GD: Thank you for having me here at TRS. I've been looking forward to debuting on your wonderful site!

Okay, down to the fun part. The Masters of Tabu came about quite by accident. I had no idea I'd write the first story, let alone get a contract to write seven in the series. As easy as it sounds, the idea came to me as I was writing a vampire story. Don't know why, but I clearly saw all the male characters at one. Imagine my surprise when seven gorgeous men, all different physically and personality-wise, popped into my head. I originally called them my Bad Boys of the Big D. I wanted the setting to be Dallas, college friends, all in their early-thirties (except for one) and co-owners of a BDSM club. Each is in search of redemption, healing and love. In one afternoon I wrote a brief synopsis, followed by brief story-lines for each of the seven men and each of their new loves. I had their names, what they did for a living, and how the stories would evolve. I put it together and pitched it to my publisher. Within a week, I had a contract for all seven books and the first one, Master Knight, released February 14, 2013, a month early.

HH: How does Master Knight kick it off?

GD: Marcus Knight is the multi-millionaire entrepreneur of the Bad Boys. He's kind of the leader of the group only because he is powerful, wealthy and well, I wanted him to be. He's also a wickedly kinky and sadistic Dom. The story begins in Khari Bradford's point of view with her in the middle of a scene with Marcus. She's young and new to the lifestyle, but fully involved. Through several flashbacks between her and Marcus, the readers are eventually brought forward to the present. Each makes mistakes and through a big misunderstanding lose each other to only reunite in the end for the happily for now. But, don't fret, they find the HEA in book three, which I'm writing now.

HH: What do you like best about Khari and why will readers be pulling for her?

GD: Khari Bradford is twenty-two, from a small town but with big city aspirations, and a spoiled princess made that way by doting parents. Innocence with wide-eyed adventure in her blood, she knows what she wants and goes for it despite her parents discouraging her. I love how she grows up and makes decisions to go after those little girl dreams. She doesn't settle and that's what I liked about her and hope readers feel the same.

HH: What do you like best about Marcus and why will readers love him?

GD: I think I said back in the second question, but to elaborate more, Marcus Knight is used to getting what he wants. He built an empire with his computer gaming enterprise and expanded his interests by buying other businesses because he gets bored. He'd been married before, but that didn't work out because wife cheated, then shortly thereafter he's stalked by a submissive at Club Tabu. He's given up on finding the right woman who will submit to his sadistic side, which he has tried to curb. But, he can't deny his true nature for long, especially when he meets by chance the young and innocent Khari. He loses her, but he also wants her to be happy and achieve her dreams, even if it means not being together. He's a bad boy, but a knight in shining armor who'd rescue her and defend her to the end if he had to.

HH: What can you tell us about the stories to come in this series?

GD: Book 2 is about Master Prince and Guilianna Hathaway. Mitchell Prince was introduced in Book 1 and is the Chief Counsel for Knight Enterprises as well as having his own practice. Without giving too much away, there is a problem that arises in Master Knight and is told in detail in Book 2. Guilianna is the opposing attorney in the case. Need I say more on how this story plays out?

I'm currently writing Master King's story with Bailey Melchor as his love interest. They are childhood friends by way of their parents' business, they're in the oil and refinery industry. He's older, by four years and she's had a crush on him since she was a teenager, but he doesn't see her that way. Until she's all grown up and they meet again at a friend's wedding. Too much champagne and repressed feelings will make for a fun time.

For the others, Master Marshal -- Book 4, Shane Marshal, Texas cowboy and cattle ranch owner, is struggling to keep his family’s home above financial flood waters after losing his parents in a plane crash five years ago. The ranch is a good hour’s drive and some from town, so he tends to be the loner of the group and doesn’t frequent the club as much as the other friends. So much so, he’s considering selling his percentage of the club to raise funds to keep the ranch from foreclosure. His friends talk him into turning the ranch into a dude ranch to bring in more income. With the help from each of the buddies, he opens for business. One of his first clients is a group from New York, led by a model that is so uppity, the kind that her ass doesn’t stink-type. Instantly, he can’t stand to be around her. Shane goes out of his way to put her down, get dirty cleaning horse stalls, and riding horses until her precious derriere is saddle sore. He begins to have second thoughts about the new venture after two days in her presence. Valantina Halston, a high fashion model who changed her name from Sharon Berger. She’s always been self-conscious of her looks. As a child overweight all through her teens, then she loses fifty pounds in her senior year of high school and is spotted in a mall by a talent agent. After a stint in Europe, she returns to New York, with a makeover of looks and name to lead the fast life of a super model. Turning twenty-six, she’s burned out and needs rest and decides to spend her birthday somewhere remote. She finds an ad on-line about a dude ranch and figures why not? A little horseback riding in the open, clean air, with no phones, no paparazzi, and no cheating boyfriend to deal with sounds appealing. What she didn’t expect to find was a rough around the edges real-life cowboy who would wrangle her heart.

Master Dragon -- Book 5, Brock Dragon, the proverbial pretty boy and manager of Club Tabu is from a middle-class family and despite his education, he never went to medical school after graduating from Texas A&M for personal reasons. At a barbeque for the cousin of Bailey Melchor, Jared King’s girlfriend, the awkward cousin catches his interest. She’s been away at college on the East Coast. The stunning young woman who is the guest of honor is the opposite of any woman he’s ever met, short hair (he likes his women with long hair to grab onto), a real brainy geek (she has a physics degree and has plans to work at NASA in Houston), and she’s from one of Dallas’ elite families. Master Squire -- Book 6, Jagger Squire, runs security at Club Tabu. After college, he did a couple tours with the Army in Iraq and Afghanistan before injuries forced him out on a disability. Returning home to Dallas, Texas, on a medical discharge, he used most of his savings to buy into his share of the club and a guarantee of a job. One night, an injured man walks through the doors, seeking help. After cleaning the young man up, giving him something to eat, Jagger finds him completely captivated by the wild-eyed lad. He knows the man is keeping a secret as to what happened to him, but doesn’t push, offering to help him with a place to stay. Soon they develop more than a friendship, when Zane begins to act out scenes at the club. Zane Wolfe got mixed up with the wrong people, running drugs to and from Mexico to save his brother. But, his twin brother, Zack, is always in trouble, and Zane is tired of coming to his brother’s rescue. Zane swore this would be the last time. Problem was, he didn’t expect the federal agents had shadowed him on the last drop. He narrowly escaped capture and is wounded. He ends up in Dallas’ industrial area, bleeding and clueless as to where he’s at. All he knows is that not only are the Feds after him, but the Mexican drug cartel, El Diablo is pissed for the screw up and still won’t let his brother free. Then, the voice of the most gorgeous man called out from the shadows and brought him into a world he’d never seen, but quickly was drawn to. The closer he gets to this angel of rescue, the more he’s concerned his troubles will come out and he’ll lose Jagger.

Master Tempest -- Book 7, Simon Tempest, co-owner of Tempest Productions New York, the new company Marcus Knight invested in, moves the operation to Dallas. He’s a Dom learning the new ropes at Club Tabu after an introduction by Knight. He’s an East Coast boy trying to adapt to the Texas way of life. One night he's out exploring the city and on the outskirts of town stops for gas and checks out an adjacent bar. A rowdy crowd makes him rethink his choice until he hears a young woman at the dive bar singing through the drunken chaos. She has potential to make it big and break his heart if he can’t find a way to make her his, even if he has to tie her up and steal her away. Leisa Carrington is a hard-working waitress by day and a honky-tonk singer with a shit-kicking band at night at some of the worse cowboy joints in Dallas. She wants more, but she’ll never save enough to make it to Nashville to follow her dream. She gets lost taking a detour on the way home from the latest gig late at night. A powerful thunderstorm and a dead battery make for an already impossible night of mishaps. Earlier in the day an obnoxious customer gets her fired at her day job, the band has no more gigs lined up, and she’s in a scary part of town at three o’clock in the morning in the pouring rain. She abandons the car and stumbles into Club Tabu looking for help, bumping into Simon Tempest. What else can go wrong in her life? He was the man the night before who hit on her with the lousy pick-up line of being a music producer. Yeah, right, like she’d really believe that one! Their relationship starts out stormy and gets twisted into knots, but the tempest brewing between them to untie the ropes that bind their hearts might be too much for either of them to weather.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

GD: Over the holidays, I wanted to take a break before I geared up for a year filled with writing and instead had an idea for another story and wrote a novella titled Cristale's Awakening. I hope to turn it into a trilogy with Cristale's Pleasure and Cristale's Submission for the next two, but we'll see. The schedule for the Masters of Tabu is intense. Cristale's Awakening is due to release in April 2013.

HH: What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

GD: Bringing the characters alive and sharing them with the world, hoping that someone will enjoy them the way I do.

HH: What’s your writing schedule like?

GD: Mornings I read emails, do some promo or chatting with fellow authors on Facebook, write a little in the afternoon, in-between do chores around the house, and in the evening I write into the wee hours of the morning.

HH: Where can readers find you online?

GD: I can be found here: Facebook:, Twitter:, Between the Pages of Black and White… Blog:,


HH: Why will 2013 be a very good year for you?

GD: A lot of writing, promotion and hopefully attending a few conferences.

HH: Thank you!


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