Shelby Morgen Last Chance, Alaska. State Park, Wildlife preserve, small town. Population: 1479 humans. And there's the rest of us. Some of us were born here. Some came by choice. Some had nowhere left to run.

Town hall, three bars, a clinic, and a rooming house. Great place to go if you're on the run. No roads in or out. Cars come in by ferry from Juneau -- two hour ride. Summer sun rules day and night. By September the sun sets at 6 pm. Three or four hours of sunlight. Maybe.

So what do you do for entertainment in a town like this? If you're Foxy, you entertain your big, beautiful bunny, Jessie. And there's nothing Jessie loves more than dancing... unless it's being chased by Foxy. And letting him catch her.

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About Shelby Morgen

Shelby must be insane. What else would have led her to start an online publishing company? Shelby shares her belief in electronic publishing with her long-time friend and business partner, Bill, her husband of 30 years. Perhaps the insanity is contagious.

Shelby loves writing off-beat tales that defy as many rules as possible. She likes chocolate with her peanut butter, suspense with her romance, and kink with her sex. She's always had a hard time keeping science fiction, fantasy, and paranormal from mixing with her kink. Fortunately for Shelby, electronic publishing has opened many new doors for cross-genre authors and artists.

Author, editor, publisher, and Slayer of Pirates, Shelby Morgen, A.K.A. Margaret Riley, has the coolest job ever -- she's the keeper of dreams. Visit Shelby's for her latest releases. For a head's up on new stuff, you're welcome to join her Yahoo! group, Email Shelby at ShelbyMorgen (at) or blog with Shelby and Treva at Loose Change, their Publishing Insider's blog:



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An Interview with Shelby Morgen
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Shelby, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Foxy: Fandango and it’s the first in an exciting new series. What can you tell us about the series to start?

Shelby: Fun! /Bounce /bounce/ bounce Foxy’s live to have fun!

M: Settle down, Shel. It’s an interview. Act like a professional for a change, damn it.

Shelby: But she ASKED. You ever seen a serious looking fox? They’re FUN! /Bounce /bounce

M: No more friggin’ caffeine for you.

HH: How does Fandango kick off the series?

Shelby: Foxy’s kinda the patriarch of the Last Chance Shifters… much as they have one. Unlike wolves, Foxes don’t really do the whole pack leader dominant thing. Foxy, he’s not exactly in charge. He’s more the arbitrator of disputes and such. And he sorta gathers the broken ones when he finds them and brings them back to the dens. They’re not all foxes, either. Like his mate, Jessie -- she’s an Arctic Hare. I mean, Foxy’s still a predator, and all that, but shifters don’t EAT other shifters. Well, not for dinner, anyway. =)

HH: What do you like best about Jessie and why will readers relate to her?

Shelby: Jessie adores Foxy, and like any woman, she knows just how to get him to do what she wants -- which, tonight, happens to be a night on the town. Foxy’s den doesn’t spend a lot of time in the human town, though they can blend in when they need to. But sometimes a girl needs to dress up and go have a good time.

Holly: What do you like best about Foxy and why will readers love him?

Shelby: Foxy’s a great guy, in any form. I think it’s easy to see how much Foxy cares for Jessie. He’s a little over protective, maybe, but he’d do just about anything for her -- and he’s a great dancer. As well as a pretty spectacular lover. What’s not to love?

Holly: What can you tell us about Last Chance, Alaska and what part does it play in this story?

Shelby: Last chance isn’t much of a town. To quote Foxy:

Last Chance, Alaska. State Park, Wildlife preserve -- that’s an inside joke if there ever was one -- small town. Population 1479 humans. And there’s the rest of us. Some of us were born here. Some came by choice. Some had nowhere left to run.

Town hall, three bars, a clinic, and a rooming house. Great place to go if you’re on the run. No roads in or out. Cars come in by ferry from Juneau -- two hour ride. Summer sun rules day and night. By September the sun sets at 6 pm. Three or four hours of sunlight. Maybe.

Tourist trap it’s not. There’s a resort out of town a ways, but that tail’s for another time…

M: You spelled that wrong.

Shelby: Did not. Leave me alone. It’s MY interview. Go get your own.

Holly: What can you tell us about the stories to come in this story?

Shelby: Oh! Good news there. Flash, (Stephanie Burk) has a couple irresistible twin brothers coming your way, and Cassidy McKay has a pretty red lady fox who’s running from the Russian mob or something like that -- Red introduced Foxy to the trampoline (Before her shifter cop friend broke the damn thing -- he’s a grizzly. Did NOT read the weight limit!) And I saw a teaser from Zen and Cynthia Sax, as well! More on the way. =)

Holly: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

Shelby: Oh! Spaceport! Remember Spaceport? Spaceport’s coming back for a new season -- Spaceport 2012. Look for new stories from several Spaceport authors, including Heartfelt Scoundrel from Lexxie Couper, and one from me. Mine’s tentatively called The Backup Plan. It’s about a woman who wakes up in a stasis chamber, with no memory, to find herself making love to a man who doesn’t remember her, either. What’s worse, she thinks she wrote the computer program that landed them here. Maybe… and he might be there to protect her. Looks like that didn’t go so well, either…

Also a new Multi Author series for spring/summer called Forever Wicked, where twisted Changeling minds rewrite fairy tale history, BDSM style. Picture Sleeping Beauty with her finger dipped deep in the dark arts, and a dungeon full of pretty subs. And bad, bad things happen to little boys who cry wolf. Sometimes the wolves object. And they bite -- which gives the newly turned were-pup a good reason to shut the hell up. (Yeah, that one’s mine, too.)

Holly: What goals have you set for yourself at this point in your career?

Shelby: My major goal for the coming year -- maybe decade -- is to take better care of my body. I’m eating better and working out again. The better I feel, the more energy I have to put into writing. I think if I had one message to share with authors, it’d be the same one we used to share in the early days of computers --”Garbage in, Garbage out.” Make time to take care of yourself. Think of it as feeding the muse.

Holly: What sources of inspiration do you draw from for ideas?

Shelby: ROFL! Like many authors, I’m ADD. Ideas are not the problem -- I can look at a smudge on the computer screen and get an idea for a new story. The real issue is focus -- deciding which ides to concentrate on and invest time into. Anything that nags at me long enough, I write the hook -- the opening paragraph -- and I tuck it away so I won’t loose the idea. That shuts the voices up for a bit while I work on the current WIP. If whatever it is still sounds good next time I open the file, I start writing. If not, there are twenty more to choose from!

Holly: What’s the best book you read in 2011?

M: I’m gonna answer that one. Naturally, it’d have to be books I edited. My favorite new author for 2011 is Brannan Black, with her Wolfman series. I love her world! It’s sort of a werewolf series, though her wolves don’t shift. Post apocalyptic series with a virus that escaped from a Gov’t research facility and turned most of the world’s male population into wlofmen. Those who survived the change with most of their faculties intact are trying to rebuild what’s left of the world they helped tear apart. It’s a M/M series, for the most part, and none too gentle, as you’d expect with men who are one step this side of beast. I’m definitely hooked!

Holly: What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

M: I have new books from Brannan Black, Lexxie Couper, Madeleine Oh, and Leila Brown in edits now, and two new authors I’m editing, Ashlynn Monroe and Cassidy McKay -- she’s Bill’s edit, really, I just get to help. All in all, it’s shaping up to be a great year!


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