Imogene Nix

One man, one woman, one psychotic alien.  Now the race is on to save humanity.  Past.  Present.  Future.

Mellissa Davis is your average bookstore owner and aspiring romance author until one day an electronic book pad slides through the mail slot of her little bookstore.  Now all she has to worry about is a sexy time travelling stealthship captain, staying out of the way of the bad guy and saving the universe, past and present.  Not much to ask…

Duvall McCord, an up and coming stealthship captain travels to the past to stop the Ru’Edan leader, Crick Sur Banden, destroying the Earth Empire of the future.  His mission? Retrieve the handbook for the Elector. He doesn’t count on love, or saving the woman of his dreams.  But time is running out.  This warrior must do everything he can to stop the plot…

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About Imogene Nix

Imogene is a mother of two, compulsive reader and bookstore owner. She lives in regional Queensland, Australia with her husband, 2 daughters, dog, cats, guinea pigs and chooks. She has a particular fondness for Vampires, Star Ship captains and things that go bump in the night.

Imogene has tried many varied roles in her working life including Kindergarten Assistant, Teacher, Principal and Kindergarten and Child Care Director, but rates owning a bookstore and writing her own novels as the absolute highlight.

She also blames Star Trek Voyager, Firefly and the works of Alexander Kent for her interest in naval activities and later space fleet interest.


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Imogene's second story, a short associated with the Warriors of the Elector - The Star of Ishtar, releases on April 2 also with Secret Cravings.

An Interview with Imogene Nix
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Imogene, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Starline and it's the tale of an aspiring romance author, an outer space warrior, and a psychotic alien. Where did the inspiration for this amazing tale come from?

IN: Well, I would say from my head, but that makes me look odd too J  The inspiration?  Gee that is so hard to pin down any one aspect.  I guess initially, Science Fiction appeals to me on such a deep level.  The idea of travelling in space to a planet you have never seen.  Then throw in the aspiring author from the past who owns a bookstore (well, I went with something I knew there) and then Duvall.  Well, he was just there.  In the deepest darkest recesses of my brain, just waiting for his perfect woman. 

HH: What can you tell us about Mellissa and what makes her unique among your heroines?

IN: Mellissa is amazing, because she reflects so many characteristics we would all love to have.  She is emotionally strong, because that was how she got through her upbringing. She really isn't certain what he could possibly see in her, so while she has a fair dollop of self doubt she is still willing to see what she can find as ‘her place in a new reality’ and is prepared to take a chance on something that could go horribly wrong.

HH: What can you tell us about Duvall and what is special about him?

IN: Duvall is so sexy.  Even more so, he is clueless when it comes to women. He has a strong network of friends and family; there is a sense that he is still essentially such a loner.   It is during the fight with himself where he comes to the point of realization that he can have both his career and a woman at his side. I also really like his back-story with all its twists and turns.  Finding out he was a fosterling and that he went to live with the Gentry family who ground him.  Then there is his rapid rise through the ranks and being earmarked so early by the Admiral.  He is the quintessential alpha hero in my books. 

HH: How did you go about creating the world where their story takes place?

IN: You know, I would love to say I researched and watched everything I could get my hands on, but I didn't.  Being essentially a “write when it strikes” kind of person (aka pantster), I let the story and worlds evolve as I worked. 
I did research planets, shuttle landings etc., but the rest came from my head.  It made sense that at the point we have evolved, life would still continue on the planet with the mundane activities of cooking and cleaning. 
If you look at programs such as Star Trek, kids still go to school, people still live in their houses and small towns still exist.  There is no reason for that not to continue.  I just felt the cities got bigger in my mind, and the problem of traffic needed addressing and some interesting characters – aliens and human.

HH: What else do each of you have in store for lucky readers?

IN: Lots of romance to tempt the readers.  Heat enough to curl your hair.  Of course, some great action scenes (because it is, after all, a sci-fi romance).  Since this is the first in the universe, there are 4 more books to look forward to, with the Star of Ishtar releasing in April, Starfire in June and Star of the Fleet in August.  Starburst is still being written =) (and I’m having a ball!). Each one features a different couple, different circumstances and different aspects of the battle with the bad guy, Crick Sur Banden.  Oh and watch out for some plot twists.

HH: How has the romance genre changed since you began writing?

IN: Wow!  This is difficult to say, as I'm still very new to writing.  I think that ebooks have certainly opened the marketplace tremendously.  If anything, I am probably more concerned with the amount of releases that aren't carefully edited, because it makes it so much harder for small Indies to be taken seriously.

The only other thing I am noticing is that the as more and more independent publishers come on-line, they are more accepting of cross genres.  Something that was so much more difficult to sell before, can now find a home with an epublisher.  And that has to be a good thing, because readers are now being given even more choice than ever before.

HH: What changes in the market please you most?

IN: The market is changing, quickly.  I think at the end of the day, more books are getting out there and that is a positive.  You can be just about anywhere in the world and access a book you would have found harder to purchase previously.

HH: What sources of inspiration do you draw from for ideas?

IN: In terms of books, I love the works of Anne McCaffrey.  She was such a trailblazer.  I also have a soft spot for Star Trek Voyager and Firefly.  Not to mention the few episodes of Farscape.  I also love English naval history, and particularly the works of Alexander Kent.  Kind of out there…but honestly, the detailed battle scenes.  Just wow type stuff.

HH: What's your favorite book so far in 2012? 

IN: Fave book so far?  I guess it would have to be the new JD Robb “Celebrity in Death” - simply because I adore the interactions between Roarke and Eve.  The futuristic aspects tell me that life is still similar to ours.  Maybe it will be a little murkier, but essentially the same.

HH: What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

IN: This year I get a couple of huge milestones.  I get to attend my first ever Romance Writers of Australia Conference on the Gold Coast.  I am also going to meet one of my critique partners for the first time in Perth this coming May. 
But honestly?  I think the trump is seeing my first novel, in paperback format that will be the highlight.   

After that?  Gee I don't know.  It’s maybe my oldest getting her license to drive, as scary as that may be.

HH: Thank you!


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