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When his father threatens to take away his research facility's funding if he doesn't come home, Dr. Sebastjan Walter has no choice but to do so. This isn't just a family reunion. It seems his father has arranged a marriage--Sebastjan's. Seeing his chance to make one last final deal to get his father out of his life, he agrees to marry the off-plane woman. After seeing her, he can't help but think he's made the better bargain.

Ariella has been held prisoner by the Medical Supreme since he cured her of a childhood illness. Forced to stay in his home as his ward, she has no choice but to do whatever he wants. When he demands she marry his son, Ariella finds this is one order she might not mind obeying.

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Reviews for Ariella's Keeper

"4 Angels! Ms. Pillow knows how to keep her readers coming back with this intriguing story... Readers will be begging for more as soon as this story ends. I cannot wait to see what will happen next." - Sonya, Fallen Angels Review


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About Michelle M. Pillow

Michelle M. Pillow, Author of All Things Romance, is a multi-published, award winning author writing in many romance fiction genres including futuristic, paranormal, historical, contemporary, fantasy and dark paranormal. Ever since she can remember, she has had a strange fascination with anything supernatural--ghosts, magical powers, and oh... vampires. What could be more alluring than being immortal, all-powerful, and eternally beautiful? After discovering historical romance novels, it was only natural that the supernatural and love/romance elements should someday meet in my wonderland of a brain. She's glad they did for their children have been pouring onto the computer screen ever since.

She has been on the Amazon bestseller list multiple times, nominated for the Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement Award 2011, the winner of the 2006 RT Reviewers' Choice Award, nominated for the 2007 RT Award, a Brava Novella Contest Finalist and a PAN member of RWA.

She writes a monthly interview column and is a journalist for Paranormal Underground Magazine. She has a BGS in History/Business with an English Minor, and a Photography degree. In 2009 she and fellow author Mandy M. Roth started their own highly successful self-publishing endeavor named The Raven Books.

She loves to hear from readers. They can contact her through her website michellepillow.com.
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An Interview with Michelle M. Pillow
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Michelle, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Ariella's Keeper, a steamy start to your Divinity Healers series. First, what can you tell us about this series?

MP: This novella series is connected to one of my fan favorite series, Divinity Warriors. In one of the many universes parallel to our own, Divinity Corporation has discovered the secret to moving between the interdimensional planes. This has given them the power to do pretty much whatever they want without consequence or regulation. Divinity Healers takes place on a medical advanced plane teeming with germ-a-phobes.

HH: How does Ariella’s Keeper kick off the series?

MP: Ariella has been held prisoner by the Medical Supreme since he cured her of a childhood illness. There was a rebellion on her home plane and she has nowhere else to go. Forced to stay in his home as his ward, she has no choice but to do whatever he wants. Unbeknownst to her, she's been groomed to marry the Medical Supreme's son.

HH: What do you like best about Ariella and why will readers relate to her?

MP: She is in a no win situation, yet manages to come out on top.

HH: What do you like best about Sebastjan and why will readers love him?

MP: He's loyal and honest. Two very important qualities in a man.

HH: What can you tell us about the rest of the series?

MP: In Asclepius there are only two classifications of people. Doctors and Not Doctors (Sans). They are the go-to plane for anything medical. In fact, they're so focused on health it's become a bit of an obsession. Plants are encased in glass to protect people from allergens. The air is pumped full of chemicals to keep it sterile. So, when a strange illness strikes, you can imagine the panic. Oh, and people fall in love...maybe.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

MP: I am currently working on getting the Divinity series into audio book! Production just started on Divinity Warriors: Lilith Enraptured.

HH: Where do you draw inspiration from?

MP: Everywhere -- life, books, research trips. I love to travel and learn new things. It's great for fueling the imagination.

HH: What's your writing schedule like?

MP:Hectic. It's a full time career and I'm always at the computer working. I love it!

HH: Where can readers find you online?

MP: www.michellepillow.com

HH: What's your favorite place to hang out online?

MP: I like Twitter and Facebook, and use both for announcements. You might get a little more nonsense talking on Twitter though than my FB Author Page.


Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorMichellePillow

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