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Haunted by the events of a scuba diving rescue several years prior to her finishing her Master’s degree in Archaeology, Jessica takes a ride on the levy trail of Lake Okeechobee in Florida to clear her mind. After a body jarring spill off her bike, she finds an odd lump of mud just off shore. The strange geometric shape turns out to be an Egyptian pyramid built centuries earlier as an entrance to an ancient civilization. She is amazed a young archaeology such as she, would be lucky enough to find a history shattering treasure, she shares her good fortune with Bruce, a good friend and co-worker. But as they excavate the mysterious pyramid, peculiar events begin to occur.

Bruce seems to be left out of these episodes, but they center on Jessica. It seems finding the pyramid not only unlocks a historical mystery but holds the answer to a personal mystery that has disturbed her since the diving rescue. She can't remember the young man who rescued her... except his entrancing aquamarine eyes, blond hair and arousing touch that has remained with her since. Though the activities of the Mesoamerican (Aztec) pagans who attempt to sacrifice her, a manic lunatic who tries to kill her, and the government who has placed her archaeological find under the label of national, one man continues to appear. The same man who rescued her, and she still can't quite remember him.

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Time and again he saves her from certain death and finally she finds herself at his mercy in his realm far beneath the deep blue Atlantic Ocean, as his wife in Atlantis. If she can survive the looming dangers, she may have found the love of her life and Atlantis, but for now she is madder than hell at him. Jessica bends to no man’s command especially one who has tricked her and abducted her, even if he did save her life. She ignores the fire he sends through her body and the desire only he can elicit from her. But Xerxes is High Lord of Atlantis, and he will have his way. While the two clash, a traitor in their midst is trying to expose Atlantis to the world and kill Jessica if he gets the chance. Again Xerxes will have to rescue her, and this time -- he may be too late.


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About Sultry Summers

Sultry Summers was born on a hot, humid afternoon during a typical Florida thunderstorm. As an author I wanted to write under a pseudonym and had been kicking around various versions and none seemed to fit -- until that extremely close lightning strike followed by a loud clap of thunder. It was simply a Sultry Summers’ afternoon. Click! Since then, almost eight years ago, we’ve moved to North Carolina and I can say without hesitation, the thunderstorms in these mountains are more frightening than those in Florida. So, I guess I’ll keep my nom de’plume.

Sultry, as a name, was originally chosen as a pseudonym to author hot, and spicy stories under. The cooler works I was saving to write under my own name. However, I’ve come to be actually so fond of Sultry, I’ve kept the name as my writer’s name, and now, “she” writes both. Readers can expect to see both spicy, and coming stories that are more sensual and more plot driven, with heavier science fiction and fantasy elements. Either way, I will keep my readers entertained with high adventure, in outer space, back in time, alternative time lines, a vampire, some voodoo, and just possibly a contemporary piece thrown in.

In all, the villain will always end up on the losing end, and a Happy Ever After or Happy for Now ending is my thing but a word of warning, it may take a book or two for that to occur. My villain my appear to win at some point. I love to write long and with Atlantis Vortex coming out and then in July Blood of the Ruby Throne due out both long works be ready for high adventure that will keep your attention.


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An Interview with Sultry Summers
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Sultry, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Atlantis Vortex and features a wonderful story that I'm proud to say I love! Where did you get the idea for this clever, emotionally-engaging story?

SS: Hi Holly, thanks for Featuring me. This is a really special story. Whereas I was ‘brewing’ the story years ago when my daughter was about 12, we were on a short road trip across Florida and she asked me to tell her a story. So I tried my plot out on her, not far into it she asked to be the main character. Of course the steamier scenes I wrote in later. There-in, the main character’s name -- Jessica.

HH: What do you like best about Jessica and why will readers empathize with her?

SS: First of all, the Jessica in Atlantis Vortex is, in some ways, a great deal like Jessica has turned out, though she isn’t an archeologist. Jessica is self reliant, pretty self sufficient when she needs to be, and does have a stubborn streak with a temper that matches her dark red hair. She’s a fighter. However, I think the readers will appreciate the side she hides but does allow to show on occasion. A softer side that she keeps protected and almost gets the better of her in her loyalty to family and her love for Xerxes and that she doesn’t completely understand -- at first.

HH: What do you like best about her hero and why will readers love him?

SS: Xerxes is all Alpha male but when he loves, he loves all the way, then too, he has a strong sense of duty to his people and as difficult as it is, he knows which must come first. Of course this causes a heartbreaking conflict for him. Readers will appreciate his sense of duty, his love for his wife, and his willingness to go to any length to save her.

HH: What did you enjoy most about writing this story and what do you think readers will take away from it?

SS: I enjoyed writing every line in this book, though some were difficult. Staying in POV is very hard for me and the most difficult aspect. I hope readers enjoy the adventure and mystery of Atlantis Vortex, the love story and though there are heated love scenes I hope they don’t confuse -- as some readers crave, down and dirty sex, with romance that leads to making love. This isn’t a book where sex is written in every five pages. The characters lead into it, as a couple normally would. Not jumping into bed on first sight.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

SS: A Contest! On the day Atlantis Vortex is released The Romance Studio, as usual gets the honor of announcing the contest, then it will be posted on my web site, blog, and Yahoo group site. The contest will be free to enter, however, the prize will not only be a signed paperback copy of Atlantis Vortex but several other items on of which will be a gift card from Victoria Secret so there will be questions taken from the several pages on my web site. Those will also be posted. And the answers must be correct. Then from the correct answers the winner will chosen by drawing. I was so pleased with the wonderful comments on The Romance Studio’s release parties on my posts about Atlantis Vortex so I’m hoping for a good turn-out on the contest.

HH: How does 2013 promise to be different from 2012 for you?

SS: Beginning 2013 with the release of Atlantis Vortex, the longest, certainly the most intricately plotted book released so far. I hope signals more to come. In June I have another scheduled for release from Whiskey Creek Press titled Blood of the Ruby Throne. It too is another adventure but set in outer space. With war brewing between two neighboring worlds and space pirates about to attack to conquer both worlds, only by setting aside their difference can either hope to hold off the pirates. The best treaty is a royal marriage and that doesn’t look promising. Blood of the Ruby Throne if filled with sword duels, space battles, loves stories, vicious pirates and underhanded attempts to steal thrones.

HH: Where do you find inspiration for your stories?

SS: Everywhere! Songs, an unusual picture that strikes me possibly differently than someone else, a dream, a phrase, and sometimes an idea will be revealed in a daydream.

HH: What's your writing schedule like?

SS: Oh yeah, make me tell on myself! Well, I write late, sometimes three in the morning but I also sleep late. This throws my families schedule into chaos if we plan something. When I worked out in the real world I was on a 4pm to 12 am schedule and never changed it. Why? I like being up late. I do like the morning but I also like to sleep late. So when we do something ‘early’ I have a hard time going to sleep early OR I just do without the sleep.

HH: What's your favorite way to interact with readers?

SS: Like most authors these days, e-mail. I truly like chats, the old kind, in a chat room but so many have gone to e-chats and those I get completely lost in. I do like The Romance Studio’s release parties. That was a really brilliant idea. What a great way to tease your readers!

HH: What are you most looking forward to in 2013?

SS: I have the first book of a series completed and the second half way. I’m a little unsure of this series because I have an idea for one that would deal with the same type of idea but differently.

I have two others completely different planned out, I’m not the pantzer I used to be. Now I do have a ‘road map’. One of these two is a contemporary and that one will be the difficult one.

I also have the third in the Heirs of the Dragon’s Eyes practically completed, on that I’m not sure who I’m going to do in -- yet. So between the above and promo, I’ll be busy. I also want to do some painting, but then, my readers won’t see those. Now I just hope to find my readers!

HH: Thank you!


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