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Elven Obsession by Decadent Kane
Something elven this way comes...

Rake's Honour by Beverley Oakley
Will her dangerous gamble pay off? Raunchy Regency Romp short-listed for a 2012 Australian Romance Readers' Award.

Minx Juliette by Franny Armstrong
Shot and nearly drowned, psychic Sergeant Julie Dennison is saved by a handsome rebel leader who's searching for his kidnapped son.

The Payment Series by Cassandra Carr
Would you sell yourself to get out of debt? Catrina did. Read her dark erotic tale.

The Grey Curse by Krista Kelley
One inexperienced witch. One rogue vampire. Thrown together by fate, they must break her family's curse before time runs out for them both.

Shattered Trust by Lynda Bailey
Learning to love again is the easy part...

Wedding Belle Blues by Mia Epsilon
What do you do when the woman you love is marrying the wrong man? Sabotage the wedding!

More Than a Fling by Tonya Ramagos
Tanner and Nick don't want anything serious, but the inferno burning between them and Alyssa might be more than a fling.

Scorching Research by Tonya Ramagos
When Leslie mixes business and pleasure with firefighters Ryder and Blaine she wonders if a happily ever after is possible.

Healing Pleasure by Tonya Ramagos
When Sierra Matthews finds herself caught between paramedic Neil Ingram and firefighter Davon Reed, her no-men-in-uniform-vow is burned to ashes.

Take a Chance on Me by Mia Epsilon
Friends and lovers rarely mix well with coworkers and embezzlement cases, just ask Christine and Charlie.

Dangerously Mine by A.M. Griffin
Loving Dangerously Series. Experience love that's out of this world.

A Hint of Cayenne by Decadent Kane
Two bounty hunting elves must put aside their attraction when a malevolent fairy comes up for grabs.

Burning For Nero by Cerise DeLand
When SEAL Tony Nero learns that the woman he's craved for years wants to go up in flames with him, he's determined to set her body...and her heart on fire!

Stormy by Tina Gayle
 A widower and a divorcee can they over come obstacles and have a future together?

The Courage to Love by Samantha Kane
Can she love them both? Brothers in Arms, Book One.

Birthday Wishes by Diana Dericci
A secret birthday wish becomes a night of unforgettable passion.

Dangerously Hers by A.M. Griffin
Dangerously Hers the 3rd book in the science fiction, erotic, romance Loving Dangerously Series is now available!

Dancing in the Flame by Ann Gimpel
Like the ancient Sidhe, Keira and Barrett dance in the flame of duty until it brands their souls.

Captive by Lacey Roberts
Drop the clothes and move the hand.

I Need You For Christmas by Leah Braemel
She's always been willing to do anything he desires, but this Christmas, will that be enough? Releases Dec. 3, 2012.

LUST By KC Vixen and Lacey Roberts
A few sips of erotic nectar to titillate your taste buds. A few nibbles to see if you like the taste.

All Steamed Up featuring KC Vixen
Sultry, Steamy Romance. From historical to contemporary, paranormal to cowboys, this 5 author collection has something spicy for every taste.

Seduced by the Scrum by Mina Carter
One sexy rugby player. One chance encounter. One explosive night neither will ever forget.

Carnal Beginnings by Reilly Garrett
Can a girl with a tortured past learn that whips can be fun.

A Fruitful Intimacy by Donna Gallagher
She can kill with a kiss. But can assassin Tyree also heal one man's grief, and bring peace to a galaxy threatened by war?

Full On by Caitlyn Willows
She managed to do what no one else could -- best him. Now it's time to remind her who's really in charge.

Miss Simpkins School: Jane by Raven Mcallan
Miss Simpkins' School for Seduction, where seduction is the game and success is the aim.

Her Gilded Prison by Beverley Oakley
Lady Sybil has an unusual proposition for the young man who holds the fate of the estate - and the futures of her daughters - in his hands.

The Ulfric's Mate by Leona J. Bushman
Once you've discovered the Hidden World, you become part of it. (Print Edition)

More Than Lovers by Jess Dee
It was just sex…until the booty calls got serious.

Bewere of Faeries by Jessica Coulter Smith
Not knowing who to trust, can she find the one man that is meant to be hers forever, or is she destined to be alone?

Cherished by Jessica Coulter Smith
Drexyl is completely enthralled with the tiny human female, and willing to do anything to keep her by his side.

Twisted Fate by Jessica Coulter Smith
Bloody clothes. A conviction. A life sentence. After eight years, Lacey is ready to be resurrected.

Love Me Madly by J. Hali Steele
With one undead and the other full of fire, they had two choices -- fight dirty and love madly.

Hurt Me Good by J. Hali Steele
A cold heart plus hot blood sweetens the pain.

A Touch of Death by Ella Gray
More than 600 miles separated Drew and Zach, but on Halloween, Zach came to Drew and left again, just like that.

Unfettered by Caitlyn Willows
Sprinkle of salt, slither of satin, spell-casting's tricky, and anything can happen...

Under the Satyr by Rebekah Lewis
Nolan and Alexandria fight their sexual attraction, but can't deny the pull of being mates, despite a serial murder investigation. (Print Edition)

A Differend Kind of Cosplay by Lucy Felthouse
What do you get the comic book superhero fan that has everything for her birthday?

Shadow's Kiss by Kirsten S. Blacketer
Torn between duty and desire, a knight and his lady must decide if their love is worth the price of treason.

Lies That Bind by Caitlyn Willows
What's better than one hot cowboy? Two!

The Stanhope Challenge: A Regency Quartet by Cerise Deland
4 Brothers, 4 Love Affairs, 4 Marriages that defy the Family Curse! #1 Bestselling Regency for 5+ weeks!

Rendezvous with a Duke by Cerise Deland
When an impoverished lady meets a duke in a piano shop, he hunts for her everywhere. Months later in a crowded ballroom, he spies her—and decides to never let her go.

Beyond the Horizon by Wendy Kay Fittro
Katie and Josh, both desperately seeking redemption from their past, discover passion in each other's arms. With danger just around the corner, will love survive?

Lady Varney's Risque Business by Cerise DeLand
When a proper lady of the ton takes on a new client in her risqué matchmaking business, she discovers that he has one decadent demand. Spend the night with him!

Saints United by Rhiannon Ayers
He needed their love. They wanted his submission. Can Ryder and Lyss unite and claim the man they both crave?




Kinky Claus is Coming to Town!
Posted by: Jodi Redford
2015-01-24 -

Kinky Claus is now available, and at a limited time discount of $2.99! Or FREE to Amazon Select or KU subscribers. Click here for more info.

Tis the season to be naughty...

The only thing worse than the annual office Christmas party is attending the stinkin thing alone. Refusing to consign herself to that fate yet again, Marissa Wagner throws her normally sensible self aside and does what any newly adventurousokay, desperatewoman in her shoes would doshe hires a male escort. But when he arrives for their pre-party introduction her situation goes from problem solved, to one holy whopper of a complication. Her paid-for dream man...is also her best friends brother.

Trig Campbell has been in the escorting biz long enough to realize theres a risk of being set up with someone he knows. Never in a million years did he count on that person being Marissa. Out of all of Janes friends, Rissas always been the less wild of the bunch. Now that fates in his corner, hes more than game to help her explore her bad girl side and play out every kinky fantasy they can. Getting past her doubts is no easy feat. Fortunately he knows a thing or two about cranking up the carnal heat, and soon he and Marissa embark on a week-long intensely erotic journey that leaves them both shaken and craving more.

As their time together draws closer to an end, Trig is haunted by a question hed never expected to face. What possible future can a gigolo offer a woman like Marissa? And can he let her go when the time comes?

Warning: This book contains a player well-versed in the fine art of sin, a good girl whos about to find out how delicious it is to be bad, enough kinky uses for a candy cane to make an elf blush, and verifiable proof that Santa does indeed come more than once a year.


Alien Games part 3 out now
Posted by: Rosemary Button
2015-01-22 -
Alien Games

Part 1-3 of Alien Games are out! All parts 99c and also in Kindle Unlimited. Part 4 is out next week and part 5 on February 4th.
Nina and Jake always thought alien abductions were the realm of conspiracy theorists and over active imaginations. That is, until they woke up one day in the Den. In the Intergalactic Universe, reality TV has taken a step forward and Alien Games is a show with a twist. Twelve people, six species, one prize for the best performance. Far from home and with no escape until the show is over Jake and Nina must take on the aliens in the Den in an erotic adventure that defies belief. This series is intended for adults only and includes alien encounters of all kinds.

Buy now:


Lily in Chains by Kate Richards
Posted by: Decadent Publishing
2015-01-20 -

For Barry, the opportunity to help build the newest Las Vegas resort, the BDSM-focused Carnivore Club, offers the chance to put aside two years of longing for the sub who ran away. In the glittering city in the desert, he could make a new start and a new life. The gift of a 1Night Stand from his mysterious partner in the endeavor.

Lilys fears drove her away from the man of her dreams. In fact, she ran all the way home to learn her mother had been diagnosed with cancer and needed her help. After two years of caring for her mother, they lost the fight and Lily was cast adrift to once again pick of the threads of her life.

Terrified she would flee the instant things got too intense, Lily asks Madame Eve to help her set up a date with a Dom. If she can handle one night with a stranger, maybe she can return to Barry and beg him to take her back.

Get your copy of the latest 1Night Stand


Posted by: Jodi Redford
2015-01-15 -

For one week only, pick up Perfect Chemistry for only 99 cents! Buy now from Amazon!


Saints United by Rhiannon Ayers
Posted by: TRS Staff
2015-01-15 -

Saints United by Rhiannon Ayers

Andre "AJ" Johannes fell in love with his college roommate-he just didn’t realize it until it was too late. After spending one unforgettable night in Ryder St. Claire’s arms, fate forced them apart. But Ryder still haunts his dreams, and AJ’s always wondered what might have been.

Eight years later, AJ is starting over. New job, new city, new lifeand all of it without his wife and son. Marian divorced him and took sole custody, leaving AJ to wonder if the rest of his life will end up as useless as his shattered marriage.

Little does AJ know he’s got a couple of Saints looking out for him. Ryder St. Claire married Lyss three years ago, and the two of them have been searching for their third- the man who will offer his submission and give them everything they cannot give each other. But can they overcome years of emotional abuse to convince AJ he deserves to be happy?

"In Saints United, the characters were terrific, the plot was compelling, and the D/s was so realistic and hot, hot, hot!"

"The characters were terrific, the plot was compelling, and the D/s was so realistic and hot, hot, hot! Highly recommend!"

"FIVE STARS! Incredible emotional D/s relationship story."

"I don’t just want your submission. I want your soul as well. And your heart. I want all of you, A.J.

"Readers and Reviewers give SAINTS UNITED Five Stars!"

Buy it today!


99c new release: Alien Games
Posted by: Rosemary Button
2015-01-14 -
Alien Games

Nina and Jake always thought alien abductions were the realm of conspiracy theorists and over active imaginations. That is, until they woke up one day in the Den. In the Intergalactic Universe, reality TV has taken a step forward and Alien Games is a show with a twist. Twelve people, six species, one prize for the best performance. Far from home and with no escape until the show is over Jake and Nina must take on the aliens in the Den in an erotic adventure that defies belief. This series is intended for adults only and includes alien encounters of all kinds.

99c buy now:


Heart of the Serpent is here!
Posted by: N.J. Walters
2015-01-13 -

HEART OF THE SERPENT, my new Hades Carnival novella, is available today!

Hell left its stain on Mordecais soul, and his relationship with the warriors who once trusted him is uneasy. The only bright spot in his life is Jessica, whose shining innocence he dare not taint with his inner darkness.

But Hades has been plotting his revenge from his prison. He cant harm Mordecai without harming himself. But theres nothing to stop him from wreaking havoc by hurting the one woman Mordecai would give his life to protectJessica.


All the latest happenings >>

e needed their love. They wanted his submission. Can Ryder and Lyss unite and claim the man they both crave?

Imagination is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

A new BDSM series from Monica Burns -- alpha heroes who reluctantly submit to women strong enough to love them.

Tired of similar story lines? Need a break from werewolves and vampires? Check out an Insedi... and fall in love.

We're your secret helper! Premade book covers, eBook formatting, and graphic design.

Love and Wishes
Anne Kane
science fiction romance
Publisher: Anne Kane
ISBN: lawak
Price: 2.99
Book length: Novella
Release date: January 1, 2015
Available formats: ebook

Jenna has a secret -- her alien blood makes her completely lose control during sex. It takes a strong man to be able to stand up to her demands, and so far she hasnt found one strong enough to want to come back for more. On the eve of the biggest Sci-Fi convention in the known universe, she makes a wish. Now its up to Doug, the sexy troubleshooter from the Wishes Gone Wrong department of Wishlabz Inc. to make sure it comes out right. Because a wish gone wrong can be a very dangerous thing

Read an excerpt: http://www.AnneKane.com

Visit the author on the web: http://www.AnneKane.com

Braemel's Hauberk Protection series tales run the gamut from scorching to heartrending ~ Romantic Times

Deep Desires. Deeper Secrets. The Mallory Malloy Collection

Mechele Armstrong

Carl's new to the gay lifestyle, so when he goes out with some feuding friends, the only people who know, he definitely doesn't expect to meet someone special. Especially not Rose Winter, a drag queen hoping to make it with the most powerful voice Carl's ever heard. He's disturbed to be so attracted to someone so flamboyant, but his desire only gets stronger when he "meets" Rose' alter ego, Devyn.

Devyn's been out and proud since he was three, at least to everyone but his father. He can't see himself being with someone who barely has his toes out of the closet like Carl. Not to mention he has a lot of living to do. But something in them clicks and Devyn can't deny being enthralled by this blond chef.

Can he reconcile his desire to live life large with a man who wants to keep his life so private? And is his keeping his homosexuality from his father that different than Carl's interest in keeping his sexual preference a secret in general? Even though they set off fireworks in the bedroom, they may not have what it takes to stay together.



Kacey Hammell

Grey Burkhardt is an expert at a lot of things -- including keeping his feelings for Madison Evans in check. Sexy as sin and sweet as honey, she's always revved his engine. But she's his next door neighbor. No way is he going to muck up friendly neighborhood relations just to satisfy the heat simmering between them.

Madison has never seen anything sexier than the tricked out GT Mustang Grey has been keeping under wraps -- other than the glint of danger and intrigue in his eyes when he offers her a ride. Now is her chance to act on the deep passion she's harbored for him because this might be her one shot at taking control.


Paranormal Erotic -- The Sequel to A New Orleans Threesome

Marteeka Karland

He's a warrior unparalleled in the Game, a ruthless wolf shifter from another realm. She is the naive daughter of his master, determined to bring comfort to the slaves under her father's lash. His passion ignites her own, but will they know the depth of their need for each other before their worlds come crashing down around them?


Meet the hottest writers on the web! A group of authors who write what you like.

Belinda McBride: Romance That's Wyld By Nature

Serena Fairfax

Set in sun-drenched Lake Garda where church mouse Tamsin Heriot, an English rose, pairs off with sexy, privileged Luca Leopoldo who's half Italian half Somali. But Luca isn't what he seems... Orphaned, aged seven, when his childhood in Mogadishu is brutally destroyed, Luca is left emotionally broken. Ragged and starving he seeks refuge in Italy where kindly aristocrats adopt him. Ever since she was fifteen, Tamsin has had a crush on Luca and the summer before she goes to university, she's determined to lose her virginity to him. It's eight years before their trajectories re-converge. Tamsin, still lusting after Luca, receives devastating news that triggers her return to the dilapidated family casa when an unexpected bond develops between her and Luca's widowed, adoptive mother. A will alters what starts as a dalliance and there's no shortcut to love, everything to lose, as the relationship between two wounded people, Luca and Tamsin, is pushed to breaking point.



When it's hot and you like it that way... sizzling erotic romance from Cari Quinn.

Lizzie T. Leaf

A Nordic God and a mortal meteorologist clash over weather and love.


Lisa Carlisle

After the worst fight of their relationship, the last place Stephanie wants to be is a wedding reception. She still can't get over what happened. Could their five years of marriage be destroyed after a blast of heated words? Johnny suggested separating. Separating! Now with her marriage on the line, she has to put on a brave face and pretend love is grand.

Johnny doesn't know why he'd freaked out the way he had and is left with one emotion. Regret. He doesn't want to lose Stephanie. He must find her and make things right.

Stephanie enters the reception, fearing the end of her marriage. Johnny has something else in mind -- a much more decadent proposal that will turn her friend's wedding into an event they'll never forget.



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Charmed Lovers (Box Set) by Zenobia Renquist
With humans caught in a war between vampires and mages, three couples' love endures amidst the chaos.

Mastering Elodie by Paige Warren
What's a woman to do with three hard, muscular, sun-kissed bodies just beckoning to be stroked? Try everything!

Hostile Conquest by Jade James
Cade has his eyes set on his conquest, who happens to be his step sister.

Pleasant Extortion by Natalie Acres
The extortionist seeks certain traits from his victims, but after collecting what he needs, he focuses on his wants.

The Cavalier by Beverley Oakley
Erotic English Civil War romance. A dutiful wife must choose between saving the life of her brutal Puritan husband and happiness with her former Cavalier lover.

Yeoman's Curse by T.C. Archer
Science fiction meets horror in this erotic story of a woman's struggle for sanity. Yeoman's Curse: The Kirsoval Scourge.

Warrior's Vengeance by Gianna Simone
He took her as his captive slave, but did she really want to be freed?

Conceiving Evil by Jenna Fox
In a World Full of Hopelessness, He was Her Savior.

Apocalyptic Mojo by Sam Cheever
He was a man who liked complete control. She was a woman who would never give it.

Master of silk by Gia Dawn
For the ladies of the Red Masks pleasure waits behind every door...and no one is who they seem to be.

Saving Grace by Beverley Oakley
Prostitute Grace Fortune wants revenge. Her next client is the former love who betrayed her.

Cupid by Lucy Felthouse
What if Santa's reindeer were shifters? Reindeer Games: Cupid -- erotic romance by Lucy Felthouse

Always Remember by Rita Hestand
The civil war ripped families apart, but Ruby Anderson and her daughters were determined to save their farm, no matter how far they had to go to do it.


Available now!

Deputy's Bride by Anita Philmar
Texas Deputy Bo Kildare is looking for a special lady, one who knows how to please a man, perhaps two.

Chains of Apollo by Justus Roux
Nothing will break these chains I have forged. -- Master Dante's Apollo.

Branded by Tilly Greene
They couldn't be happier, but are they ready to full commit to one woman?

Pleasured in London by Tilly Greene
London is steeped in history, but there is nothing old or sinful about the passionate games people play.

Yet to Come by Zenobia Renquist
The incentive he wants to be good is one she refuses to give him.

Mythological Messes Redux by Tilly Greene
Will their quests for happiness be long lasting or will someone leave once a problem arises?

Branding Gemma by Paige Warren
Wanting to turn her life around, Gemma Brower isn't sure she's ready for another relationship. But Synclair and Ryan Black won't be denied.

Wait For Me by B.J. Grinder & T.S. McKinney
Can Susannah and Jasper's love survive the lies, betrayal, violence, and utter despair that threatens to destroy them?

Red's Big Bad Wolf by Jessica Coulter Smith
An alpha determined to claim his mate. A woman running from her past.

Eternally Ever After by Jessica Coulter Smith
Despite being strangers, Salena wants Whittaker more than anyone. Even if he is a vampire.

The Story of Us by Palessa
A well placed lie brings a family to its knees. An act of love saves them.

Toxic by Belinda McBride
When a certain wandering wolf finds a bag of chocolate in the trash near Briony's clinic, these two will find out just how toxic love can be.

To Hiss or to Kiss by Katya Armock
5 Stars: "This book has it all. Interesting characters, funny, sad, and a little supernatural mixed with great sex."

Make Me Behave by Tara Fox Hall
Feeling Naughty? Check out five tales of domestic discipline sure to bring heat to your cheeks!

Portrait of Gray by Palessa
For Grayson Baxter, it was all a game until he nearly lost it all. Even a prodigal deserves a second chance.

Claimed Enchanter by Gianna Simone
Everything Reggie thought she knew about herself is turned upside down when she meets Cameron. Claimed by the Enchanter.

The Guardian of My Soul by Emily A. Lawrence
Facing their pasts is the only way to discover their future...

A Matter of Honor by Ann Gimpel
Hacked at with knives and tossed in the Danube, Melis Andresen's tormentors are certain she's dead.

Not Quite Juliet by Katherine Rhodes
One night, by the grace of beer and peanuts, Morgan falls for Nick D. Literally. Lands right on her ass.


Dying to Live by Isobelle Cate
Falling for a ghost is never easy...

Blind Acceptance by Missy Martine
What happens when a a wolf and a bear both want to claim the same mate?

Seduced by the Game by Cassandra Carr
Support the fight against cancer with an anthology of eight brand new novellas hot enough to melt ice.

The Best Man by Adriana Kraft
Bad girl Kitty Paige meets her match in Jared Jacobs – Mere lust? True love? Only time will tell.

A Gift For Adam by Adriana Kraft
Sensible Evie, devilish Adam and a Christmas package mix-up in a hilarious holiday romp!

Awakening by Cassandra Carr
Vanessa Clark researches BDSM and meets Will Astin, a gorgeous, irresistible man who becomes her teacher -- and maybe more.


Make Me Melt by Nicki Day
Their passion hasn't died, causing their unhealed wounds to be the very thing that brings them back together again.

Courting Trouble by Kimberly Dean
When times get tough, how bad does a good girl have to get?

You Belong To Me by Wendi Zwaduk
The world can crumble around us, but we've always got each other. Always.

Battle-Born Love by Lynda Bailey
To save her father, Rory agrees to be something she's not. Now Pop is safe, but what about her heart?

Do You Take This Cat by Missy Martine
Will Rennia lose her mate when he finds out she's not just another pretty girl?

Satan's Wench by KC Vixen
In Alexander Satan's hedonistic world debauchery rules, will he leave it to save the woman he loves?

Conceiving Evil by Jenna Fox
Conceiving Evil by Jenna Fox

Zane's Choice by Mardi Maxwell
Zane has haunted Ravyn's dreams for years. When they meet, he finds her irresistible. Ravyn's in trouble but Zane can save her.  


Coming in November

BJ McCall

Lynda Bailey

Denyse Bridger


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