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Favorite Obsession: 3 by Nancy Corrigan
Forbidden love...Undeniable passion

Taming Rydin by CJ Durran
A Warrior Clan erotic sci-fi novella from CJ Durran.

Satan's Wench by KC Vixen
In Alexander Satan's hedonistic world debauchery rules, will he leave it to save the woman he loves?

Master of Law by Lacey Roberts
Moses Jordan is a Billionaire Computer Geek. He is also in charge, her Dom. She is his property, his Sub.

Sex Club by Natalie Acres
Confronting challenges and overcoming fears, Ansley Cartwell finds love in men ready to protect her at any cost.

Demetri's Woman by Charisma Knight
Demetri's determined more than ever to reclaim what is rightfully his: Caroline Taylor.

Not My Shifter/ Sinfully Cursed (Shifter Paradise) (Volume 1) by Kate Allenton & Jessica Coulter Smith
A town where misfits and shifters collide and these are their stories.

Missing, Presumed Dead by Christianne France
Greg doesn't believe in mixing business with pleasure, but sometimes rules are made to be stretched.

Hot and Ready by Jane Jamison
Beth needs sexy firemen for a BDSM calendar. If they show her some skin, she'll submit to their wishes.

Ellie's Wounded Heroes by Marla Monroe
A love story where even wounded heroes have happy endings and that love is all about acceptance of who we are not what we can do.

Texas Heat by Denyse Bridger
Chase doesn't play nice. When she ignores his invitation to leave, she puts herself at the mercy of his anger, lust, and the most explosive passion she's ever experienced...

Favorite Places by Kelly Gendron
Two strangers discover they're married. She wants an annulment. He has other plans...

Awakening by Cassandra Carr
Vanessa Clark researches BDSM and meets Will Astin, a gorgeous, irresistible man who becomes her teacher -- and maybe more.

Seduced by the Game by Cassandra Carr
Support the fight against cancer with an anthology of eight brand new novellas hot enough to melt ice.

The Virgins of St. Clits by KC Vixen
Gideon Batlow, rules the maidens of his 17th century English Village with zealous piety.

Safe and Deputized with Ecstasy by Tonya Ramagos
FBI agent Alexandria and Deputies Rhett and Drake work together to catch a killer while fighting needs for each other.

Their Sinful Seduction by Jessica Coulter Smith
Saying "oops, I'm pregnant" doesn't seem like a good idea when faced with two intense werewolves.

Entwined by Jessica Coulter Smith
She's his everything, and he's nothing without her.

Master's Email by Tonya Kinzer
She knows she has to check her email first thing in the morning. What surprise will he have for her to perform today?

Jackson's Sub by Mardi Maxwell
Who will win when a stubborn Dom comes up against a sub who's determined to guard her heart?

Love Remembers by Wendi Zwaduk
If he wants to keep Aspasia once he finds her, Gregorius will need to prove that his Love Remembers.

To Love and Obey by Mardi Maxwell
What can the outcome possibly be when a Dom with a vanilla plan goes up against a stubborn red-head with a D/s plan?


Pippa's Fantasy by Donna Gallagher
What's a girl to do when her fantasy is within reach? Grab it with both hands, of course -- then try to live with the consequences.

Loved by Wolves by Diane Leyne
Penelope loves her wolves, but sometimes love is not enough.  Is it time for them to give up and move on?

The Black Dragon by Charisma Knight
Naeghyir immediately knows the first time he lays eyes on Angela that she's his fated mate.

A Matter of Honor by Ann Gimpel
Hacked at with knives and tossed in the Danube, Melis Andresen's tormentors are certain she's dead.

Raven and the Rose by Charisma Knight
As heart of the family, a McQueen witch must endure great trials and tribulations.

Blind Acceptance by Missy Martine
What happens when a a wolf and a bear both want to claim the same mate?

The Contract by Tonya Kinzer
This series began before 50 Shades & is still going strong. Follow Nick and Sondra as they learn from each other.

Karma by Kate Allenton
New Series by Kate Allenton!

Bride Undone by Kate Deveaux
Sometimes the best cure for cold feet is a hot Texan.

Love Thine Enemy by Virginia Cavanaugh
When the attraction is too hard to resist.

Stealing His Heart by Ella Jade
Will the bad-boy pitcher strike out when it comes to love?

Finding Satisfaction by Diane Leyne
On the run with her dog and $100,000 in stolen drug money, Jess finds Satisfaction.

Vampire 101 by Paige Tyler
Being a Vampire Isn't What It Used to Be!

Rescued by the Bucaneer by Normandie Alleman
Captured by Pirates!

Summer's Wicked Cowboys by Rhea Regale
Carter Ryder is back in town to reclaim the hearts he had shattered. Welcome to Ryder, Kansas.

Brianna's Sinful Cowboys by Rhea Regale
A sheriff. A best friend. A woman neither can do with out. Welcome to Ryder, Kansas.

Double or Nothing by NJ Walters
Can two Texas cowboys convince Cherry Edmonds to take a chance on them...and on love?

Debt of Honor by NJ Walters
Starting over is never easy, but sometimes it's the best way to heal a broken heart.

Guarding Me by Megan Slayer
Starting over is never easy, but sometimes it's the best way to heal a broken heart.

Best I Ever Had by Wendi Zwaduk
Is love in the cards or are they going to go up in flames before they get started?

Hero Rising by Anna Alexander
A wounded warrior is gleefully brought to his knees by the human woman who wields the whip.

Unsurpassed by Charity Parkerson
One MMA fighter meets his match in Unsurpassed.

Slavemaster's Woman by Angela Whiting
She's stunningly beautiful, combative, stubborn. He's completely intrigued and wants her for his own…but she belongs to another.

Kela's Guardian by BJ McCall
Vampires, demons and a sexy hunk from a mystical galaxy? Kela's life has taken a decidedly supernatural turn.

Make Me Behave by Tara Fox Hall
Feeling Naughty? Check out five tales of domestic discipline sure to bring heat to your cheeks!

Stalking You by Tara Fox Hall
When the hunter becomes the hunted, there is nowhere to run.

The Illuminated Witch by Imogene Nix
The Illuminated Witch - Blood Secrets Book II.

The Pirate Queen's Rebellion by Cynnara Tregarth
His order from the king of the planet Buranis is to have her submissive by the time he returns with her.

The Pirate Queen's Rebellion by Cynnara Tregarth
What happens when two powerful warriors join forces for the good of all?

The Back-Up Plan by Mari Carr
Just how legally binding is a promise made on a cocktail napkin?

Toxic by Belinda McBride
When a certain wandering wolf finds a bag of chocolate in the trash near Briony's clinic, these two will find out just how toxic love can be.

Beyond Addiction by Desiree Holt
It's Fifty Shades Hotter and Fifty Shades Darker. A journey to the center of the soul.

Claimed Enchanter by Gianna Simone
Everything Reggie thought she knew about herself is turned upside down when she meets Cameron. Claimed by the Enchanter.

Seasoned Veteran by Roz Lee
There's no age limit on falling in love.

Erotica for the Baby Boomer Generation

Wolf's Mate by Jessica Coulter Smith
Bent on Connor's destruction, the pack will stop at nothing to keep him from his mate.

Leather Bride by Tilly Greene
A misunderstanding threatens to tear them apart, but a fashion show could bring them closer together.

Ride 'Em by Tilly Greene
Is the dream of a white picket fence life possible for people who play kinky sex games?

Jon Black's Woman by Tilly Greene
Has he finally met his match, his mate for life or is she too much for him to handle?

Hannah's Stolen Men by Marla Monroe
When Hannah takes the place of Porter and Edward's intended wife, she expects trouble, but can they forgive and forget?

On the Case by Zenobia Renquist
Darah took an easy assignment—wake up a tree. Nothing to it, except this tree rouses with a case of morning wood.

His Alien Virgin by Jessica E. Subject
Did Madame Eve pick the one lover he could never have? #AlienVirgin

Aftershock by Desiree Holt
What happens when a hot rock star and a feisty pr agent collide? #Aftershock

Submission 101 by Diane Leyne
Abby writes erotic romance but she's never even been to a club, but now she's signed up for "Submission 101".

Lady Starling's Stockings by Cerise DeLand
In her brother's house, Solange Starling finds the one man who can save her from lonely nights -- and a dangerous spy.

Deceptions of Night by Virginia Cavanaugh
Attraction to your enemy can get you burned...in more ways than one.

Harry's Sacrifice by Bianca D'Arc
5th & final futuristic ménage in the award-winning Resonance Mates series. Available now!

Private Party by Anne Kane
Brandi needs a lesson in love, and Greg is just the man to teach her.

Always Remember by Rita Hestand
The civil war ripped families apart, but Ruby Anderson and her daughters were determined to save their farm, no matter how far they had to go to do it.

Grif by Bianca D'Arc
Even cougar shifters get frisky when the mating frenzy is upon them.

Saving Grace by Beverley Oakley
Prostitute Grace Fortune wants revenge. Her next client is the former love who betrayed her.

Slade by Bianca D'Arc
The fate of all shifters rests on his broad shoulders, but all he can think of is her.

Running Scared by Anne Kane
He finds her irresistible, and the attraction is mutual. Life is about to get interesting!

Beautiful Mistake by Nancy Corrigan
From a deadly mistake to a love strong enough to span eternity...

Illicit Sex by Marteeka Karland
Lyra doesn't want to be tied to Kil... Until she's made to crave his Illicit Sex...

Long Time Comin' by Cerise Deland
When Cait buys a few sex toys at a party, she plans to seduce her Delta Force buddy into using the naughty things!




upcoming book release
Posted by: Mardi Maxwell
2014-04-22 -
The third book in The Doms of Club Mystique series, THEIR TEMPORARY SUB, will be released April 29, 2014 at www.bookstrand.com/Mardi-Maxwell Twins, Luc and Logan Ramsey, run Club Mystique, the BDSM club they co-own with their brothers. During a mission to safe their brother Jackson and his sub Jenna, they meet Cassie Edwards. Logan decides Cassies the woman for them, but Luc insists they stick to their plan to remain single until theyre thirty-second birthday. Cassie is being hunted by the men who killed her father eight years ago. Shes protected her loved ones by staying away from them. Now, shes tempted by Logan and intrigued by Luc, who wants her but keeps his distance. When Luc and Logan discover shes in danger they move her into their home to keep her safe. Cassie wants them but can she be their temporary sub without endangering them?


Ellies Wounded Heroes by Marla Monroe
Posted by: TRS Staff
2014-04-21 -

Ellies Wounded Heroes by Marla Monroe

Ellie Carpenter is attracted to Rex Fielder from the beginning, and then Clark Givens is added to the picture. Ellie knows she is in over her head. She cares deeply for both men. Shes afraid it will cause problems between them.

When the men get involved with a family in crisis, they asked Ellie to help since she is a social worker. But things get out of hand and Clark is nearly killed saving her life. Rex feels that his amputation means he cant take care of Ellie like he wants to. He decides that having two men to care for her would work and convinces Clark to give a shared relationship a try. After all, Clark thinks hes too emotionally damaged to ever be able to get married.

Both men have lingering issues from their time in the service, since being medically discharged, but that isnt the problem for Ellie. She doesnt want to have choose between them. Does she have to?

Buy it today!


NEW RELEASE - The Biggest Poser - IR Romantic Suspense
Posted by: Sam Cheever
2014-04-18 -

May the biggest liar win. Or die trying! Personal trainer for the ever popular, Lose it! reality show, Jillie Maxwell is up for the most important award of her career. And shes competing against the biggest b-eye-itch shes ever met. Fortunately for her, she has the sexiest man alive in her corner. Problem is, each and every one of them has a dirty little secret that could tank a career. For the contestants, the race is on to lose the most weight and win everything. For the staff of the popular weight loss show, the clock is ticking to the culmination of their lies and the possibility of losing it all. Will the Biggest Poser win? Or will the lies just grow and grow until they sink the whole show? Only one thing is certain. Whatever happens, its gonna be an entertaining ride!

Buy The Biggest Poser today!


A little Winter in spring
Posted by: Mechele Armstrong
2014-04-15 -

Mechele Armstrong is thrilled to announce that Dear Rose 3: Winters Risk released overnight.

Rose faces her biggest challenge yet, bringing together a mnage. But what will winning the bet do to her own relationship with Carl? Josies torn between Quinn and Zach, but apparently they like each other as well as her. Will they all take the risk to be together?

To read an excerpt: http://www.loose-id.com/dear-rose-3-winter-s-risk.html


Instant Attraction by Tory Richards
Posted by: TRS Staff
2014-04-15 -

Instant Attraction by Tory Richards.

Thomas is a motorcycle cop, new to the rural area. He needed a change from the hectic big city, and the pressures of being on the swat team. A little more peace and quiet to reflect on what he wants in life, and maybe find someone to share it with along the way. He never expected to find his perfect match in the form of one sexy little animal activist. From the moment they meet their attraction is hot and out of control.

Julie is an animal lover and works at a no kill shelter. Living next door to the new cop in the area, shes asked by the small town hall to welcome him to the neighbourhood. When she meets Thomas for the very first time instant attraction causes the sparks to fly. And they cant keep their hands off each other. The hot anywhere, anytime sex is great but they both want more. Can instant attraction turn into love?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of anal sex.

Romance Novels in Color! I hope youll take the time to read the whole thing. Heres a snippet. There is a trifecta of elements that make this story fun. The plot was light with a minimum of fuss and a refreshing lack of fluffy filler phrases. The characters have chemistry and in spades. And lastly, there are spots of laughter that make this a strong read for those who are too busy to go for the heavy stuff, but want to get spirited away at lightning speed while still enjoying the ride.

Kate Deveaux Hi Tory, Congratulations on the five star review for Instant Attraction! I actually read the book a few months ago and absolutely loved it. It is my favorite book on my Kindle and has been for a while. I loved the story, especially James, the smokin hot motorcycle cop neighbor of Julies. When those two got together it was red hot. You did an great job!

Instant attraction is a steamy interracial novella from start to finish. I really enjoyed reading this novella. I was afraid the interracial aspect was going to be played up and over dramatized, but that was barely addressed before the author moved forward. It was the kind of book that makes you long for that kind of experience and believe in love at first sight. I cant wait to read more of her books. Cocktails and Books

I definitely would read more books like this. I was captivated and caught up in the story. Would love to see more for this author! - Rebecca - Amazon 5 stars

Read an excerpt

Buy it today!


Hot for Charity (All Male Nudes! #4) by Cheryl Dragon
Posted by: TRS Staff
2014-04-13 -

Hot for Charity (All Male Nudes! #4) by Cheryl Dragon

Kylers friends think hes stuck in a rut, so they drag him out to Big Ds Strip club and treat him to a private dance with big hunk of cowboy, Cody. Kyler finds himself talking to the sexy guy instead. The shelter Kyler volunteers at is in danger of closing and needs a little help to bridge the gap. Cody and the Big D put on a charity event but thats not enough for the stripper/paramedic. He wants more of this caring guy. The men are both busy and want the other to make time for them. Amazing sex, hard work, and charitable efforts are a great mix for love but something has to give.

Read an excerpt
Amazon Kindle
All Romance Ebooks
Publisher link


Forgotten Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley
Posted by: TRS Staff
2014-04-12 -

Forgotten Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley

Heather and Storms story continues

When Storm leans against one of Berts machines and is sent back in time, without his memories, Heather has to go after him.

A simple retrieval wont work. She has to make him remember before they can return to their own timeline.

Finding him is easy, getting him to regain his memories isnt. Then she finds out Ialog is there, giving Storm something to keep his memories at bay.

Now she has to find a way to stop her old nemesis and bring her mate home.

Read an excerpt/buy it today!

Author Sites:


The Duke and the Virgin by Dominique Eastwick
Posted by: TRS Staff
2014-04-11 -

The Duke and the Virgin by Dominique Eastwick

In a time when women have few options for their futures, bluestocking wallflower Llysa Hamilton has aged out of the marriage mart. With offers for her hand unlikely, she enlists Madame Eves 1Night Stand service to find the perfect man for one passionate night.

Wolfe Thane, Duke of Foxhaven, has never lacked for anything, but hes bored with his entitled life. Winning a 1Night Stand voucher in a poker game appears to offer a perfect, commitment-free opportunity to add spice to his sex life.

Hiding behind a mask during her date with the duke offers Llysa anonymity and courage. Wolfe has never met a woman as intriguing and disingenuous. Can true love be unmasked in just one night or will it be destined to stay on the shelf?

Read an excerpt

Buy it today!


All the latest happenings >>

From authors of the bestselling STRANDED WITH A BILLIONAIRE,with the fabulous additions of Charisma Knight and Jamallah Bergman.

We're your secret helper! Premade book covers, eBook formatting, and graphic design.

Hot Romance and Erotica

Lost in Paradise
Tianna Xander
Paranormal Erotica
Publisher: Extasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-77111-920-7
Price: 3.99
Book length: novella
Release date: 4/15/2014
Available formats: multi-format

The Eostre sabbat grows near as best friends, Ronan and Noah, are spending the holiday in a line cabin on the outskirts of Paradise. Someone has to do it and everyone gets a turn to guard the gateways through the veil at one time or another. Its a relaxing, albeit boring dutyuntil, desperate to blow off some steam, they shift into their jaguars and a beautiful brunette finds them playing in the river. Is Stacia really their mate? If so, can Ronan and Noah convince her of that fact before they all go mad with the mating heat?

Read an excerpt: http://www.extasybooks.com/lost-in-paradise/

Visit the author on the web: www.tiannaxander.com

Braemel's Hauberk Protection series tales run the gamut from scorching to heartrending ~ Romantic Times

Deep Desires. Deeper Secrets. The Mallory Malloy Collection

Julie Shelton

When Nicholas Herron, Duke of Berwick and his best friend, Rolf Torgesson, two of King Edward III's most powerful and respected knights, discover a badly beaten young woman hiding in the forest, they swear to protect her. By the time they learn that she is Lady Kathryn Weston, and that her attacker is none other than her betrothed, Robert Walford, the powerful and ruthless Duke of Pemberton, it is too late. They have both fallen in love with her and she with them -- a love so forbidden it could cost them everything, even their lives.

Bent on revenge, Walford uses his power as Chief Magistrate of the Crown to issue two arrest warrants, one charging Kathryn with attempted murder, the other charging Nicholas with high treason. For years he has been abusing the authority of his office by bringing false charges of treason against loyal knights and confiscating their wealth to finance his scheme to overthrow Edward and seize the throne of England. Getting his hands on Nicholas's vast fortune would finally allow him to accomplish his goal.



BJ McCall

Vazan is a vampire planet and Vazan Shield provides the best security in the universe. Hire Imara, Maxim or Daecon. You won't be disappointed.

This collection contains the previously released novellas Sinful Urges, Hunting Evil, and Heartfire.


Paranormal Erotic -- The Sequel to A New Orleans Threesome

Jane Jamison

Independent, strong Mayla Weaton thinks Romeo and Juliet had it easy. At least they never had to deal with men changing into animals. Soon after finding out that shifters really exist, she realizes she's in love with three werebears. She manages to accept their furry counterparts, but how can she keep her father from skinning her lovers and hanging their hides on the wall?

Werebears Jadon, Curt, and Josh Barberson find their mate at the barrel end of a loaded rifle. Their choices? Either give her up or attack her father to keep her with them. Their inner Grizzlies are all for making her father turn tail and run, but either choice means they could lose Mayla.


Meet the hottest writers on the web! A group of authors who write what you like.

Belinda McBride: Romance That's Wyld By Nature

KC Kendricks

Victor Carter knows his grandfather only from a handful of black and white photographs, so his surprise when the man's will is read is genuine. What's he going to do with seventy acres on the side of a Kentucky mountain? More importantly, how's he going to survive living there for a year to satisfy the conditions of the will so he can sell the property? Even worse, it's not like the hills of Kentucky are teeming with gay companionship.

Boone Mosely is Kentucky born and bred with a proud family heritage he can trace back to his home state's founding. Following in his uncle's footsteps, Boone's in his second term as sheriff of Four Points. He takes the job seriously and doesn't suffer fools -- or crime -- in his town.




When it's hot and you like it that way... sizzling erotic romance from Cari Quinn.

Tara Fox Hall

"When the hunter becomes the hunted, there is nowhere to run."

A woman on the run from the man who killed her family stops, against her better judgment, to lose herself in a night of passion. When her stalker finds them, the hunter becomes the hunted.


Tory Richards

Accepting a job as a wildlife veterinarian at the Savage Hills Wolf Sanctuary is Serena's dream job. Finding out she's the mate of Savage Hill's alpha werewolf turns her world as she knows it upside down. Trying to resist the sexy man is impossible. She's in heat, and he's more than ready to claim what's his.


Justus Roux

Talon's heart was chained by the past. He can't forgive himself nor can he move on. The moment a submissive starts to have feelings for him he sends them away. Pepper knew this from the beginning and has made sure to hide her love for him. It is a game she has grown quite good at. She knows he would be a wonderful Master if only he could unchain his heart.

Hope was hurt by Master Talon sending her away. Master Xanthos did warn her that this would happen when he gave her the choice which Master to serve. Now she is placed with her second choice Master Zen. Her heart still aches for her first love Master Xavier. Her pride is still wounded by Master Talon's rejection. Can she find what she is looking for with Master Zen?



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Spice up your Sex Life with Adam & Eve

A Cop, His Wife and Her Best Friend by Paige Tyler
If she thought watching her best friend get a spanking got her hot and bothered, that's nothing compared to getting one herself!

Hunted by Laura Tolomei
Question is -- is it a figment of your imagination or is it real?

The Rescue Series by Laura Tolomei
Too many lives...too much blood...too much sex...yet they stillhaven't learned! Don't miss Re-Scue available now as an Audio Book

Under by Treaty by Kayla Stonor
General Jaden belongs to the Honored Qui by treaty. Obedience can be enforced. The alien queen demands devotion.

Bad in Bed by Faye Avalon
Proving she's bad, has never felt so good.

Wasteland Rogue by Brenda Williamson
A Post Apocalyptic Wasteland, Erotic Vampiric Species, End of World Villain Adventure Romance.

More Than Lovers by Jess Dee
It was just sex…until the booty calls got serious.

Seduced by the Scrum by Mina Carter
Mistaken identity, toe-curling kisses and a passion that sets them both on fire...

Warrior's Wrath by Gianna Simone
Rowan trusts no one, especially not Aeron -- a thief. Will she survive the restitution he demands?

Her Gilded Prison by Beverley Oakley
Lady Sybil has an unusual proposition for the young man who holds the fate of the estate - and the futures of her daughters - in his hands.

Seduced by the Scrum by Mina Carter
One sexy rugby player. One chance encounter. One explosive night neither will ever forget.

Full On by Caitlyn Willows
She managed to do what no one else could -- best him. Now it's time to remind her who's really in charge.

Erica's Choice by Sami Lee
The characters are perfect, outstanding, and awesome…Terrific romance with every element you could ever ask for; caring, loving, loyalty, friendship and much more" Rare Top Pick, Night Owl Erotica Reviews. Buy now!

Broken Road by Alexa Bourne
Discovering the truth beneath the surface is the first step toward finding yourself, and joy.


Dancing in the Flame by Ann Gimpel
Like the ancient Sidhe, Keira and Barrett dance in the flame of duty until it brands their souls.



I Need You For Christmas by Leah Braemel
She's always been willing to do anything he desires, but this Christmas, will that be enough? Releases Dec. 3, 2012.

To Catch a Spirit by Carrie Pulkinen
A psychic who's afraid of ghosts and a millionaire with a haunted past and a hidden power find that only love can catch a spirit. With love, all things are possible -- especially if you need to catch a Spirit.

Reaper and the Cop by Mina Carter
Sparks fly when a sexy Reaper meets a hot as hell Cop...

Storm of Desire by Cara Marsi
The storm outside is nothing compared to the storm of desire and guilt raging between former lovers trapped together

Caught in the Middle by Tonya Ramagos
EMT Terri meets Doctor Owen and thinks relationship. Then she met Arson Prosecutor Gage. Now she's caught in the middle.

Mind and Body by Suzanne Rock
When Celeste catches her boyfriend flirting with their construction foreman, she decides to try and make her fantasy of a permanent menage come true.

Dangerously Hers by A.M. Griffin
Dangerously Hers the 3rd book in the science fiction, erotic, romance Loving Dangerously Series is now available!

Tell Me Your Secrets by Virginia Cavanaugh
The things a wolf has to do to distract a troublesome female.

Emily's Cowboy by Donna Gallagher
When love is not enough to heal the scars of the one you thought you would spend your life with... what else is there?

Ever So Bonnie a Vampire by Cornelia Amiri
What is a Vampire to do, when a goddess tried to steal her man?

Hungry for Her Mates by Marla Monroe
What happens when the mating heat goes wrong? Gabrielle is finding out the hard way that it's not good.

A Taste of Cyn by Marla Monroe
You've already got this one up I think. Just leave it another month.

Friends With Benefits by Anne Lange
Can a summer of sexual exploration lead to an unconventional forever?

Whole Again by Caitlyn Willows
Months of letters that singe the paper they're written on are teasers for the main event when her Marine returns.

River's Biker Heroes by Marla Monroe
River can't remember the last few months of her life, so she must know something she shouldn't to have amnesia.

Alone at Last by Caitlyn Willows
A willow switch, a hot husband, two hunks... It doesn't get any better than this.

When Lust Rules by Virginia Cavanaugh
Each craves the other. When temptation exceeds their restraint, their lust can no longer be denied.

Into the Magic by Naomi Bellina
Good and evil, love and lust. Add magic to the mix and watch the sparks fly.

Hunger Embraced by Jennifer James
She's fed up with being fed on.


Cin's Secret by Diane Leyne
Cin worries her secret will cost her the love of Liam and Connor or is it already too late?

Home For The Holidays by Diane Leyne
Thanksgiving's never been so sexy.  Jack rescues Nelly after a car accident and sparks fly.  Or was he the cause?

Riding Desire fting Suzanne Rock
14 BRAND NEW Alpha Bad Boy Biker Romances by 14 Amazing authors. Only $0.99 for a limited time.

The Demon's Mate by Sam Cheever
Their love began in the pages of a novel. Can it survive reality?

Dangerously Mine by A.M. Griffin
Loving Dangerously Series. Experience love that's out of this world.

Boon Collector by Sara Jay
Bane takes Tisha to Hell to clear a debt. When freed, can she leave without him?

Winter in Paradise by T.C. Archer
On a planet turned to ice, only a warm heart is worth dying for.

The Felig Chronicles by P.J. Dean
Tina Cain and Nate Lowe have a reason for fighting Felig. It's just not the same one.

Something Else Wicked by P.J. Dean
When Felig and bullets fly, trust funds get attacked!

His Delectable Cook by Cerise DeLand
Bess Devereaux applies to become cook to the ton's newly minted earl—and what she plans for him pales beside the sexual joys he has planned for her!

It's Complicated by Christiane France
Pete figures his feelings for Mitch are warmed over old memories. Watch for the sequel this April LOOKING FOR ANSWERS.

The Dom, the Switch, and the Sub by Diane Leyne
Zack loves Serena and Luke loves them both, but can Zack submit to another man?

Rake's Honour by Beverley Oakley
Will her dangerous gamble pay off? Raunchy Regency Romp short-listed for a 2012 Australian Romance Readers' Award.

Happy Birthday Baby by Tory Richards
What better way to spend your fiftieth birthday than with the hot male stripper you've been coveting for months!

Boyfriend's Brother by ML SKye
Chloe Timmons and Jason McIvey are at a crossroad. The only thing in their way is Jason's brother.

Condemned and Chosen by Destiny Blaine and Marc Alice
Don't miss this brand new biker romance series from Marc Alice and Destiny Blaine!

Pleasant Extortion by Natalie Acres
The extortionist seeks certain traits from his victims, but after collecting what he needs, he focuses on his wants.

Hostile Conquest by Jade James
Cade has his eyes set on his conquest, who happens to be his step sister.

Warrior's Vengeance by Gianna Simone
He took her as his captive slave, but did she really want to be freed?

Union by P.J. Dean
Love, marriage and aliens don't necessarily go together.

His Claimed Bride by Savanna Kougar
On the hunt for a bride, Zeke takes one look at the beautiful woman, throwing his rope fast and true.

The Cavalier by Beverley Oakley
Erotic English Civil War romance. A dutiful wife must choose between saving the life of her brutal Puritan husband and happiness with her former Cavalier lover.

Sense and Sensibility by Cerise DeLand, Jane Austen
The Dashwood sisters love too passionately, without reciprocal feelings from the men they adore. But lust can change a man.

Diamond Fire by Tonya Ramagos
Firefighter Blake will do anything to keep his wife, Wendi, happy...including inviting his closest friend, Firefighter Chase, into their bed.

Vazan Vampires by B.J. McCall
Hire Imara, Maxim or Daecon. You won't be disappointed.

Master of silk by Gia Dawn
For the ladies of the Red Masks pleasure waits behind every door...and no one is who they seem to be.

Ride 'Em by Tilly Greene
Is the dream of a white picket fence life possible for people who play kinky sex games?

Cupid by Lucy Felthouse
What if Santa's reindeer were shifters? Reindeer Games: Cupid -- erotic romance by Lucy Felthouse  


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