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New romances by featured authors of The Romance Studio!

Dangerous Surrender
Tory Richards
erotic biker novella
Publisher: Tory Ricards
ISBN: dstr
Price: 2.99
Book length: novella
Release date: 2/15/15
Available formats: pdf, epub, kindle, rtf, txt,

Would you give yourself to a stranger? Gwendolyn Myers never thought about it until she runs into Marcus Bowie Ford at the Pink Pussy. A rundown hotel at the edge of town. She is on the run but one taste of the sexy biker convinces Gwen that her running days might be over!

Read an excerpt: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/510692

Visit the author on the web: http://www.toryrichards.com/

Sexy Just Got Rich: Brit Babes Do Billionaires
Lucy Felthouse
Publisher: Self-Published
ISBN: 9781311541291
Price: $0.99 (limited time)
Book length: Anthology
Release date: 10th February 2015
Available formats: eBook

Billionaires have it all but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to work hard to get what their hearts desire. In this brand new anthology of erotic BDSM stories the Brit Babes offer heroes and heroines who aren’t shy about taking what they want. From farmyards to luxury penthouses, wealth is all about sating needs, connecting souls and taking pleasure to new highs. Whether you’re looking for a coffee break read or something longer to curl up in bed with, you’ll find something to suit your needs in Sexy Just Got Rich.

Brit Babes triumph again!! This anthology is absolutely amazing. I enjoyed each and every story immensely.

Read an excerpt: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/sexy-just-got-rich-brit-babes-do-billionaires/

Visit the author on the web: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk

Hurricanes and Handcuffs
Jodi Redford
Erotic Romance
Publisher: Jodi Redford
Price: $0.99
Book length: novella
Release date: February 4, 2015
Available formats: Kindle

Gabrielle Scott is fed up with helping her playboy boss seduce and woo his countless bimbettes courtesy of her culinary masterpieces. Yeah, the pay is good, and you can’t beat the luxurious digs she’s treated to as his resident personal chef. But she can’t afford the frustration of living under the same roof with the one man who drives her crazy in every possible way. The damnable truth? She’s in love with the irredeemable bastard, and the only way she’ll get over him is to get naked under him. The plan? Attend Jax’s annual Mardi Gras ball incognito and entice him into a hot night of sin—right before handing in her resignation. Jaxon Noble always gets what he wants. Especially when it comes to the opposite sex. So when Gabbi shows up at his party in a ridiculous costume and outrageously flirts with him it’s a foregone conclusion that she’ll finally be his. He’s more than happy to go along with her game, and the combustible heat they generate together proves it was well worth the wait to have her. But when morning comes and Gabrielle calmly announces she’s quitting, Jax is faced with the sobering fact that perhaps money can’t buy everything. Or more to the point—the only person who’s ever meant anything to him. For someone who’s used to winning at all costs, losing Gabbi isn’t an option. And Jax will pull out every sweet and sexy trick to convince her to take a chance on a forever with him.

Read an excerpt:

Visit the author on the web: http://www.jodiredford.com

Inner Beast
Justus Roux
Publisher: Erotictales Publications
ISBN: 1507573138
Price: 4.00 Ebook 9.90 Print
Book length: novel
Release date: available now
Available formats: PDF,HTML, Kindle, Epub, paperback

Master Dimitri is like a hurricane. He came out of nowhere and he is the only thing I can think of. Yet, there is something off about him. Maybe it’s just my insecurity rearing its ugly head again. I know, a Master who is insecure is quite the oxymoron. – Master Sage I wish I could make you see what I see Sage. You are so much like Master Griffin, but with a kindness he will never possess. What will you think of me when you see my inner beast? I’m new to this community. Griffin is not here with me. At least my submissive Colt is being so strong for me. Yet, I feel the inner beast trying to rise up. I’m afraid what will happen if I lose myself to this inner beast. - Master Dimitri Master Xanthos’ BDSM community is about to be shaken to its very core when Xanthos finds out Dimitri’s secret.

Read an excerpt: http://www.justusrouxmasterseries.com/inner_beast_40.html

Visit the author on the web: http://www.justusroux.com

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