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New romances by featured authors of The Romance Studio!

Timeless Desire
Lucy Felthouse
Erotic romance
Publisher: Self
ISBN: 9781310236921
Price: $0.99
Book length: Short story
Release date: 10th September 2014
Available formats: eBook

Emily arrives at Westbury Hall with a job to do. She’s to clean and conserve all of the books in their impressive library, preserving them for future generations. Not long into her stay at the house, she bumps into the night guard, George. She’d expected an old, balding guy with a comb over, so the hunky chap she actually meets is a very pleasant surprise. The introductions complete, George leaves Emily in peace to get on with her job. But when a falling photograph sets off a chain reaction of ghostly events, Emily and George are thrown together in order to find out who—or what—is causing them. Their investigation uncovers a tragic past, a lost love, and a stunning secret. PLEASE NOTE: This is a revised and extended of a previously published title, Love Through Time.

Ms. Felthouse has written a wonderful novella filled with suspense, undying love, and drama.

Read an excerpt: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/timeless-desire/

Visit the author on the web: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk

Caught on Camera
Destiny Blaine
western contemporary
Publisher: Siren Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-63258-346-8
Price: $3.15
Book length: novella
Release date: September 15th
Available formats: e-formats

Bailey Chapman isn’t looking for love, but when Nick Palmani shows up at a bonfire and immediately starts pursuing her, she takes notice. Soon, the two are grinding out their passionate fantasies in the back of her best friend’s barn. Unbeknownst to the couple, the entire episode is caught on camera. To make matters worse, their loving adventure goes viral for the whole world to see.

Read an excerpt: http://www.bookstrand.com/caught-on-camera

Visit the author on the web: http://destinyblaine.com/

Pandoras Shame (Secrets book 4)
Lace Daltyn
Erotic contemporary series
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77130-984-4
Price: 3.99
Book length: novella
Release date: 8/27/14
Available formats: PDF, PRC, ePUB

Settled in her new career as a teacher, letters threatening to divulge Kate Storms past and ruin her future force her to ask for help in an unconventional way. Enter Cole Madison, a retired-Ranger-turned-protector, with the scar on his back validating that women are nothing but trouble. Until he sees Kate.

Read an excerpt: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/pandoras-shame-by-lace-daltyn/

Visit the author on the web: http://www.lacedaltyn.com/index.html

Cowboy Boots and Inconspicuous Motives
Natalie Acres
Romantic Thriller, Suspense
Publisher: Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN: 978-1-63258-309-3
Price: 4.05
Book length: Novella
Release date: Pre-Orders Now-Release Date August 29th
Available formats: E-formats

The Underground Unit operatives race against time as the authority’s enemies band together with unreasonable demands. Will Brock Donovan’s subordinates stop him before he trades his life for Sydney’s and if Brock succeeds in protecting his wife, what extreme measures will he take in the future to keep them safe from their dangerous past?

"Ms. Acres sure brought the big guns in her latest book...." Estefanie L., Night Time Romance Reviews

Read an excerpt: http://www.bookstrand.com/cowboy-boots-and-inconspicuous-motives

Visit the author on the web: https://www.facebook.com/NatalieAcresAuthor

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