Taige Crenshaw

When life gives you a second chance how do you decide what to do?

Julianne Locke knows the pain of loss and what it can do to your soul. She has refused to let any man close... until an accident put a man in her path who will change her life. Keenan is the one man she cannot seem to put in a category or keep at a distance. Whether it is fate or coincidence that brings them together, Julianne cannot walk away from this man who pushes all her buttons and makes her want to believe in hope once again.

Keenan Callaghan's first look at Julianne makes him forget that he's there on business. The instant attraction and connection he feels for her leaves him unsettled. But he quickly comes to the realization that he wants to know more about this woman who not only tempts him, but makes him forget all else but her. Julianne might be trying to keep him at arms length, but he's a patient man. He knows the best way to weather a Hurricane is to hold on and ride out the storm together... forever.

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About Taige Crenshaw

Taige Crenshaw is an multi-published author with books available at Ellora's Cave Publishing, Liquid Silver Books, Loose Id, and Total-E-Bound.

She writes novels set in today between people who know what they want and  how to get it. As well as in the future of vast universes between beautiful, strange and unique beings with lots of spice and sensuality added to her work.


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An Interview with Taige Crenshaw
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Hurricane. Where did you get the idea for this emotionally-engaging story?

TC: The idea for Hurricane came partly from my mom and dad’s relationship. My Dad and Mom were very much in love. As a child I loved watching how they interacted with each other. Yes there was up and downs but they were there as a constant for us. As a family we survived many family ups and down’s including a Hurricane that devastated a lot of the island where I am from. The strength we had was due to the family - those of blood and whom we see as family even through we had no blood ties. Standing side by side and helping each other is what got us through.

There were many storms we had. When my dad passed away I had just graduated from high school. It sent all of us reeling. I’m the youngest in my family. In my case I had just moved away from home to go to college. I had only moved a week when I got the call he was gone. When I had to return home for the funeral I had already set in my mind not to return to college and told my mom so. She refused to let me give up my dream and told me that my dad was proud and knew what I was doing. After my dad’s passing my Mom was the rock that kept our family going. She made sure all of us were okay. She went on after such a devastating loss. Sadly my Mom passed away a few years ago.

 When I sat down to write Hurricane I wanted to portray a form of the love my parents had. As well as the strong family dynamic I grew up with. I did take creative license to change how Julianne and Keenan my main characters of the novel get together to create a long lasting relationship. Throughout the book you will see them build from the base to a loving foundation. Julianne and Keenan will have trials and things to face before they get there. Their journey is a growth for both of them.

Also when I created the concept for the Singleton series I wanted to give readers a view of me. The Locke’s is a family that were born in St. Thomas - the same island I was born in -- and they moved to the fictional town I created called Singleton which is set in New York. Even with the move they maintained the closeness of family and added more by their friendships they formed. Friends who have become a part of the large extended family. The Locke family and friends are large, close-knit and portray what family is all about -- being there through joy, pain and even death. They are the way my own family is.

Hurricane is book 1 of the Singleton series. I am extremely proud to be able to bring the book and all the future books in the series to readers.

HH: What do you like best about Julianne and why do you think readers will relate to her?

TC: Readers will relate to Julianne because she is a woman who has suffered a devastating loss. She went on for her child excluding all else. Although Julianne is a success in her business life and has wonderful family. She has given up on love. The pain she suffered she does not want again. Yet Keenan awakens something in her that shakes her. Makes her open herself a little for more. Julianne is human and has frailties like everyone does.

HH: What do you like best about Keenan and why will readers love him?

TC: Keenan is the quintessential, what I like to call the laid-back alpha male. Once he knows what he wants he doesn’t push Julianne knowing she will run. Instead he leaves it up to her. Waits for her to come to him. Once she does he woos her with his laid-back ways.

HH: What makes your characters unique?

TC: They are real and make mistakes. They don’t always do the thing expected and are just themselves.

HH: What makes you story stand out amongst fierce competition?

TC: I don’t feel that their is fierce competition since there are many great books and more than enough readers to enjoy them all. Readers have many tastes and books that can fulfill that. As a reader myself I’m glad for the many books that are available for me to read and enjoy.

In Hurricane, I’m providing the reader -- a journey. One that takes you through all the emotional cords. From happiness to tears. I bring that in what I write. I love to take a reader to the high of happiness then the release of tears then back to that wonderful place of satisfaction of romance.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

TC: I have a few releases coming in 2012 and 2013. Here is a partial list.

Hurricane (Singleton, Book #1) -- Coming September 24, 2012
Taber (Kemet Uncovered, Book #5) -- Coming November 2012
Ashia (Kemet Uncovered, Book #6) -- Coming January 2013
Indigo Rain (Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book #1) -- Coming January 2013
Silken Inferno (Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book #2) -- Coming February 2013
Dark Callings (Phoenix Intelligence Agency, Book #3) -- Coming April 2013

HH: How long have you been a writer and what keeps you writing?

TC: From time I was a child. I keep writing because I have too. The stories fill my head and I have to tell them.

HH: What goals have you set for yourself at this point in your career?

TC: There are too many to list. The one that is utmost it to keep writing books that engage the reader and offer them a journey that they will enjoy and remember long after they turn that last page.

HH: What do you enjoy reading?

TC: Everything. I have a varied taste in books. I enjoy the various adventures that I go on. Each book takes me to someplace new.

HH: What are you most looking forward to before the year's end?

TC: Just being happy, hanging with my family and having as much fun as possible. Relaxing and enjoying what is around me.

HH: Thank you!


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