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Olympic Gold Medalists Kate Peterson (U.S.) and Alexei Petrova (Russia) haven't seen each other in eight years--not since their teenage affair ended after Alexei was forced back to Russia. But in the here and now, they're about to be reunited at the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Squaw Valley, California.

Kate's agreed to participate in the Torch Lighting Ceremony because she's on the verge of losing her eyesight to a mysterious illness, and she can't afford the experimental surgery that could restore her vision. With a little luck she just might land an endorsement deal at the Olympics--her only shot at funding the surgery.

Alexei's living in the States now, where he's made a fortune selling "himself". He's also made enemies with a U.S. senator who wants him deported. But his plight becomes secondary after he runs into Kate at the Olympics. Clearly, she's hiding something, and he's shocked when he finds out what.

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Once Alexei learns of Kate's illness, saving her becomes his top priority -- but will he save her only to be forced, once again, from her life?

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About Sandra Edwards

Sandra is an award-winning author of romance. She has eclectic tastes, penning tales in a variety of genres such as paranormal (mostly time travel and reincarnation), contemporary and suspense. She lives in the U.S. (west coast) with her husband, two kids, four dogs and one very temperamental feline. Sandra's books often push the envelope and step outside the boundaries of conventional romance. For more info on Sandra's books, visit her website at


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An Interview with Sandra Edwards
By Megan Garbe for The Romance Studio

MG: Sandy, thank you for talking with us at TRS! Your featured book is Saving Katya and it's the fascinating story of lovers reunited under extraordinary circumstances. Where did the idea for this story come from?

SE: Its oftentimes hard for me to pinpoint exactly where I picked up an idea for a book, but Id have to say the first seeds for Saving Katya were planted a few years back when I was watching the Winter Olympics. Since I have a soft spot for reunion-type stories, it kind of grew from there. Sometimes it can take weeks or months for the seeds of an idea to grow into a viable story. Other times, it can take years. Saving Katya was one of those.

MG: What do you like best about Kate and why will readers relate to her?

SE: A quality that I really like in Kate is her determination to shield her daughter from the pain that comes from feeling “unwanted”.  Her number one priority is her child.

MG: What do you like best about Alexei and why will readers love him?

SE: For me, Alexei’s vulnerability when it comes to Kate makes him very appealing.

MG: What sort of research did you do for this story?

SE: Most of my research revolved around figure skating.

MG: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

SE: I’m currently working on three titles. Hot Commodity (Time Brokers: Book Two) [time travel/vampires], Desert Heat (Soul Searchers: Book Three) [romantic suspense], and The Lonely Hearts Club [contemporary romance].

MG: What's a day in the life of Sandra Edwards like?

SE: Honestly, it’s pretty boring. I grab some breakfast (usually cereal or if I’m really adventurous, I make myself some oatmeal), take it into my office and eat at my desk while I check my email. The rest of the day revolves around writing, formatting (I format other Indie authors’ books for a living :), lunch at my desk, promo, and working with my critique partners.

MG: What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

SE: Knowing I can work in my pajamas if I want to, lol. Seriously, I enjoy bringing the characters inside my head “to life” on paper.

MG: What are you reading at the moment?

SE: I’m currently reading a regency romance titled: Love by Secrets by Debra Elizabeth.

MG: What is one of your all time favorite books?

SE: The Bridges of Madison County.

MG: Any goals you've set for yourself this year?

SE: I’d just like to still be around this time next year. Lol

MG: Thank you!


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