Felicity Heaton

Ten years have passed since Sophis and Vivek, two vampires of the Venia bloodline, came close to death at the hands of twin hunters Aleksis and Izabella Romanov. The events of that night turned Sophis and Vivek against each other, shattering their close friendship and driving them apart.

Now, on the eve of a centenary Creator Day masquerade and at a time when things between them are dangerously close to separating them forever, they uncover a small army of vampire hunters in Saint Petersburg, led by their nemeses, Aleksis and Izabella.

With the safety of the rulers of the seven pure vampire bloodlines in their hands and their chance for vengeance hanging in the balance, can Sophis and Vivek face their past and overcome their differences? Will they realise their true feelings for each other before it’s too late or will the hunters finally claim their lives as their deadly plot to destroy the bloodlines unfolds?

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About Felicity Heaton

Felicity Heaton writes passionate paranormal romance books as Felicity Heaton and F E Heaton. In her books she creates detailed worlds, twisting plots, mind-blowing action, intense emotion and heart-stopping romances with leading men that vary from dark deadly vampires to sexy shape-shifters and wicked werewolves, to sinful angels and hot demons!

If you're a fan of paranormal romance authors Lara Adrian, J R Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan then you will enjoy her books too.

If you love your angels a little dark and wicked, Felicity Heaton’s best selling Her Angel series is for you. If you like strong, powerful, and dark vampires then try the Vampires Realm series she writes as F E Heaton or any of her stand alone vampire romance books she writes as Felicity Heaton. Or if you’re looking for vampire romances that are sinful, passionate and erotic then try Felicity Heaton’s new Vampire Erotic Theatre series.

In 2011, four of her six paranormal romance books received Top Pick awards from Night Owl Reviews, Forbidden Blood was nominated as Best PNR Vampire Romance 2011 at The Romance Reviews, and many of her releases received five star reviews from numerous websites.


Felicity Heaton’s Back list:

Paranormal Romances written as Felicity Heaton
Heart of Darkness - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Heart%20of%20Darkness
Forbidden Blood - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Forbidden%20Blood
Ascension - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Ascension
Love Immortal - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Love%20Immortal
Vampire for Christmas - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Vampire%20for%20Christmas

Her Angel Romance Series written as Felicity Heaton
Her Dark Angel - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Her%20Dark%20Angel
Her Fallen Angel - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Her%20Fallen%20Angel
Her Warrior Angel - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Her%20Warrior%20Angel
Her Guardian Angel - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Her%20Guardian%20Angel

Vampire Erotic Theatre Series written as Felicity Heaton
Covet - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Covet
Crave - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Crave

Vampires Realm series written as F E Heaton
Prophecy: Child of Light - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Prophecy:%20Child%20of%20Light%20[book%201]
Prophecy: Caelestis & Aurorea - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Prophecy:%20Caelestis%20and%20Aurorea%20[book%202]
Prophecy: Dark Moon Rising - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Prophecy:%20Dark%20Moon%20Rising%20[book%203]
Spellbound - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Spellbound
Reunion - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Reunion
Seventh Circle - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Seventh%20Circle
Winter's Kiss - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Winter%27s%20Kiss
Hunter's Moon - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Hunter%27s%20Moon

Daughters of Lyra Science Fiction Romance series written as Felicity Heaton
Daughters of Lyra: Heart of an Emperor - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Daughters%20of%20Lyra:%20Heart%20of%20an%20Emperor
Daughters of Lyra: Heart of a Mercenary - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Daughters%20of%20Lyra:%20Heart%20of%20a%20Mercenary
Daughters of Lyra: Heart of a Prince - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Daughters%20of%20Lyra:%20Heart%20of%20a%20Prince
Daughters of Lyra: Heart of a Commander - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Daughters%20of%20Lyra:%20Heart%20of%20a%20Commander
Daughters of Lyra: Heart of an Assassin - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Daughters%20of%20Lyra:%20Heart%20of%20an%20Assassin

Sons of Lyra Science Fiction Romance series written as Felicity Heaton
Sons of Lyra: Slave Princess - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Sons%20of%20Lyra:%20Slave%20Princess
Sons of Lyra: Runaway Hearts - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Sons%20of%20Lyra:%20Runaway%20Hearts
Sons of Lyra: Fight for Love - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Sons%20of%20Lyra:%20Fight%20For%20Love
Sons of Lyra: Stranded - http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/ebooks.php?title=Sons%20of%20Lyra:%20Stranded


An Interview with the Felicity Heaton
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Felicity, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Masquerade and is part of your very popular Vampire Realms romance Series. First, how did the series itself come to be?

FH: I came up with the idea for the series back in 2005, when it was originally just the Prophecy Trilogy. I found as I planned the books on and off over several months that I was developing a world I began to feel I wouldn’t want to leave after just three novels. When I wrote the three Prophecy Triogy books, that feeling grew stronger and I decided that the trilogy would become the first three books in the Vampires Realm series. I introduced so many characters in those three books, and so many other stories were woven into the plot, that I had to make it a series. There was no way I could walk away from that world. Now, I have ten books out in the series, and I have ideas for another ten, if not more.

HH: What can you tell us about the books that came before Masquerade in the series?

FH: After the Prophecy Trilogy, I released a few shorter pieces in the series and then made a return to novels with Seventh Circle. Seventh Circle follows Lincoln, a vampire who is introduced briefly in one of the Prophecy Trilogy books, as he struggles to survive a prophecy involving himself and the Devil. Witches reveal to him that his key to survival is a female, and not just any woman. Lilith is a vampire hunter with a deep loathing of the creatures she slays for Section Seven. When Lincoln enters her life as a paying client requiring her protection and help, she’s just lost her best friend to a vampire from his bloodline and she isn’t in the mood to pander to him, no matter how much he’s paying her employers. Needless to say, there is mountains of tension between these two as they work to unravel the prophecy that Lincoln is at the centre of, and also as Lilith learns more about her past, her family and who she really is.

After Seventh Circle, I wrote Winter’s Kiss. Winter’s Kiss is the first novel in the series dealing with a forbidden relationship between a vampire and a werewolf. Winter is a vampire of the powerful Validus bloodline and he’s been falling in love with a mortal for years and is on the verge of asking his lord for permission to court and turn her when she’s attacked by werewolves and bitten. Winter is a loyal man, dedicated to his bloodline, but he’s put to the test when he saves Nika from the werewolves and discovers that she is becoming like them. Relationships between vampires and werewolves are a death sentence if the Law Keepers find out about them, so Winter isn’t willing to risk Nika. He would rather leave her and lose her than risk her, but Nika isn’t about to give up everything she knows and loves just because she’s becoming a werewolf, and she does everything she can to change his mind.

The novel before Masquerade is Hunter’s Moon. Hunter’s Moon is set away from Europe and the reach of the bloodlines. Nicolae, an ex-alpha werewolf, lost his entire pack to vampires almost a century ago, and was their slave for a century before that. He’s lived in the remote Canadian mountains ever since escaping their rule, hiding away from the world and desiring a peaceful life. When he discovers hunters on his mountain and finds them tracking injured prey, he goes in search of their quarry and discovers a mortally wounded female vampire of the Nocens bloodline. Tatyana is nursing a dark need for vengeance and a grieving heart, and when she wakes to find herself the guest of a glowering alpha werewolf, she isn’t sure what to do. Love between their species is forbidden but neither can fight their growing attraction as they race to discover what the hunters are after and stop them.

HH: How does Masquerade continue the series?

FH: Most of the novels in the Vampires Realm series stand alone but the world is developing around them and changes are taking place. In Reunion, the vampires discovered that a hunter organisation has been playing God with their people, enhancing them using vampire DNA. Masquerade brings these enhanced hunters back into the picture. The Venia bloodline in Saint Petersburg is due to host the centenary Creator Day ball, an event that will last two nights and will bring the most powerful vampires from all seven pure bloodlines in Europe into one mansion. Vivek and Sophis are guards of the Venia bloodline, at odds with each other since the night they were almost killed by twin hunters Aleksis and Izabella. When they are sent out into the city to scout the hunters in the run up to the masquerade, they discover their nemeses have returned and that there are a large number of hunters gathering with them. Sophis and Vivek must put aside their past and face their feelings if they are going to uncover the hunters’ deadly plot and save the seven pure bloodlines.

HH: How does Masquerade distinguish itself from its predecessors?

FH: I think Masquerade is a game-changer. The hunters are out in force and ready to prove themselves a threat to the vampires who have otherwise ignored them and picked them off one by one, but there are other forces at work too, such as insiders out for power and willing to do almost anything to achieve it. We learn a lot more about the hunters in this one, and their actions go a long way towards bringing the bloodlines together. There are shifts of power in some bloodlines, new characters are introduced who will feature in future stories, and old faces show up and give readers a glimpse of just what they’ve been up to since we last saw them. It’s a book full of action and passion, and really sets up future books in the series as it turns a corner and expands further. I can’t give too much away, but a lot is set to happen in the series, so readers can expect to see more of past characters in future books.

HH: Who are your favorite characters in the series and why?

FH: I will always have a place in my heart for Valentine, Venturi, Prophecy and Hyperion. Those four characters gave birth to the series in the Prophecy Trilogy, and I love writing them. I don’t really have favourites though as I love all the characters in the series, even the villains, and it’s great writing them. I think if you asked readers, these four would get a mention though. As I said, it was these characters that played such major roles in the Prophecy Trilogy and they continue to capture readers’ hearts even today. If someone held a gun to my head and told me to choose, it would be Valentine who got my vote. Even now, he still occupies the number one spot as my favourite hero, but we have had some close contenders!

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

FH: At the moment, I’m working on Her Demonic Angel, the highly anticipated fifth book in my Her Angel romance series. This book features Veiron as the hero and it’s as epic, action-packed, and emotionally charged as Her Guardian Angel, so expect a few tears when reading it.

I’m also working on the edits for Seduce and also Enslave in my Vampire Erotic Theatre series. Together with Her Demonic Angel, these books make up my final three releases for the year. Seduce will be released on June 23rd, followed by Her Demonic Angel over summer, and then Enslave in autumn.

HH: Where can readers find all of your works?

FH: Links, excerpts and information about all of my books are available at my website: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk

Specific information about the Vampires Realm website is available at the official site: http://www.vampiresrealm.com

All of my books are available for Kindle, Nook, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Sony and also a large number of my books are available in paperback.

HH: What would we find in your to-be-read pile?

FH: A lot of books. I’ve challenged myself to read 36 books this year. It doesn’t sound like much but last year I challenged myself to read 24 books and that was tough enough. So far I’ve managed to read 14 books, so I think I’m doing okay but I’m probably about to get behind schedule.

At the moment, I’m really enjoying reading Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series. I have two more books to read in that one. I’m also reading Larissa Ione’s Demonica series, and have three books to read in that one. Also on my TBR pile are a lot of Sherrilyn Kenyon books in her Dark Hunter series. I have some Lynsay Sands, Christine Feehan, Jacquelyn Frank, Gena Showalter, J R Ward, and others to read too. I don’t get much time for reading because I’m nearly always writing or editing, so I normally end up reading when I’m travelling, or between books. This definitely shows in my TBR pile as it always seems to be around 50 books strong, no matter how many I manage to read!

HH: What in person or online appearances will you be making this year?

FH: I don’t have any live appearances planned for this year, but I am touring some fantastic blogs with my books, including Masquerade. The Masquerade Book Tour has just kicked off and details of it are available at my website: http://www.felicityheaton.co.uk/masquerade-book-tour.php.

HH: When you're not reading or promoting you like to __________?

FH: Watch TV (The Vampire Diaries, Lost Girl, True Blood, Game of Thrones in particular), garden, play with my cat, draw, and think about writing, working or anything else related to my books.

HH: Thank you! And I'll be watching a lot of those same shows too. <g>


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