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The youngest son of a wealthy rancher, Creel Weston spent his childhood breaking wild mustangs and dreaming of becoming a doctor. Being blackmailed into marrying a spoiled socialite wasn't part of his plans, especially when he loved her. He'd take Racine back home with him and find a comfortable ground with her. Trouble was, she wasn't as spoiled as he'd been led to believe, and harbored scars that would take more than his doctoring skills to heal.

Boston socialite Racine Somerfield had an unbearable childhood. Mama despised her, and although he said he loved her, Papa couldn't wait to get rid of her. Marrying Creel and accompanying him back to his home in Colorado Territory, Racine hoped to find some semblance of peace and happiness at Wooded Acres, and in Creel's arms. She didn't expect to add another wound to those she already carried.

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Reviews for No Luck At All

"No Luck at All is a western historical romance that takes place in Colorado Territory in 1874.  Although it’s the third book in the Weston Family Series, this captivating story can be read as a stand-alone.  It stars Creel Weston, a doctor and the youngest of three brothers of a wealthy rancher, and Racine, the woman he marries in Boston and takes home to Wooded Acres to live among his family.   Both Creel and Racy have carried scars since childhood.  His are emotional due to his mother’s abandonment of the family.   Hers are physical, having been attacked by a dog as a young girl.

Author Julie Lence has penned a gripping story of two characters who start off misunderstanding each other’s intentions, but slowly learn to trust and love.  Those misunderstandings are the catalyst for more than one conflict, but in the end, both hero and heroine grow and learn from their experiences.

A variety of secondary characters, including Creel’s big brothers, sisters-in-law and niece, ranch cowboys, and a saucy temptress play essential roles in keeping the juicy and fast-paced plot exciting.  The descriptions of the town of Coyote, Wooded Acres, and Creel and Racy’s home jump off the page, allowing this reader to feel the sun on her skin, taste the dust in her mouth, and hear the soft nickers of horses in her ears.  The author’s flowing writing style and attention to detail allows the reader to feel she or he is right in the thick of the action.

I have read all three of the Weston books and can highly recommend them all.  No Luck at All will draw you in from the first page and keep you turning the pages until the satisfying conclusion.  Good job, Ms. Lence!" -- Stacey Coverstone, Author of Western Romance

"I just finished reading, No Luck At All, by Julie Lence.  This is the third book in the Weston Family Series and was outstanding.  It definitely kept my interest.  No Luck At All has everything from blackmail to dishonesty to a bit of humor, and Creel and Racine are very believable in their quest to find true love.  Even though this story takes place in 1800's Colorado Territory, the plot deals with issues people of today's world can relate to.

I admired how Ms. Lence brought back all of the characters from the first two books. She did this in a way where the reader isn't required to read Luck of the Draw and Lady Luck to know who the secondary characters are and how they relate to this story. Though, I highly recommend you read Luck of the Draw and Lady Luck, as well. 

Ms. Lence definitely knows how to write em’.  Her descriptions are so vivid they make you feel like you’re a part of the story.  Keep the books coming, Ms. Lence. I can't wait to read what you write next." -- Saundra Krause, Avid reader of Western Historical Romance


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About Julie Lence

I grew up in an average-size city in upstate New York. All through school I enjoyed writing as long as I could choose the topic. I even tried to write a novel length story in middle school, but since I was young I didn't stick with it all that long.

I met my husband during the latter part of 12th grade and married him two years later. He had already enlisted in the Air Force and I enjoyed accompanying him on his twenty years of service. By marrying young and entering the work force full-time, the writing bug didn't bite me again until the early 90's when I read Double Standards by Judith McNaught. I was already hooked on the romance genre and the little critter of a muse dug his teeth in deep; having gained a wealth of inspiration from Ms. McNaught's heart-warming story.

No Luck At All is my third work to be published. It's also the third book in the series about the Weston brothers. Someone once told me to either write what I know or write what I love, which is what I've done with No Luck At All; combined my knowledge and respect for horses, cowboys and life in the 1800's.

Currently, I'm working on my next novel. I enjoy taking care of my family, reading and anything to do with the American West. I also enjoy meeting other fans of western historical romance genre, so if you've got time, say hello at www.unwound@falconbroadband.net


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An Interview with the Julie Lence
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Julie, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book, No Luck at All, is the third in your Weston Family series. Did you plan a series from the start or did the series develop while you were working on the first book?

JL: When I began writing Luck of the Draw, I knew that I wanted to write a series, three books, with each book featuring one of the Weston brothers as the hero. However, I didn't have a clue what would happen in each book. I wrote one at time, and as events unraveled and characters developed, I was able to outline some things in my mind that I wanted for Lady Luck and then No Luck At All. For No Luck At All, I knew Creel would be a doctor and that he'd marry Boston socialite Racine, but that was all I knew until I delved into Creel and Racine's lives.

HH: How do Luck of the Draw and Lady Luck kick off the series?

JL: Luck of the Draw is the first book in the series. The story mainly takes place on the Weston family ranch, so I had to develop not only Royce, the hero, but the rest of the family. Creel was easy in that he was a teenager in Luck of the Draw. His main goals were to best his older brothers and one day become a doctor. Lucas took a little more time, as I needed to figure out who he really was to turn him into the hero in Lady Luck. At this time, I knew Royce and Lucas would be deeply affected by what their ma had done to the family, and that carried in both books. But with Creel having been young at the time Ma's deception took place, I wanted him less affected by her in his own story but still have some emotional scars.       

HH: How does No Luck at All continue it?

JL: In Luck of the Draw, the Weston family is present. In Lady Luck, they are mentioned in conversation, but never on scene, with the exception of two ranch hands. For No Luck At All, I brought back the whole family, which worked to Racine's advantage. I had intended for No Luck At All to revolve mostly around Creel, but Racine took over and the Weston family, with their faults, arguments and teasing, was exactly what she needed to overcome her own heartbreaking childhood.  

HH: What do you like best about Racine and why will readers identify with her?

JL: Racine had a rotten childhood. Her mother hated her from the moment she was born and and so did her sisters. They treated her terribly. The only one who loved her was Papa. But that wasn't enough to keep Racine from shielding herself from people through her growing up years. Then she meets Creel, and for the first time she discovers true love from someone other than Papa. But misunderstandings abound between her and Creel that almost cause her to retreat back inside herself, until she thinks about what she really wants from life--Creel's love. She extends a peace offering to him. He declines, and that's when she discovers she has a voice and a say in her life, and the strength to fight for what she wants.

I think readers will warm to Racine's heartaches and how she finds it within herself to try and overcome them while carving out a place for herself within Creel's large family. She may be quiet and polite in the beginning, but she learns to fight for what she wants and takes charge of the home and husband who have become her heart.         

HH: What do you like best about Creel and why will readers love him?

JL: Readers will love Creel for one reason--he loves Racine deeply. Creel is the old cliché of falling in love at first sight. That's exactly what happened when he first met Racine, and through the course of courting her, she has become his life. There is nothing he wouldn't do for her, he's that devoted to her, even when misunderstandings keep driving a wedge between them.     

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

JL:I just released the first book in my new series on Amazon Kindle. Set in fictional Revolving Point, TX, Zanna's Outlaw features notorious outlaw Buck Grayson from Luck of the Draw and Lady Luck, and a cameo by Lucas and Royce Weston.

HH: What goals have you set for yourself at this point in your career?

JL: Back in October, my publisher closed due to health reasons. Before that happened, my goal was to keep writing for Asylett Press, turning out one book a year, because I write slow. Since the closing of Asylett, I gave much thought to my writing career and decided to go into self-publishing. It has been an experience releasing books onto Amazon's Kindle and getting No Luck At All into print format via Create Space. But the entire process has been worth the end result and I find I do like being in control of everything from start to finish.

My short-term goals are to release Zanna's Outlaw and Lydia's Gunslinger onto Amazon's Kindle and then in print format through Create Space. Afterward, I'm looking at putting all five books onto Smashwords before I go back to writing Debra's Bandit, the last book in the Revolving Point, TX series.  

HH: What sources of inspiration do you draw from for ideas?

JL: As a writer, I always want the next book to be better than the previous. My sources for keeping at it are my idols: Johanna Lindsey, Judith McNaught and Linda Lael Miller. I always become inspired after I read one of their books. As for sources for ideas, my Revolving Point, TX series was born from outlaw Buck Grayson. I had so much fun writing him in Luck of the Draw and Lady Luck that I had to give him his own story. To not would have broke my heart. Thus, Revolving Point, TX and outlaws for heroes was born.   

HH: What's the best book you read in 2011?

JL: The Help. I laughed. I cried. I cheered. I absolutely hated when it ended--I wanted the story to keep going, and going and going.

HH: What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

JL: Accomplishing my goals for the Revolving Point Series and enjoying time with my family. HH: Thank you!


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