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In the early 1800s the penal colony of Botany Bay was an unforgiving and harsh placeIsabella O'Shea is transported to New South Wales for wounding a member of the British aristocracy who raped her, so it is understandable that she loathes members of the upper class and the system that punished her; sentenced her to seven years transportationTiger Carstairs is rich, ambitious and English-so is it any wonder she is determined to hate her new masterTiger dreams of making a new life beyond the aptly named Blue Mountains, so called because of the perpetual haze of blue surrounding them

Mystic Mountains is a story of courage and persistence-traits that were essential for the settlers who carved out a new life in a raw land where suffering and heartbreak were commonplace.

Isabella and Tiger face tragedy and many hardships in their quest for a new life in this untamed land.

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Reviews for Mystic Mountains

It is always a pleasure to read a Tricia McGill novelHer characters come alive before your eyes and her ability as a wordsmith paints a picture you can seeI am already looking forward to another book from herMary Richmond-- five stars

Tricia McGill is an outstanding author who writes with passion and clarityI've read many of her books and loved every oneGinger Simpson "mizging" five stars

I really loved this book (previously published as Blue Haze but re-published as Mystic Mountains)It was like Pride and Prejudice...ooops, I mean Arrogance and Obstinacy, meets the Thorn Birds in 1818 AustraliaI love realistically flawed characters--perfect romance H/h's are such bores--and both of these were so realistically flawed, the way their life experiences from their past hard-scrabble youth carried over to lead to inappropriate and sometimes foolish judgments in their present was so well developed into the plot of this bookNow I shouldn't love it as much as I didThere were a few things in this book that I really hated, but I can't say without spoilers, that should have made me downgrade my rating--however, any book that keeps me up to 3:30 AM to finish, because I just can't put it down, definitely rates five-starsThis is also the kind of book that will make the next few books I read seem like they don't measure upJanet Orosz- five stars

I really enjoyed this bookThe writing flows, and the story is compellingThe protagonists in the story are, for the most part, newly-arrived convicts transported from England to New South Wales, Australia, in the early 1800sS Harrison four stars
The author explains a great deal about the early history of Australia without being pedanticThe historical details are very nicely integrated into the story, and are never are intrusiveThe author clearly did a lot of research, and the historical accuracy adds to the richness of the tale.

The author also points out how crucial New South Wales Governor Lachlan Macquarie was to the development of the democratic Australia that we know todayHe insisted on fully integrating convicts into society after their sentences had been fulfilled, thus preventing the creation of a stratified settler societyHis policies are crucial to this story, for it allowed former convicts to have dreams of someday owning their own land and having their own businesses.

Why four stars rather than five? Well, Tiger and Isabella were a bit too stubborn and childish a few too many times, in my estimationBut this is just my own opinion, and others may disagreeTheir actions did not ruin the book(I personally cannot stand the plot device of the silly "tragic misunderstanding" that could be cleared up with one short conversation, and thankfully the Hero and Heroine's misunderstandings did not fall into that category.) SHarrison four stars

Lots of twists and turns that keep you wanting to see the characters to the endYou wanted to say to the characters to get to the pointI really recommend this bookIt is about finding out what is important to youJonie Kirchis five stars


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About Tricia McGill

Award winning author Tricia McGill was born in London, England, and moved to Australia many years ago, settling near MelbourneHorses and dogs feature largely in her booksShe’s had a succession of dogs in her lifetime and a few horses along the way

The youngest in a large, loving family she was never lonely or aloneSurrounded by avid readers, who encouraged her to read from an early age, is it any wonder she became a writer? The local library was a treasure trove and magical world of discovery through her childhood and growing yearsTricia is a dreamer who still dreams every night; snippets from those dreams have translated into ideas for her books

Although her published works cross sub-genres, romance is always at their heartTricia finds the research entailed in writing historicals and her other great passion, time-travels, fascinating.




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An Interview with Tricia McGill
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Tricia, thank you so much for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Mystic Mountains. What can you tell us about this emotionally-charged historical romance?

TM: Thank you for having me at TRS once again. Mystic Mountains was previously published as Blue Haze, and incidentally was my first published book. Hopefully it has blossomed and is now a much better read. Set in and around the settlement that was to become Sydney, it tells of the journey of a convict (Bella) who was transported for the crime of trying to unman an aristocrat whose intention was to rape her. Consequentially, when she is assigned to an Englishman she believes to be of the upper class she hates him on sight. Mystic Mountains tells of their struggles in this new land and the obstacles they must overcome to try and make a life for themselves in this raw fledgling territory.

HH: What do you like best about Isabella and why will readers identify with her?

TM: Isabella or Bella as she likes to be called is a product of difficult times in the formative days when Australia was being settled by convicts and free settlers alike. Transported for attacking a member of the aristocracy in England she is therefore a wounded soul, scared to give her heart to another. Despite this she defiantly clings to her pride, refusing to be crushed by her circumstances.

HH: What do you like best about Tiger and why will readers love him?

TM: If the readers like him as much as I do then it should be because despite him being slightly arrogant and stubborn he has a gentle nature hidden behind the shield he shows the world. During the course of the story he must battle his own demons while struggling to make a life for the people in his care he considers to be his “family”. He will stop at nothing to protect his loved ones.

HH: What sort of research was required to bring this story to life?

TM: An enormous amount. Because the story begins in 1818 it took many hours of scanning books on early Australian settlers, laws, government, Governors, convicts, army etc. I just checked and have 150 typed up pages of notes and that was just the start. When I began this book I was a novice on the internet and a lot of my research took place at the library. I visited the State Library while up in Sydney(where the story is set) to find out such things as the ticket of leave that was handed out to convicts after or sometimes before their full sentence was served(anything from 7 years to life) and delved through the archives for maps, plans, shipping, etc. The main protagonist’s journey across the Blue Mountains west of Sydney in search of a better life and fresh pastures for the sheep Tiger breeds alone took a lot of research. Most of the facts about this treacherous journey came from letters written home to England by women who accompanied their husbands in search of a better life. Not only did they suffer the horrendous sea voyage, but then were dragged through unimaginable terrain inland.

HH: What do you think will most appeal to readers about this story this holiday season?

TM: I think readers will enjoy the scene where Tiger and Isabella attend the Governor’s Christmas ball. This would be Bella’s first Christmas in a land where the seasons are reversed. I know exactly how she felt as it took me years to get used to the holiday season without cold winds and a threat of snow (I was born in London) The vast array of greenery -- so different to any seen in England in winter decked the hall with wall hangings depicting winter scenes to remind them of Christmases in their colder homeland.

HH: How do you feel your own personal experiences influence your writing?

TM: It’s natural that events that happen in our lives must influence our writing to some extent. In the case of Mystic Mountains though I doubt personal experience came into it. I sailed to Australia from England on a luxury liner and the journey took 4 weeks. I settled outside Melbourne, a thriving city, and have had a comfortable, secure life. So there’s no comparison. As for my characters -- that’s a different matter. They are purely make-believe and the only ones who are ever influenced by my personal experience would be my heroes who when I look at it are all based loosely on my father -- a gentleman in every sense of the word. I find it almost impossible to write a hero who hasn’t got a huge streak of kindness and compassion in him, while possessing a strong character.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

TM: I’m currently working on a re-write of another previously published book of mine, now titled Remnants of Dreams. This one is set in London and moves through the years and two world wars from 1914 to the 70s. It tells of a large family and their trials and struggles through poverty. It is loosely based on my mother’s life in that the main character has 10 children as our mother did. Being the youngest I have listened all my life to stories passed down by the older siblings and these formed a picture for me of what life was like for a large family with little in the way of luxury, but love in abundance.

HH: What are you reading at the moment?

TM: I’ve just finished and thoroughly enjoyed a historical set in Australia written by Margaret Tanner, a fellow Aussie author. Frontier Belle is set in my home state of Victoria in the 1700s. I mostly read what I enjoy writing -- which is romance of course -- but do stray in between to Terry Pratchett’s books. His writing contains such humour, skill and pure magic that I find myself coming back to his books even though they barely have a sprinkling of romance in them.

HH: What do you like best about this time of year?

TM: The holiday season is bitter sweet for me as being from an extremely large family where our Christmases were a boisterous and busy time, compared to present day where our numbers have dwindled I mostly dwell on memories. Christmas is for children and to see the pleasure in their eyes brings great joy. I only wish it weren’t so commercialised. We gained such pleasure from the simplest of gifts.

HH: Where can readers find you online?

TM: Mystic Mountains is available in Kindle here:
My web page is:
My blog:
My Facebook author page:

HH: Thank you!


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