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Eve Fawkner had no intention of following in her father's footsteps. But when the thugs harassing him to repay his gambling debts threaten her young daughter, Eve is forced to assume the role of London's most notorious cat burglar, The Shadow. The plan is simple: pull off a couple of heists, pay back the goons and go into permanent retirement. But things get messy during her first job when Eve witnesses a murder, stumbles across a clue that sheds some light on her past and, worst of all, falls for a cop.

Inspector Kahu Williams would be the perfect man, if Eve were looking, and if there wasn't the little matter of their career conflict. The man is seriously hot—and hot on the trail of a murderer. A trail that keeps leading him back to Eve...

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About Shelley Munro

Shelley lives in New Zealand with her husband and writes for Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing.

Typical New Zealanders, Shelley and her husband left home for their big OE soon after they married (translation of New Zealand speak – big overseas experience). A year long adventure lengthened to six years of roaming the world. Enduring memories include being almost sat on by a mountain gorilla in Rwanda, lazing on white sandy beaches in India, whale watching in Alaska, searching for leprechauns in Ireland, and dealing with ghosts in an English pub.

While travel is still a big attraction, these days Shelley is most likely found in front of her computer following another love – that of writing stories of romance and adventure. Other interests include watching rugby and rugby league (strictly for research purposes), and curling up with a good book. You can visit Shelley at


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An Interview with the Shelley Munro
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Shelley, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is In the Cat Burglar in Training and it’s the emotionally charged story of a woman placed in a bad situation to protect herself and her family. How did the idea for this story come to you?

SM: Thanks for having me to visit again! When I was a teenager I used to watch old movies, and one of my favorites was To Catch a Thief starring Carey Grant and Grace Kelly. After watching this movie, I wanted more, but I couldn’t find many books featuring cat burglars, and especially not ones that contained romance. I did come across books by Nora Roberts, Tess Gerritsen and Suzanne Enoch and enjoyed their stories, but I wanted more. Fast forward a few years, and I started writing my own stories. It seemed natural to write a book to fix the cat burglar deficit, and Cat Burglar in Training was born.

HH: What can you tell us about Eve and why will readers relate to her?

SM: Eve cares deeply for her family, and she’ll do anything for them—even break the law. It’s this loyalty, combined with her sense of humor and deft handling of her father and his elderly friends that makes Eve the sort of person anyone would like as a friend. She’s also a wonderful mother and loves her daughter, despite the circumstances of her conception. Eve is loyal and funny and determined, which I think will make readers sympathize with her plight and really cheer for her.

HH:What do you like best about Kahu and why will readers love him?

SM: Kahu is a cop with an accent. There’s nothing sexier than a hero with an accent! Kahu is from New Zealand, he’s quick and intelligent and the perfect match for Eve. If only they weren’t on different sides of the law! I think readers will fall in love with his charm and the accent doesn’t hurt.

HH: How did you go about creating the world their story takes place in?

SM: My husband and I lived in London for six years, so the setting part was fairly easy. Eve’s father is a viscount and that meant an English setting was necessary to make the story succeed. I don’t plot as a rule. I usually have a vague idea of what might happen during the course of a story and make up things as I go along. Somehow everything works out in the end.  

HH: Will reader see any related stories to this one? <g>

SM: Not this year since I’m working on other ongoing series I have underway, but I am percolating an idea in the back of my mind—a follow up story with the same characters.    

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

SM: This year I hope to finish a related story to my contemporary, The Bottom Line and another for my sci-fi/paranormal House of the Cat. I also hope to finish another story set in the same contemporary world as Fancy Free. Actually, my head is stuffed full of ideas and projects to follow up on this year. I don’t know where I’ll find the time to get everything done.

HH:What goals have you set for yourself at this point in your career?

SM: To be honest I haven’t set any goals this year. I want to continue writing at my own pace and enjoy the process. If I can do that I’ll be happy.

HH:What sources of inspiration do you draw from for ideas?

SM: Later this year I’m going on holiday for a month in Europe. Our trip is bound to inspire some story ideas. I read lots of books and magazines, watch TV and movies and explore the Internet. I listen to the radio. All of these things give me heaps of inspiration and ideas for new books. Ideas are everywhere, and the good thing is that they don’t cost a thing. Often I’ll take ideas from several sources, twist them together and hopefully come up with something that is unique.

HH: What's your favorite book so far in 2012?

SM: I’ve read some wonderful books this year. Let’s see…I’ve been on a mystery kick recently. Two of the books I’ve enjoyed recently are Darynda Jones’ Third Grave Dead Ahead and the first book in Casey Daniels’ Pepper Martin series, Don of the Dead. Currently I’m reading Cinder, a YA futuristic by Marissa Meyer. This book is definitely unique, even though it is based on the fairy tale, Cinderella.

HH: What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

SM: Easy! The cruise I’m taking through the Mediterranean with my husband later in the year. It will be good to take a break and recharge the batteries. We’re both looking forward to revisiting places like Rome, Venice, Athens and Istanbul and also exploring places such as Pompeii that we’ve wanted to visit for years.

HH: Thank you!


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