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Stormy is abducted and Transformed by the magnificent blue eyed Sphinx leader, Michael. Secretly he Joins with her to save her and must deal with the desire and needs which manifest. Michael and Stormy’s undeniable attraction to each other will make them powerful as they join as one force to battle the evil Wraith.

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Reviews for Sphinx Resurrected

“Sphinx Resurrected... a new romantic twist to the realm of the paranormal. World building is extraordinary, pulls you in... and won’t let you go.” -- Historical Romance Author MZiegler/Goodreads

“The world building is exquisite and will leave the reader craving for more.” -- Paranormal Mystery

“The concept sounds intriguing... intrigue keeps the story moving. Sexual tension between Michael and Stormy is well done.” -- RT Blood Reviews

“This is an excellent book, lots of twists and turns to keep you interested, can't wait for the next book in the series.” -- Diesel-eBooks

“I liked [Sphinx Resurrected]... pulled me away from other books I was reading.” -- Marissa’s Reviews

“Just finished reading Sphinx Resurrected! Loved it... definitely looking forward to book 2!” -- Amanda’s Alaskan Reviews


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About Christine Murphy

Introducing Christine Murphy, romance author and creator of the Sphinx Warriors Series and the Midnight Rider’s Series. Paranormal is her favorite genre but she enjoys futuristic and other areas as well. She is a member of the Romance Writer’s of America (RWA) and the Tampa Area Romance Authors (TARA) and also a Charter Sponsor of the upcoming Reader’s Rock E-Magazine.

Sphinx Resurrected is the first of her books and is already available with six following books of the Sphinx Warriors Series starting the beginning of 2014 through Red Sage Publishing. Additional books in development are The Source and The Angels of The Guardians Series.

Christine Murphy wanted to create a unique story unlike the usual vampires, demons, angels, shape changers, and other paranormal story lines. What she accomplished was a distinctive world with powerful characters, scenic civilizations, intense conflicts, and the all-important love and passion by reaching back into the Egyptian world and its artifacts. Today there is great mystery and intrigue over how the Egyptian civilization came to be, the influences that drove them, and the fall of their civilization. All of this and more she used in the creation of the Sphinx World, the characters, and the motivations and passions that drive them.

More About The Author

A careerist in clinical laboratory, a wife, and mother, Christine Murphy has tackled the exciting world of the paranormal romance author. An avid romance enthusiast overall, she has long enjoyed delving into new worlds and characters through her imagination and has read hundreds of books through the years. Having had quite the imagination since childhood, she decided to put all that creativity down on paper and share it with the world.

"Traveling throughout the United States and locations throughout the world, I finally found the perfect place to call home. Looking out my back lanai, there is a small pond where the wild-life will gather and the flowers bloom in exotic pinks and purples. This is my place of peace and freedom that I have searched for and where my husband and crazy African Gray Parrot, Raider, hang out with me. It’s the place where my creativity runs wild as I spin tales of adventure and passion. I have been writing in my head since I was a teenager and I finally realized I needed to capture these unique characters, civilizations, conflict, passion, and love in writing. To capture the strong, spirited, and powerfully attracted characters and all of their adventures and share it with others who are searching for that very thing to make their lives more exciting. If I accomplish nothing else in life, I hope to share the romantically magical worlds and the lovers that I see with all of the passionate readers out there."

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New series late starting in end of 2013/beginning 2014 -- Road To Redemption -- Book of the Midnight Rider’s Series


An Interview with Christine Murphy
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Christine, thank you for talking with us at TRS. You featured story is Sphinx Resurrected. Where did you get the idea for this amazing, sizzling romance?

CM: For this book I wanted something different than the usual vampire, werewolf, and other paranormal romance that is out there. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love these paranormal novels and read them by the dozens myself but wanted to try something new. My ideas usually come to me while I am running and listening to music and for this book I envisioned doing something unique that had a flavor from the ancient past. I had a rough idea that I wanted to do something Egyptian and so hit the computer and began scanning the different sites. Happening across the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, the idea locked in and I began to create the characters, the Complex 46 where they live, work, and battle, and the social structures and beliefs that have been handed down from generation to generation. In the first book, Sphinx Resurrected, in order to tie the Sphinx world into the human world I made the Complex a genetics research facility as viewed by humans. If you hadn’t noticed the Complex is named Complex 46 and I took the number from the fact there are 46 chromosomes in humans -- 23 pairs. Using all of the intriguing pieces and parts, the Sphinx Warriors and their life was born.

HH:What do you like about Stormy and why will readers identify with her?

CM: The thing I love about Stormy, and readers will identify with, is that by some aspect she has the same issues I do. She’s an ordinary person working at a fairly ordinary job and has ordinary friends but wants more in life. Still searching for that special someone, she reads her romance books hoping one day to connect with a love that will elevate her out of the existence which is completely driving her insane. The next thing you know she is swept up into a series of events which dangerously pulls her in to the things she wanted most. Talk about being careful what you wish for. Newly transformed into a Sphinx herself and with an ability to save the Sphinx Warriors, Stormy dives into her new life and accepts the challenge head on. The other part of her personality I enjoyed was even though the Sphinx leader Michael felt he had forced his life on her and didn’t think he was truly worthy to be her one true love, Stormy never gave up and was determined to have him as hers. Doesn’t everyone want to be the heroine who in the end gets to keep the handsome hero?

HH: What do you like about Michael and why will readers love him?

CM: I absolutely love the Sphinx Warriors and their ability to protect and love completely -- when they allow themselves to anyway and they are not being hard headed. Michael, as leader is just the same as the other Warriors. I loved him because it genuinely killed him to have to bring Stormy into his world and he gave up any chance of bonding with another woman when he Joined with Stormy in order to save her from a Transformation which almost killed her. As with quite a few men, he loved Stormy as soon as he met her but internally struggled with his emotions and the feeling he was forcing his presence on her. Still he continued to support her, guide her, and protect her as she integrated into his world.  His passion and need of her was intense and I just knew in the end he would get past all of his hang-ups and claim her as his. Every reader would love to have a hunky guy with intense gorgeous eyes claim them. I know I sure would.

HH: How did you bring the setting so vividly to life in this story and what sort of research did you do?

CM: In order to capture the Egyptian style and surroundings I did a lot of research on line. One thing I use in my writing is images so that I can capture the textures, the colors, the shine of gold or silver as it glistens or sparkles in the light or the softness of a piece of silk as it caresses the skin. Sometimes I will just look at the screen of my laptop. I have two. One I write on, the other I stream music to and pull up images of the Pyramids, the Great Sphinx, Egyptian clothes and decorative items. Other times I may print out several pictures and spread them out on the center island in my kitchen to look at as I write. My favorite spot to do this in is my kitchen because the large center island is perfect to set up shop and write to my heart’s content.

HH: What do you think readers will enjoy most about this romance?

CM: Readers will enjoy this romance because I try and put settings and plot together to keep the book moving forward. I mix enough of the romance, intrigue, danger, enemies, heroes, battle scenes, and physical interaction to submerge the reader to the point they feel like they are a part of the story. Sometimes the results of a particular subplot is obvious to the reader and it will keep them on the edge of their seat rooting for the Warriors so they can find a way to defeat the enemy. Sometimes I use teasers to reveal just enough for the following books in the series so that readers will crave knowing what happens to this person or how that particular string of events will eventually evolve.  Overall, readers should enjoy the many aspects as the characters grow and mature and the plot draws them in. So… be drawn in to the world of the Sphinx Warriors and dare to enter their domain.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

CM: Well, this year has been extremely busy as I have been writing furiously to complete the Sphinx Warriors Series. Beginning of next year, Red Sage Publishing will be releasing the rest of the seven book series. After the awesome and successful debut of the Sphinx Warriors with Sphinx Resurrected this year the following books will be steaming up the ebook shelves to continue the saga of the rest of the Sphinx Warriors and the women that support them and give them their incredible strength. Coming soon will be -- Sphinx United, Sphinx Transformed, Sphinx Imagined, Sphinx Awakened, Sphinx Tempted, and Sphinx Revealed. The covers can be seen on Red Sage Publishing if you look for the individual book or look in their upcoming releases to see them. I must say they are hot. Also, I have started work on the next series of my imagination -- The Midnight Riders Series. The first book - Road To Redemption - is in the works and stars ancient men who have protected humans for centuries and now in present time ride motorcycles with the same mission -- and still trying to redeem themselves for sins they committed in the ancient past. They have a strong desire for their destined woman and her blood while trying to protect them from demons who want to take their spirit-heart. Not that I’m busy enough, I’ve also started the beginning of a single novel -- The Source - which took my imagination by storm so I had no choice but to at least get the prolog and the first chapter down. It was burning up my brain. If you want to know more about these books you can visit my website, blog, and the Virtual EBook Fair which is held every Friday through Sunday right now and hosted by author Tammie Clark Gibbs.

HH: What would most like to accomplish in your writing career this year?

CM: My biggest projects are to complete the manuscripts for the Sphinx Warriors Series, get at least the first book of the Midnight Riders series picked up and would love to have it published by December of this year, and complete The Source manuscript. I would love to self-publish at least one book, maybe The Source, to just say I have done it and see how the process works. I love to learn new things and to keep myself diversified. Kind of like investments. High expectations, but you got to have goals even if you don’t reach them, I suppose. Another aspect I am working on is improving my social networking advertising skills including tweeting, blogging, facebooking, and all that exciting stuff which is ongoing practice and never ends. I would love to have time to write a couple of short stories too, but since I have to actually work a full time job too I don’t see that happening. Who knows, though, perhaps if I get time for a vacation I can fill part of the time doing that.

HH: What hobbies or interests do you have outside of your writing?

CM: In my free time -- yeah, okay -- I do have some hobbies and interests I like to do. I love to read but really haven’t had time for that as of late so right now I just collect books, both hard copy and electronic for when I feel I can slow down a bit. Besides romance novels, I like to run, listen to music (Theory of A Deadman, Nickleback, Daughtery are my top listen to groups), and take long walks with my African grey parrot. He is a hoot and will even ask to go on a walk-walk and so I load him up into his birdie back-pack and away we go. He is a conversation piece when I am out and about with him and he is a bit eccentric like me. When I am not entertaining at home, I go to the beach and hang out there. I live in sunny Florida so have plenty of beach and ocean to visit and enjoy the view. I people watch, especially the gorgeous hunks who give me ideas for my books. When I’m not on the beach, I may be out riding my Harley. I own a black Sportster Ultra-Low 883 and occasionally hook up with a group of riders and go to such events like the Biketoberfest.

HH: What's your favorite way to interact with readers?

CM: Hmm. Favorite quotes. There are so many to choose from, “I’ll be back.” “Make my day.” “Do you feel lucky punk?” Yeah, I grew up in the years of Arnold and Clint Eastwood, so most of my favorite quotes come from action movies. My personal favorite is one I made up -- “Keep the love alive.” You just have to tell yourself that no matter what happens in your life to take a step back, enjoy the roses, and grab your significant other, give them a hug and kiss and just keep the love going in your life. Otherwise, the real world will just drive you crazy. Fantasize a little bit and read a really hot book. Another awesome quote which I just picked up is from the movie -- “Hansel and Gretel -- Witch Hunter’s” as Hansel says towards the end -- “Whatever you do, don’t eat the f... candy.”

HH: What's your favorite social media and how to use it to let readers know about your books?

CM: My favorite social media are between Twitter, Blogs, and Facebook. I try and combine all three and tend to shoot out new information on Wednesdays and Friday through Sunday. The weekends seem to be growing since I participate in the Facebook event “Virtual EBook Fair” now. I also enjoy the aspect of signing up for Blog Hops which pull in quite a bit of viewing and comments. I’ve just learned how to set up RSS and feeders on my blog and how to follow others as this is still a learning process for me but am slowly getting better all the time. Right now, I use Wordpress but would also like to set up a blog site using Blogger. My main blog I use for discussing my books and other items of interest. If I set up another one, I would like to share it to advertise with others so I can help the word get out about other great authors works as well.

Thanks for letting me share my creative inner mind with you and to discover more feel free to visit me at:

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