Nya Rawlyns

Two strong-willed young women find success and joy with their equine partners. But when it comes to matters of the heart, one woman must learn to give in and trust while the other discovers how far she can go when she takes control.

Hannah Reich fulfills a dream; and on her first dressage horse on the first day of the rest of her life, the new German ex-Olympic trainer— tall, blond and very stern Hans Wilhelm—sets her mane and tail on fire. Hans has a complication that arrives unannounced and that complication threatens to destroy all they've worked to build. A clash of wills, a riding crop…what he has to teach her will surprise them both.

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For Jessica Berns her mutual attraction with Andy O'Hearn seems destined for the scrap heap until one finally takes the leap that brings them together. But sometimes courage is not enough and sacrifices must be made when family and duty interfere. But how much is too much when a heart's desire is the one thing that stands in the way of another's happiness?

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About Nya Rawlyns

As an equestrienne, Nya's world revolves around horses and the people who inhabit that unique landscape. Quirky, strong, dynamic, confident, passionate -- women who love horses, and the men who love them, provide an amazing template for stories that run the gamut from extreme joy to utter despair, and every emotion in between. As a writer she draws inspiration and creative energy from being in the presence of a creature whose eye has the ‘look of eagles'.

In addition to Hunter's Crossing, Nya's works include the light romantic comedy, Sculpting David (Red Sage), the dark urban fantasy, Acid Jazz Singer (PfoxChase), and she has edited a collection of erotica, Dancing in the Dark: An Anthology of Erotica (PfoxChase). She is currently working on a historical paranormal, The Shadow of This World.


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An Interview with Nya Rawlyns
By Megan Garbe for The Romance Studio

MG: Nya, thank you for talking with us at TRS! Your featured book is Hunter's Crossing and it's actually two romantic stories. First, where did you get the idea for each story?

NR: First off: thank you so much for inviting me!

Back in another life I had a boarding stable/training facility for dressage and eventing. My students and boarders have provided me with endless stories about learning life's lessons from the back of a horse, including matters of the heart. Equestriennes are an amazing group who live and love large, with an infinite capacity for caring … and a delightful bent for the irreverent and downright naughty.

Hannah's story grew from a, um, sort of <oh dear> biographical 'encounter' when I studied with a German dressage instructor. You know—the kind of memory that keeps you warm on a cold winter's eve. And do not ask about the saddle…

Jess' story is an amalgam from when my interest switched to distance riding. I wanted to explore a May-December relationship and the kinds of complications that arise when family needs take center stage, but with an intense romantic twist.

MG: How are your heroines alike? Why will the reader relate to each one?

NR: Both Hannah and Jess are strong-willed young women, assertive and devoted to their equine companions.
When Hannah prepares to fulfill a dream, on her first dressage horse on the first day of the rest of her life, the new German ex-Olympic trainer— tall, blond and very stern Hans Wilhelm—sets her mane and tail on fire. The chemistry between them is explosive, but so is their mutual dedication to the sport. And just when things look promising? Well, Hans has a complication that arrives unannounced and that complication threatens to destroy all they’ve worked to build. In the end a clash of wills, a riding crop…what he has to teach her will surprise them both. Hannah's story is about trust, in oneself, in looking beyond the obstacles and realizing what's important in life.

Jess is a go-to kind of gal but with a tendency to overanalyze that sometimes interferes with her seeing a way forward. She's been eyeing Andy, the farmer who delivers hay, for over three years. Andy can barely string two sentences together around her, let alone get past his blushing. She invites him to her bungalow for dinner, determined to break the ice. Andy had worried that their age difference might be a problem; Jessica proves to him that he has what it takes to keep up with a hot shot rider. She discovers Andy is a fellow equestrian, doing endurance racing with his string of Arabians. To her surprise, Andy has a son her age, just out of the military. Jack and Jessica hit it off so well that Andy backs off, willing to sacrifice his feelings. But how much is too much when a heart’s desire stands in the way of another’s happiness? Jess' story is about courage in the face of family and duty when a mutual attraction threatens to end up in the scrap heap.

MG: What do you like best about your heroes and why will readers love them?

NR: As I mentioned, Hans is a bit like a dressage instructor I had <blushes, fans face frantically>. What I adore about this character are the incredibly difficult choices he's had to make and the courage it took to start over in a new country. He is also conflicted and still subject to intense pressure from previous relationships that hold him hostage with velvet ropes. He is a stern-countenanced man whose heart burns with a passion few will ever see. Hans has layers upon layers of complexity … and he can do things with a riding crop that will have you running to the fridge for ice cubes.

Andy is a widower and has dedicated his life to farming and raising his son. He calls himself a simple man but he far from that. He cares deeply about family, so much so he feels it necessary to set aside his own needs and desires in the face of what appears to be a developing relationship between Jess and his son. Life has the audacity to throw a few curve balls and what Andy learns will change everything.

For both men the journey is about discovering the inner strength to deal with the vagaries of the heart, and about learning that starting over is not for the weak of spirit.

MG: You're an equestrienne yourself. How did you weave that into your stories?

NR: I live horses, breath horses, every single day. My main joy in life is my relationship with Miss Winnie. It started out inauspiciously but we grew to respect each other. She is the bane of my existence – naughty, assertive, determined – and I've been invited to join her on her adventures (or should I say 'mis-adventures') whether I want to or not. It's not uncommon for my son to find us engaged, 'hands on ample hips', in a test of wills. Yet she follows me around like a puppy dog with her head on my shoulder… OK, see what I mean? I can't string two sentences together without a horse sashaying through.

MG: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

NR:Ah, my next project is The Shadow of This World, a historical paranormal romance. Set in 1515 Venice, it tells the story of three de' Medici brothers with uncommon gifts whose lives intertwine with a woman and a cleric, operatives sent from the future to stay a looming apocalypse that threatens both worlds. Against a backdrop of politics and internecine war, shifting loyalties and matters of the heart, acts of desperation will change history and the roles each will play.

MG: What draws today's readers to the romance genre in your opinion?

NR:Escapism, entertainment, a sense of belonging and acceptance so important to women of all ages, the struggles, a coming-of-age and empowerment, fantasies (of all types). Too much of 'women's concerns' are belittled by society, relegated to second place status, inconsequential. Romance novels say bollocks to that and allow women to explore their essential, sensual natures in a welcoming environment.

MG: What's a day in the life of Nya Rawlyns like?

NR:An early riser by nature, I still allow my son the joy of heading into the dim light of early dawn to handle 'morning stables' while I brew the essential pot of coffee and settle in for email catch-up and a bit of FB shenanigans. Then it's time to write or edit – I'm that odd bird that likes both ends of the process. Late afternoons I spend doing the inevitable stuff around the house and setting up for evening feedings. However, if the words are running, all bets are off.

MG: What are you reading at the moment?

NR:I'm doing what I love when I find a new author: Nalini Singh and the Archangel series, reading one after the other. There's really no better way to fall into a 'Verse than with total immersion.

MG: What is one of your all-time favorite books?

NR:I've read so many that I love that it's genuinely difficult to pick just one. If I go by one I've re-read more times than I can count, then I'd have to say The Thorn Birds by Colleen McCollough. It is so intensely sensual, so epic in scope, so tragic that it draws me in time after time.

MG: Any goals you've set for yourself this year?

NR:My muse, Rowan, has been pestering me to write a shifter/romance series tentatively titled Wind River Hunters. It will start with a displaced alpha, Cade, who is nursed back to health by a Shoshone shaman and his attempt to offer refuge to similar cast-outs. Rowan's my bad boy and I like to keep him happy. It's no hardship … really.

MG: Thank you!


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