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Alicia's always known she's different--that she can recognize the mischievous fae when they show up to "play" with the humans. Only now she's faced with one highly annoyed dark fae and she's certain he knows the truth about her. She can see him, which means her life is forfeit.

Add to that, his sister arrives, who wants to play, too. And their mother, the queen of the Denkar, will want Alicia's head, once she learns what Alicia can do.

And all because Alicia was attempting to rescue her friend, Cassie, on their beach excursion at South Padre Island, from the wicked fae. Now, Alicia has really gone and done it--and she's thinking she should have let the fae have his fun. Her friend's broken heart would be a lot easier to deal with, than Alicia losing her life.

But it is too late for regrets. As soon as she threw the soda at the dark fae's chest, she had declared war on the fae. And he is happy to take up the challenge.

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Reviews for The Dark Fae

"I truly enjoyed the world of faeries that Ms. Spear created in The Dark Fae. The world building was well done, the character's strong and the story kept me coming back for more." ~~ Carol Burnside, RomWriter

"The Dark Fae was a quick and fun story. I loved the interaction between Deveron, Alicia, and Ritasia (Deveron's sister). They were quirky, quick-witted, and exciting." ~~ Better Read than Dead Reviews

"Fast read highly recommend it!" ~~ Regina May

"The Dark Fae was not at all what I expected but in a good way. The twists and turns with Alicia & Deveron's characters were very enteraining. I love to read about the Mischevious Fae and I look forward to reading more from Ms Spear!!! I highly recommend giving this one a try." ~~ LadyVamp

"It was fast paced with some great characters, making it hard to put down." ~~ KrisES


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About Terry Spear

Award-winning author of urban fantasy and medieval historical romantic suspense, HEART OF THE WOLF named in Publishers Weekly's BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR, NOR Reader Choice for BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE.

Terry Spear also writes true stories for adult and young adult audiences. She's a retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves and has an MBA from Monmouth University and a Bachelors in Business and Distinguished Military Graduate of West Texas A & M. She also creates award-winning teddy bears, Wilde & Woolly Bears, to include personalized bears designed to commemorate authors' books. When she's not writing or making bears, she's teaching online writing courses.


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Dragon Fae, Book 5, coming December 2012


An Interview with Terry Spear
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Terry, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is the first in your World of Fae series. First, what you can tell us about this magical, young adult series?

TS: First, I think it's important to explain that all the problems we have, well, not ALL the problems, but some of them can be directly attributable to the fae. Have you ever stumbled over your own feet when nothing could have made you do it? Ever lost stuff that you swear was in a totally different location? Ever had parts of your body fall asleep when the rest of you is wide awake? So I thought it was important to tell the world the truth. The fae did it. Unless you're a fae seer, or one of the fae, you don't ever see them unless they want you to. And they're born tricksters, living in their own parallel world, but visiting ours to wreak havoc for their own idle amusement.The fae have existed in folklore and mythology for an eternity. For those unfortunates that they target in the human world, they can learn how impish and annoying the fae can be, although whoever would know it wasn't through their own folly but the mischievous fae that made them do it?

HH: How does The Dark Fae kick off the series?

TS: In the beginning, Alicia has a mission, enjoy her vacation with her friend, Cassie, at the beaches in South Padre Island, when a dark fae targets Cassie for some mischief. Alicia is determined to defend her before the fae breaks her heart. Only the dark fae realizes Alicia sees what he is--a dark fae, and believes she's a fae seer. In the past, fae kill fae seers. No one is to know that the fae truly exist. But something's not right with the fae seer, and Deveron makes it his mission to learn what is different about her and protect her.

HH: What can you tell us about the rest of the books in the series?

TS: Due to the popularity of The Dark Fae, and requests for more, I've written: The Deadly Fae, The Winged Fae, and The Ancient Fae, all stand alone titles that involve the same world but different aspects and different fae kingdoms. I write them as stand-alone titles because I constantly pick up books to read in a series and realize I have to read 2-3 books before this, and don't have the time, or the books to do so. I try to make it so that readers can read them out of order and don't lose too much by doing so.In The Deadly Fae, Lady Sessily is a fae assassin, but wants to retire from the job. The guild master won't let her and continues to send her jobs. She's ready to put HIM on her hit list next. She's already turned down several jobs, but along comes a fae lord who won't take no for an answer and he seems just as deadly as the guild master she's working for. Then The Winged Fae is about a fae who is seeing a dragon fae on the sly, but her mother is hooking her up with a dark fae she's not interested in. When she tries to leave a message for the dark fae, showing just what she thinks of the idea, another catches her at it...and then everything rapidly spirals downhill from there. The Ancient Fae is about Deveron's sister, Ritasia, who usually is getting him or their cousins out of trouble, but this time she's gotten herself into a real mess--crossing the line into the unseelie world of fae, all because of one little artifact and a fae lord from the other side of the world who decides she's just the kind of queen he needs by his side.  

HH: How did you go about creating the world their story takes place in?

TS: I started with the assumption that the fae have their own world in another plane of existence, and then visit ours, to liven up their lives a bit. I love visiting South Padre Island, and I thought, what if two human girls had saved up their money from working at odd jobs to take their very own vacation at the beach? All the guys are hitting on Cassie, but when Alicia goes to get them sodas at the drink stand, she sees a teen heading straight for Cassie that isn't a normal guy. He's a dark fae, and she's determined to stop him from hurting her friend. The problem with the fae is that they don't get angry (well, sometimes they do), but they get even. So when she tosses the sodas at his bare chest, she's made an enemy. Or.. .maybe. Humans don't challenge the fae. Not without consequences. And Deveron is about to get even. Until he realizes she's not strictly human. 

HH: What will readers like about Alicia and her dark fae?

TS: Alicia is determined to protect her friend, although when she begins to believe she might die for it and her friend will only suffer a broken heart, she decides to back off. But at that point, the dark fae won't let her. And so she intends to be there for her friend until the end. But Deveron takes a real interest in Alicia, and wants to protect her from his own mother, queen of the dark fae, who will want the fae seer eliminated. Alicia is spunky, loves a challenge, and meets it head on. Deveron will do anything to keep her safe, but his interest in her becomes more than just a need to protect her. The fae seer has gotten under his skin. But the trouble she can get him into rivals any trouble he could have caused for her.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

TS: Alicia is supposed to marry Deveron when her grandfather, king of the dragon fae says she can. But he forbids her seeing him until the date is set. A dragon fae arrives at the court who's known as the dragon slayer, and Alicia believes the girl assassinates their own kind who get out of line. But the dragon slayer isn't like anyone Alicia has ever known, and she learns her grandfather is backing down on his word to allow Alicia to wed the dark fae, Deveron.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

TS: I'm working on The Vampire is MINE, sequel to The Vampire...In My Dreams, and my wolf series: Tom's story in Silence of the Wolves (working title, Silver wolf pack from Destiny of the Wolf), and Cearnach's story, The Highland Wolf Wedding, from the MacNeill wolf pack in Heart of the Highland Wolf, and the 3rd book in the Highland stories, The Highlander. And others. When I get stuck on a story, I work on another in progress. :)

HH: What sources of inspiration do you draw from for ideas?

TS: Oftentimes research. I'll be researching something and think how much fun it would be to write a story about this aspect of mythology or maybe a news story. I watched a movie about the Norsemen berserkers and began to research about them and thought what would happen if I wrote about a couple of teens who were cursed to meet up with each other for all eternity after the love they shared in an earlier Norse world caused them so much pain in The Beast Within. He and his family were berserkers, and that hasn't changed through the centuries.

HH: What's your favorite book so far in 2012?

TS: I loved the YA The Scorpio Races and Nightshade and Wolfsbane

HH: What are you most looking forward to in 2012?

TS: I'll be teaching a couple of writing workshops at the first Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal RWA conference in March in New Orleans, and going on a vampire tour one of the nights. What can beat that??? Well, meeting up with the fae...and a hunky alpha wolf or two. Wouldn't you?

HH: Thank you!


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