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Come travel to another galaxy, another solar system that orbiting the star, Seti. To two neighboring planets; one, the mother world, Seti-Cronus, a green and blue world, much like Earth and Alphxorn, a world that appears to be a desert planet. Each world populated by people from the first world, Seti-Cronus. Over several generations they've grown apart, and distrustful of each other, their customs changing. Now threatened by space pirates out to conquer both worlds and enslave the populations they face a joint threat.

Lady Zera, sister to High Lord Enos of Seti-Cronus, refuses to wed High Lord Sarc of the planet Alphxorn, distrustful of their disassociated cousins. But the neighboring worlds face an invasion of space pirates against which only their combined military strength can prevail.

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On patrol, Enos, and his entourage are killed by pirates, despite assistance from two squads of Alphxorn’s fighters. Zera assumes the throne of Seti-Cronus.

Lord Sarc, rendering Seti-Cronus’ military temporarily impotent, marches into Zera’s palace as a benevolent conquer, and demands her as his wife. A sword duel between them ensues.

Zera, unbeatable with her heirloom sword, draws first blood fulfilling an ancient prophecy. Her weapon becomes impossible to wield, leaving her disarmed and at Sarc’s mercy. How will he acknowledge her, as wife or slave? With both worlds’ militaries to command and Zera’s love to win, Sarc struggles amid undercurrents of treachery. Can he convince Zera he’s guiltless in her brother’s death -- can Zera deny the feelings Sarc has awakened in her?


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About Sultry Summers

Writing is a wonderful way for an author to lose herself in another time stream, another world and I’m no different! I enjoy writing from the erotic to the sensual and lately, I’ve been considering some straight science fiction and I’m also working on a contemporary piece. Exploration and expansion is a part of growth and testing, another way to escape. Since moving to the mountains, an entire new world has presented me with new ideas and new worlds. I have a very special manuscript I’m slowly preparing and it will be a while before it is ready. In the meantime, I’ve a few shorter works to present. Right now, though I’ve been doing some expository work, and those pieces are non-fiction science. I may post them on my blog site. Don’t expect these to be romance but ideas to build on. When I present them, I will post it. Please feel free to ‘join’ the blog, that way you’ll know when something new comes along. I invite you all to stop by my web site at and pursues my backlist and my newer books. Get an idea of my writings over the last several years. Of course, my blog is good for that to. I’ve several pages up there as well at . Do dare your imagination it is the first step to escapism. Let that stress go in your reading even for a short time.


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An Interview with Sultry Summers
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Sultry, thank you for talking with us at TRS. You featured story is Blood of the Ruby Throne. First, where did you get the idea for this out-of-this-world romance?

SS: The inspiration for Blood Of The Ruby Throne began with the duel between Lady Zera and Lord Sarc. I wanted to start the book with a good hook, and that would have been best, but to start with a duel between the two young royals would have required a long back story explanation -- somewhere. As the actual story revealed itself, there was more development of each character before they could meet. It had to wait.

HH: What can you tell us about Zera and why will readers relate to her?

SS: Zera is a strong female character who holds her principles and the love of her people before her own interests. In the development of the story, however, she realizes her heart will have its way. This is concept she hasn’t had to deal with before. I don’t know how may women have experienced such a situation in today’s world. Few have to give up the choice of who they marry for political reasons. Possibly readers will understand what is like to allow a man past the secure barriers so many of us build to protect our hearts and trust a  man they don’t know well.

HH: What can you tell us about Sarc and why will we love him?

SS: Sarc, definitely an Alpha male, destined to rule both worlds and determined to do so. He finds he is in love with the spirited, apparently fearless warrioress before he meets her. But to secure the lordship over both worlds he must retain the dominate, superior attitude and defeat Zera, though she has never been bested in a sword duel. She gives him a sword fight he will not forget. I think readers will love him because he is what the old knights of old were supposed to be, chivalrous, honorable, and true to their word. These are the reasons Zera loves him.

HH: What do you think readers will enjoy about this particular book and how is it different from your other works?

SS: In this book, both main characters are more than equal. Zera proves she will not be stopped from being a warrior despite Sarc’s objections, and he demands the obedience she has sworn to give him as his vassal, wife, and queen. This makes for tense times between the two despite their love.

HH: What did you enjoy most about writing it?

SS: The various sword duels, the first love scene, the space dog fights and, the scenes with the space pirate, Kudious; both when he is torturing the Seti-Cronus spy, and when he has Zera. What she does to keep him in line is…great.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

SS: Several things cooking. A contemporary -- a little change for me. I’m working on it now, but can’t say when it will be finished. I have one work finished, but in need of some polish/editing, a post WWIII story and another that takes place in the swamps.

HH: What would you most like to accomplish in your writing career this year?

SS: I’m hoping to get at least the contemporary finished. Possibly the post WWIII chronicles to a publisher. That will require finishing the second in the series and it is close to finished. If they get published this year depends on the publisher and family time at home.

HH: What hobbies or interests do you have outside of writing?

SS: I paint and embroider, but I have to say, they suffer because I always feel I should be writing.

HH: What’s your favorite quote ever?

SS: Oh, that’s a hard question. My own quote would have to be -- Imagination is the first stage of Escapism. However a line from other sources, from Star Wars… “I have a bad feeling about this!” Lucas uses that in almost every episode of that series, and it’s also in the Raiders series. Not that I’m negative, it just gives me a kick when they say it. But one I’ve really come to love, my daughter uses: “For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.” - Leonardo da Vinci (1452--1519) She uses it on her e-mails, I was so surprised she found it and since I’ve lived most of my life with my head in the clouds, well, I can’t really adopt it since she loves it -- but I do as well.

HH: What’s your favorite social media venue and how do you use it to let readers know about your books?

SS: Oh! On these, I admit to being challenged. I use Facebook. I’m still trying to get my author’s page to look like I want it. My yahoo group, Paranormal-Escapismwriters is good and growing. Twitter is so popular, but I don’t text, and I tend to be long-winded so a short message is difficult, I do have a Twitter account but use it when TRS does a release party. I do make a point to post to most of the reader’s groups on yahoo, an older method, but it works and I do have a blog; (do note; there is no “.” period after the three www). I want to thank The Romance Studio for Featuring me in July, and Blood Of The Ruby Throne. I hope my readers will enjoy it! It is a bit cooler but the tension is really there. More science fiction -- outer space wise. It’s a true adventure/quest and the sword duels, well -- I always did like a good sword fight.

HH: Thank you!


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