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In the beds of countless lovers, the immortal Luc Saint-Cyr has been mastered as well as master, commanded as well as commander. When his mortal lover leaves him, the distraught Luc withdraws and devotes himself to work. His entertainment company throws a ceremony for their most successful rock group, and Luc meets drummer Izzorah "Rah" Ceeow, one of the feline Kin race. Rah's dark hair and velvety, golden furskin captivate Luc. Pert cat's ears and a quick smile lighten his mood, and one look into Rah's emerald eyes, deep and tranquil as a forest pool, and troubles cease.

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He suspects the mid-twenties male is a virgin, and Luc, fascinated by Rah's quiet serenity and lack of guile, longs for a deeper, closer relationship. Savoring Rah's surrender will be as delicious as taking him. Luc will force nothing. Rah will give himself to Luc when he is ready to surrender his innocence, to capitulate every part of himself to Luc's command. Rah will open himself and let himself be taken. Luc's anticipation and desire are palpable; as real as his hunger for faithful, unconditional love. But to gain Rah, how much of himself is Luc willing to surrender?



Reviews for Surrender Love

2010 EPIC eBook Award Winner in Erotic Science Fiction Romance

2009 Best SciFi/Futuristic, Runner Up, Love Romances & More

2009 Favorite List, Romance Junkies Reviewers'

5 Stars Rainbow Reviews "...an exceptionally good book and one I would have hated to miss."

5 Stars Literary Nymphs "Surrender Love is a fantastic book, so if you are new to Luc or are an old fan, you truly won't be disappointed."


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About Kayelle Allen

Kayelle Allen's motto is "romance lives forever." She enjoys hiking, movies, reading, and SciFi conventions. A multipublished, award winning author with character-driven, plot-heavy SciFi Romances, her worldbuilding skills include alien languages and 10k years of future history. Kayelle is known for unstoppable heroes, uncompromising love, unforgettable passion.


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An Interview with Kayelle Allen
By Megan Garbe for The Romance Studio

MG: Kayelle, thank you for talking with us at TRS! Your featured book is Surrender Love. Where did you get the idea for this sizzling tale?

KA: At the end of the previous book, Jawk, Tales of the Chosen, two characters fell in love -- one of whom had been the lover of Luc Saint-Cyr, leaving Luc on his own. I had planned to write a short story about him finding a hottie and having himself a fling, but as I started writing, Luc revealed that he had other plans. The idea of a short love affair with the winsome and lovable Izzorah Ceeow didn't fit Luc's idea of a good time. He let me know right away that he intended to keep Rah forever, and that I had better come up with a way to make that happen. Anyone who has ever read a book about Luc knows that when the Man wants something, he gets it. Surrender Love is the result. It begins with Luc tripping over himself as he goes gaga over the young hunk, sure Izzorah won't want anything to do with him. I should mention that everyone is younger than Luc. He's immortal, and he refers to himself as "Old Man" to remind himself to keep his distance. Falling in love with a mortal may be fun for a while, but in the long run, it hurts to lose a lover. Luc can't help himself with Izzorah. When he discovers that Rah had been ill as a child and may not have long to live, he's devastated. When that revelation turns to awe as it's further revealed that Izzorah is immortal like Luc... the entire story changes. Now, Luc is holding onto him not because he fears losing Izzorah to mortal death, but losing him to a powerful and evil immortal who will take what he wants, Luc and Izzorah be damned.

MG: What can you tell us about Luc and why will readers relate to him?

KA:I think readers relate to Luc because of his intensity. He's an alpha who's a compassionate and tender lover. He's wealthy, cultured, and confident, yet with Izzorah, completely out of his element and unsure of himself. Luc has appeared in several other books, and reactions to him are strong. When I sent out birthday cards from my characters one year, I allowed readers to pick which person they wanted to hear from. Over 75% requested a card from Luc. Another endearing trait is that while he's known as the Harbinger, a powerful crime lord and leader of an empire-wide syndicate, he is also the father of the fun-loving Senth Antonello, a young thief featured in the books At the Mercy of Her Pleasure and For Women Only. The fact that he reared Senth from age three and dealt with the impish prankster growing up reveals a unique side of Luc's personality. He comes across as strict, always-in-charge, and set in his ways, yet manages to charm the literal pants off both men and women.

For all that Izzorah is a Kin -- a feline humanoid -- he's also a "fish out of water." He grew up on a backward planet outside the borders of the Tarthian Empire, and over a five year period has taught himself the language and morphed himself into a rock star. He managed this while unable to focus past the end of his own arm. A childhood illness left him almost blind, but he refuses to allow the disability to hold him back. Pride makes him hide his inability to read or write, yet he's humble enough to believe a powerful man like Luc Saint-Cyr would never be interested in someone like him. That self-view changes when Izzorah is injured, and Luc rescues him. The Kin smell emotions, and Luc's scent reveals secrets only someone like Izzorah would ever understand. This man needs someone to love and accept him, and who better to do that than Izzorah, who owes Luc his life? The sweet, complete surrender of Izzorah to Luc prompted one reader to start an "I love Izzy" campaign, complete with buttons.

MG: What can you tell us about Izzorah and why readers will love him?

KA:Izzorah is a little feral, a little innocent, all male -- and for all intents and purposes -- a cat. He has the playful attitude of a kitten, with the sensuality of a tiger. He's cute, with his catlike ears, slashed pupils and big green eyes, fangs, and hidden claws. He's covered with furskin, a downy plush that feels like velvet. Rah is reverent, and obedient, but he's no...er, no pun intended...pussy. When Luc tries to protect him by being overly gentle, Rah shows his claws and demands he get on with the loving -- now. =^_^=

MG: This is the first in your Surrender trilogy. What can you tell us about the books to come?

KA: Here's what I can share right now, as I'm working on a rewrite on Surrender Trust.

Surrender Trust
Rah yielded to Luc in love, but if he surrenders his trust, where will his lover lead him?

Luc hid his immortality for countless centuries. Now, his new lover makes life far more than existing another day, but how can he shelter him from the conspiracies, intricate levels of untruths, aliases, deceptions, and outright lies without destroying his trust?

Rah is a Kin, a human-like race of fierce, rugged felines. When he learns the truth about his own immortality, the safe, sane world he knew crumbles. A shape-shifting adversary may hide behind the face of every person he knows or meets. How can he move past the terror and threats, and find the courage to offer the hero of his heart steadfast, unfailing trust?
Surrender Will
Luc's will is indomitable, but if doing things his way costs him Izzorah, what will being right truly cost?

With a lover beside him who's as immortal as he is, Luc Saint-Cyr faces his oldest adversary, and undergoes a quest that will either free them both, or bind them to an even more dangerous and unknown force. Luc has fought for humanity for thousands of years, but if saving humans means enslaving the one he loves, which will Luc choose?

Bending the knee to his treasured lover is no hardship for Izzorah, and to save mankind, perhaps even to a sadistic, immortal tyrant. But when Luc asks him to surrender his soul and undertake a quest that takes them back to the past, will Izzorah submit, or find the willpower to say no?

MG: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

KA: I'm planning a third Antonello Brothers book. The first two, At the Mercy of Her Pleasure and For Women Only were about half brothers Senth and Khyff Antonello. The third will introduce an older half brother neither knew they had. The interesting twist in this story is that the older Antonello brother works for Luc Saint-Cyr, and will have an integral part in strengthening Luc's personal empire. He'll fall for a certain Kin female who also works for Luc, and who has been seen in several books already. The story will tie in to the Surrender trilogy, and the Tales of the Chosen trilogy as well. The nine books will all be set in the Tarthian Empire, and readers can take a tour of that now. Visit the Tarthian Tour Company on my site at http://kayelleallen.com/TTC-Home.html and explore the different worlds. Be careful when you visit Trien. Remember, don't try to copy the image of the FIST!

Beyond that, I intend to write books set in other parts of the galaxy, and I've been contemplating a paranormal series. Let me put it this way: I love vampires and have always wanted to write a story about one. I want to explore that.

MG: What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

KA: There are so many things... I love the independence of working for myself, having a job that I don't dread going to every day, being able to influence and assist other writers, and creating a world that others can believe exists. But the thing that drives me the most is feedback from readers. When someone "gets" a character that pushes me to excel and to produce. I write to entertain others, and when their enjoyment makes my day. I have a Yahoo group called The Edge of Peril, created to share inside info with readers like this. Those who haven't read my books probably shouldn't join -- it's a place to discuss details and reveal secrets and spoilers. However, new readers who want to know more will be more comfortable on the group Romance Lives Forever. It also features one of my favorite things about writing: author friends as guests.

MG: What advantages are there for writers now as opposed to when you started out?

KA: When I began writing (only seven years ago) to be a self-published author was perceived as something you did if you couldn't get published elsewhere. There were a few best selling authors, but those who were self-published had trouble getting reviews, finding distribution, and even being taken seriously. Back then, eBook authors faced many of the same trials. Today, with the advent of Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, Lulu, and other sites, everyone knows what an eBook is, and self-publishing has moved from the back seat to the driver's seat. Now, writers are wondering why, if they are the ones who must do all the marketing, they are giving 70-90% of their royalties to a publisher. The new ease of distribution has become the Marco Polo of the modern age, opening up borders for commerce that hadn't existed before. Add to that social media which enhances networking opportunities, software that allows authors to market their work to an ever-broadening world, and interactive groups of authors who help one another reach far beyond their own networks. There has never been a better time to write.

MG: With the explosion of ereaders and tablets on the market now, what changes do you predict for the romance genre?

KA: I think the diversity already inherent in the Romance genre will only continue to burgeon. In addition, story telling will become more media-centric. Expect to see more graphic novels, mini-films, audio books, and books on the phone. I expect manga, a non-animated cartoon-style story long popular in Japan, to become a stronger force in America. Sherrilyn Kenyon has a four-volume set of manga set in her Dark Hunter universe. Can any of us be far behind?

MG: What is one of your all time favorite books?

KA: Hands down, that is Teot's War, by Heather Gladney. I've loved this book since the first day I read it, more than twenty years ago. It's a thinly-disguised slash book set in a fantasy world that is likely Earth in either its far future or distant past. The characters are rich, layered, and incomparable in detail. I cannot tell you how many times I've read it. I own its sequel, Blood Storm, which is equally loved. I eagerly await the long-promised sequel to the two and will nab it the moment it hits the market. The original Teot's War was priced at $2.95. You can get an older, used copy on Amazon for a little less than $4.50 (I check frequently for updates), or you could pay as much as $103 for a newer version. These books have been out of print for years. Heather, if you're reading this, I'm itching for the next edition!

I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about one other book that I hold just as dear. Released in 2010, Incubus, by Janet Elizabeth Jones, is available on Kindle, Nook, and other eBook formats. I own it in print as well. Janet is a friend, but I'm not talking about this book because of that. This is the one of the best books I've ever read. It's about a vampire who submits himself to an ancient in a daring experiment to save their kind, and is changed into an incubus. He must survive on the passion in a woman's dreams. How can he gain the trust of a terrified empath who is running for her life? One night at a time. I love everything about this book. Yes, Janet is my friend, but believe me when I say; there are few writers out there with her level of talent. Incubus is an incredible read. If you like vampires, paranormal, or simply a good read, get it.

MG: Any goals you've set for yourself this year?

KA: To finish Surrender Trust. My readers have waited ages for this book, Luc and Izzorah are champing at the bit for me to finish telling their story, and I refuse to let any of them down.

My other huge goal is to get my new company, The Author's Secret, off the ground and see it succeed. My business partner is Janet Elizabeth Jones, author of Incubus. As the owner of Novel Vision Web Design, she's a perfect partner for this enterprise. One thing we'll offer is The Author's Secret Tools, classes in creating marketing plans, handling a brand, and strengthening a writing business. We'll offer book covers, eBook conversion services (turning manuscripts into Kindle eBooks and other formats), book trailers, avatars, logos, and customized images like background pages for Twitter.

Beyond that, we'll help with social media. Have you ever tried to set up a new account and gotten lost in the maze of buttons and options? I have. It's no picnic. When things go wrong, it's great to have someone who'll hold your hand and walk you through it. Our new PhoneME program lets us work beside you online as you link your blog to Facebook, make a new Facebook pro page, create a Twitter account, use Circles in G+, set up a Yahoo Group, and more. How does it work?

As we begin offering this service, I will be the one calling you on the phone. I'll logon to the same site you're using, and, using the same type of browser, walk through the steps with you. When there is a question, I will see what you're seeing and help you address the questions. No searching for the help button or submitting trouble tickets. It will be offered on a per hour basis, and by subscription, and comes with additional email support as part of the package. I can't tell you prices yet, but details will be made available soon. PhoneME will be offered on a limited basis, because currently, I'm the only one performing this service. You don't have to be an author to benefit from it. Anyone can sign up. Readers who are looking at this and thinking "Oh wow. I need that!" should contact us at info@theauthorssecret.com -- We can help.

If I can do those things in 2012, I will feel as if I have accomplished a great deal.

Thank you for a wonderful interview. I look forward to hearing more from The Romance Studio readers.

MG: Thank you!


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