Talia Carmichael

Brian Holmes has been too busy building the fire investigation unit he heads to think of getting involved with anyone. But when he meets rancher Vic Masterson in the middle of an unexpected shootout, he’s drawn to him just the same. Brian doesn’t know what he wants, so he decides to wait it out. Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t explore a few kisses in the meantime.

Vic is willing to go along with the experiment, but he wants Brian for keeps. Let Brian call the shots; Vic will make sure things go his way. Each moment they spend together makes Vic more certain there’s something special growing between them, but for the experiment to be a success, he has to make Brian see they’re a perfect match for the long haul

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About Talia Carmichael

Talia Carmichael is a romantic who believes that family, no matter if it is by blood or those you choose as family, is integral to who you are. She is an author who writes sexy stories in a variety of genres. She believes in creating stories that encompass all that falling in love or lust entails, from the highs of that first blush of attraction to the lows of not knowing if you can make your coming together as a couple work, and then finally to the acceptance of the reality of making a life together. It's all about the journey.

Talia is a multi-published author with books available at Dreamspinner Press and Total-E-Bound. Among her books you'll find contemporary, futuristic, fantasy, and paranormal settings with M/M themes that will have a happily-ever-after. Her books are passionate, intense, and real… to fill the craving.


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