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Cuddle close with Amando Renato as he shares his tale of his remarkable life, or, as he likes to claim, lives. Amando can’t resist telling a story, especially when he’s the star attraction. He promises to tell the tale warts and all.

Hybrid incubus Amando is a true man-eater. Consuming life force to exist makes committing to long-term romance a difficult task. “Sorry, honey, I need to devour someone tonight” is a romantic deal breaker.

The ancient Amando fears he’s destined to be lonely, until he meets the humble electrician Mads Massimo, a human who innocently bites back. During their first kiss, Amando gives his stolen life-force to Mads.

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Amando knows he should flee from this consuming human, but something in Mad’s unique, pure soul binds them in true union. Amando falls in love, falls hard enough to wonder why. He’s shocked; imagine an ancient demon falling in love with a human. Poor Amando suffers through tedious dinners, doubt and torment, but even as Mads drains Amando’s life force, the hybrid demon cannot deny his love for his pure Mads. Drained and in pain, Amando wonders if he needs to confess his true identity to Mads.

When a certain scheming entity interferers with their relationship, the decision is taken out of Amando’s hands. Is their love a match made in Heaven or Hell?


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About S.A. Garcia

I can never decide between red or white. Creating visual art and word art occupied my professional life until word art triumphed.

Reading Gordon Merrick at age nineteen sounded a wake-up call. Ten years of running B-Side, an indie music magazine, provided me wild characters and fictional situations. While traveling to interview bands, writing gay romantic fiction percolated in the background. Thirty years of gay romance lurks in notebooks and the computer. My stories now enter the free air.

When not obsessing over ways to describe romantic encounters, I enjoy cooking, gardening, traveling, arguing politics and teaching my house bunnies tricks. Unfortunately, the furry furies refuse to answer e-mails or blog posts.

Two anthologies, Greg Herrenís Blood Sacraments and Neil Plackyís The Handsome Prince, contain my short stories.

In 2011 Dreamspinner Press released Canes and Scales, To Save A Shining Soul, Baronís Last Hunt and Divine Devineís Love Song.

Silver Publishing unleashed Temptation of the Incubus in October 2011.

About all I am a slave to words. I hope my words connect to my readers.

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From Dreamspinner Press:

Canes and Scales

To Save A Shining Soul

Divine Devine's Love Song.


An Interview with S.A. Garcia
By Megan Garbe for The Romance Studio

MG: S.A., thank you for talking with us at TRS! Your featured book is Temptation of the Incubus. Where did you get the idea for this amazing sizzling tale?

SG:Many years ago, the initial story sprouted from a prompt at a fan fic blog. The idea was to have one of the characters be a working class hero. An early, unfinished version of Mads was born in that short story. The original story only had four chapters, but my two wonderful characters remained with me. I often wondered how to transform them into something more. Over the years, I kept returning to the story because the bones demanded to grow into a novel.

Even in the original story, Amando felt determined to be the star. My adoration of writing Amando’s outrageous character supplied me entirely too much fun. Luckily the devoted Mads never had a problem with Amando stealing the story spotlight. The odd thing is as the novel developed more depth, the morbid comedy became more prevalent. I enjoy how the dark humor turned out, although Amando's monastic back-story is probably the most violent chapter I’ve ever written in any novel.

I keep saying this, but writing Amando offered me extreme pleasure. He wrote himself. Writing him involved throwing aside any self censoring and taking off at light speed. He's one of those vivid characters that a reader needs to click with or the story fails even if Mads is the story's true hero. Wait, that's not fair, at the end they both are heroes, only as usual Amando wants everyone to know about his status.

Amando and Mads will return at some point in the future.

MG: What can you tell us about Mads and why will readers relate to him?

SG: Gentle Mads is the “everyman’ character, the humble, unassuming man who tries to live a good life and not hurt anyone. He’s been hurt in both his professional and romantic life, and to him the sexy, supposedly self-confident Amando seems like a special gift. Mads worships Amando even as he tries to puzzle out his mysterious new lover’s many secrets. Mads trusts Amando never to hurt him because Mads believes he loves a generous, giving man. He owns no idea of what Amando truly is in the grand scheme of the supernatural.

Readers will relate to Mads since he really is such a down to earth man whose life is turned around by someone special. Like too many people, Mads refuses to accept his own special place in the world. He is just learning that he isn’t stupid or uneducated; instead, he has allowed society to grind him down. Amando’s devotion unlocks many of Mads’s special qualities and allows him to grow. In many little ways, hunky Mads seems a little too good to be true, which turns out to be the secret truth!

MG: What can you tell us Amando and why will readers love him?

SG:Amando will tell readers that they need to love him because he is perfect. He excels at self-love. Since he is a hybrid incubus, Amando is self-confident about his sexuality, but he’s fairly insecure about anything else disrupting his predictable flirt, fuck and consume life force existence. He avoids love like the bubonic plague, so when he falls in love with gentle, noncomplex Mads, the emotion frightens bold, brash Amando into questioning his true place in the world. The hybrid demon fears hurting Mads even as Mads unwittingly harms him. Amando has tasted true love and the glory entraps him. The desperate incubus realizes that if Mads rejects him, he will no longer want to exist. His romantic turmoil is fierce.

Readers will appreciate how Amando grows as a character. Amando begins the novel seeking someone to make into a simple meal. By the book’s end, he transforms from the shallow, self-centered sex-stared incubus into something quite lovely and enduring.

MG: How did you go about creating the world these characters live in?

SG: I know selecting NYC as the backdrop is a little lame, but visiting the city many times gave me a feel for areas. The weird thing is I needed NYC because I understand the subway system and certain neighborhoods plus I needed the sense of distance between Brooklyn and Manhattan. I tend to be a research stickler, so working with a city I am familiar with lessened my research burden. Nothing against Philadelphia, the city I know the best, but setting the book there didn’t quite work for me. Worry not, Philly, your shout-out will come.

MG: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

SG: I am excited to announce that Silver Publishing just accepted my romantic comedy An Elf for All Centuries. This wacky time travel novel is Zoolander and Tolkien’s glittery love child. If readers think Amando acts self-centered, wait until they meet elven super model Prince Fabion. In the thirty-ninth century, the elf is a legend in his own mind. When Fabion is kidnapped to the nineteenth century, the bratty beauty discovers not everyone agrees with him, especially those holding an ancient grudge against his potential new lover.

Two stories are in the final editing pipeline. One romantic contemporary involves a photography professor and his obsession over a free-spirited set designer, and the other novel blends a mix of historical and contemporary romance and personal discovery.

Plenty of other WIPs clamor for attention!

If readers wish to read my published novellas, Dreamspinner Press released three last year. Canes and Scales is a romantic fantasy featuring a Serpent prince and Elven bed slave. To Save a Shining Soul offers a twisted comedy about a divinity student mistakenly sent to Hell and the romantic demon who decides to save him. My most recent novella, Divine Devine’s Love Song, is a post-apocalyptic romance thriller featuring a reluctant hero hacker and brave Native American warrior trying to thwart nuclear madness.

MG: What do you enjoy most about being a writer?

SG: That is a difficult question. The wonder of putting words together to create something that others enjoy is always a grand experience. I am the cliché scribbler, the person who has written romance stories for years and never owned the nerve to publish. Like so many m/m writers, when I discovered fan fiction, I was over the moon in joy. I call that my training wheel phase. It was great to float out ideas, receive feedback and understand what readers enjoyed. Unfortunately once I left the FF realm, instead of taking off the training wheels and trying to ride on my own, I let the bike sit and rust. It took plenty of effort to clean off the bike and begin the new road trip. I owe fan fic a great inspirational debt and wish I still had time for the fun it created in my life.

MG: What advantages are there for writers now as opposed to when you started out?

SG: I must say nothing, because my fiction only saw the free air this past year! In truth with the ebook explosion, beginning writers have a new advantage. We can skip finding an agent and the long lead time of traditional brick and mortar publishing. Granted this means an author needs to work relentlessly at marketing, especially if no one book takes off at first, but when you see reader’s positive reviews, the feeling of accomplishment is wonderful.

MG: With the explosion of ereaders and tables on the market now, what changes do you predict for the romance genre?

SG: Lots of fierce competition and even more offerings for the readers. This is an amazing time for readers. There are so many talented authors out there offering readers a wide range of choices. In this relentless barrage of words writers need to create books designed to capture the reader’s immediate attention. I am still learning that process but I refuse to write anything following a trend or fad. I can’t! My crazy muse Diva Faboo would strangle me.

MG: What is one of your all time favorite books?

SG: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. What an amazing book. I can only aspire to write such a hilarious, intense book. I read the wonderful words once a year just to put me in my place.

MG: Any goals you've set for yourself this year?

SG: This may sound silly, but I need to devote time to a series or at least a book with a sequel chasing its heels. I also need to stop spreading myself too thin. Last year I made the mistake of spending too much time writing free stories. The feedback was positive, but since the stories were so different from my published novels, I believe I confused potential new readers. Above all this year I need to cease being my own worst artistic enemy. In short, sharper focus and more words.

MG: Thank you!


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