Tara Lain

A reporter and the thief he's investigating fall for a golden dancer forging a m nage of love and lies that could send one to prison and one to the morgue. Uncovering secrets requires baring more than just the soul.

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Reviews for Tara Lain

"Ms. Lain tells a great story from the very first page and I found it hard to put down even for a minute. The plot of the story was well thought out and I could really see most of this story really taking place in someone's life. Both Jake and Roan are great characters. Jake is a very smart person, but like most people he still has many issues he has to deal with. In Roan's case, he is one of the sexiest men around, but still has a hard time finding people who like him for himself and not just for what he can do for them."

"This was the first book I have read from this author. Not only did I enjoy it, but I look forward to reading more from this author and this series." - 5 Hearts, Retta Lee, The Romance Studio

"Author Tara Lain creates a daring debut with Genetic Attraction -- an unforgettable story that is quite simply a delectable, sensual and poignant read that captures the heart and soul of the reader. The action never stops, the love story is intriguing and strong and the university and its faculty backdrop create the perfect amount of issues and complications for the lovers to overcome. Em, Jake and Roan are well-drawn three-dimensional characters, who are passionate, genuine, playful, and tender and who understand the underlying power of love. Even though Jake and Roan are in love and has been a committed couple for over a year, Jake still feels a deep love and fascination for Em that doesn't take away from their love. It is through Jake that Roan has come to love Em even before meeting her. And Emmaline has been fantasizing over Jake for two years so it's easy to imagine a lasting bond quickly forming between Em and her men. The deep seated passion and sizzling hot sexy shenanigans are graphic, uninhibited and plentiful still emotional as well. The climatic and deep sighing ending will have readers craving for more!

Watch for wonderful talent to rise to the top!" - 5 Hearts, Shannon, The Romance Studio


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About Tara Lain

Tara Lain never met a beautiful boy she didn't love -- at least on paper. A writer of erotic romance, mostly m nage and male/male, Tara loves all her characters, but especially her handsome heroes. A lifelong writer of serious non-fiction, Tara only fell in love with EROM in 2009 and, through perseverance and lots of workshops, had the first novel she ever wrote published in January of 2011. After an exotic life of travel all over the world and work in television, education and advertising, Tara settled in Southern California with her soul-mate husband and opened her own small marketing business. She paints, collages, and started practicing yoga "way before it was fashionable". Passionate about diversity, justice, inclusion and new ideas, she says on her tombstone it will read, "Yes".


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An Interview with Tara Lain
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Tara, thank you for talking with us at TRS BLUE! Your featured book is Golden Dancer. Where did you get the idea for this steamy tale of three?

TL: I have always loved ballet, a passion I share with one of my best friends who lives in London. She wrote me an email about a ballet she had seen and it rang a bell. Wouldn't a ballet dancer hero be great? Then I thought I needed another hero not too much like the dancer, Trelain, but someone who would be in his world somehow. Aha. A reporter. What does the reporter want? A big story. So slowly there unfolded a tale of an investigative reporter who is trying to prove that a billionaire art collector stole a priceless statue called the Golden Dancer from a German collector. Both the reporter and the collector meet the dancer in different ways, but they both end up wanting him. A romantic suspense ménage was born.

HH: What do you like best about Daniel and why will readers relate to him?

TL: Daniel, the billionaire, is my man of mystery (the book is a part of Loose Id's special Men of Mystery series). He may or may not have stolen the statue, but if he did, why? He can afford to buy almost any art he wants. He starts out looking cool and debonair but he shows his warm, loving nature. He is actually the sweetest of all the men.

HH: What do you like best about Trelain and why will readers love him?

TL: Ummm. Trelain. In most Tara Lain books, there is a Beautiful Boy of Romance. Trelain, my dancer, is that. But he is a complex character. Half British and half Russian, he is all fire and ice. Reserved and yet passionate, sophisticated and yet loving. A boy and a man. I loved writing him.

HH: What do you think readers are looking for today in m nage stories and how did you pull it off? <g>

TL: You know, I honestly don't know all the reasons people read ménages. For me it's all about the depth of character and the quality of the relationships. I also don't know why so many of my books turn into ménages. It's not like I had a lifelong fascination with poly relationships. But the dynamic of a ménage is so fun to write. It's key that the emotions of all three men must be deep and genuine. No one can be two-dimensional. There have to be reasons why each person in the ménage loves the other. In Golden Dancer it was tough because Mac, the reporter, is investigating Daniel, the billionaire. They both want Trelain and that holds the other two together at first so that their own relationship can grow.

HH: What else do you have in the works?

TL: Ah, many things. I have two more books coming out this year. November 1 is Deceptive Attraction, the story of Caleb, the younger brother of Jake in Genetic Attraction. It's a gender-bending story of love, betrayal and self discovery. Then, in December, I have Mistletowed, a quirky holiday story of five good friends and two additions who may or may not be affected by some magical mistletoe. I have my first paranormal submitted and at my editor and I'm writing the sequel to Volley Balls. After that. Hmm. Maybe a little M/M scifi.

HH: How do you view the future of ebooks?

TL: Assured! I think we will always have print books for certain kinds of literature, but for the romance genres I think ebooks and digital-first publishing will gradually replace print-first. I imagine the indie publishers will consolidate and then diversify time after time creating a few big epublishers and many small ones catering to individual tastes. Digital-first publishing creates opportunities for so many more writers, so I expect to see more readers and writers in the future.

HH: How much of your day is devoted to your writing career?

TL: I am also a writer in my day job -- of non-fiction for public relations and advertising. Consequently, I write all day. I fit my novel writing into the cracks -- lunch time, before work, weekends. Some days have more cracks than others. LOL

HH: What's your favorite way to interact with readers?

TL: Anyone who knows me knows I am a social media slut. I adore Twitter, Facebook, GooglePlus, and especially my blogs. I love talking to readers through these venues. I also have an informal email list of readers and I don't mind at all when they email me back. I LOVE the parties at TRS. They are one of my favorite media for talking to people.

HH: What is your favorite Halloween type/themed story? Why?

TL: It's funny. My first paranormal book was originally going to be a Halloween type story but when I realized how many books I had coming out this year, I pulled it back, expanded it and made it a springtime romance. It is a witch story -- a male witch. It has a big plot and a sweet M/M romance. Witches are a perfect way for me to plunge into paranormal because they are pretty human and can be created in a contemporary setting which I enjoy.

HH: What do you most enjoy about Autumn?

TL: I love Autumn. My birthday is in October, so the fall is a new beginning for me each year. Some of my most fun trips have been taken for my birthday. I remember the leaves in Bar Harbor, Maine so brilliant they looked like they were on fire. Cruising into the harbor in Sydney and seeing the Opera House shining in the early morning sun. It's a special time for me.

My special thanks to TRS for this wonderful interview and for all they do for the readers and writers of our community. : )

HH: Thank you!


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