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New romances by featured authors of The Romance Studio!

Michael Mandrake
Gay Romance
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77233-134-9
Price: 2.99
Book length: short story
Release date: 12/3/2014
Available formats: PDF, MOBI, EPUB

Every once in a while, the average looking guy scores! Robert McIntyre is a closeted, average looking sports columnist for the Daily Read. Unfortunately, his desire to stay in has cost him the chance at love more than once. However, now it seems his luck will change since his editor has asked him to interview Jake Valenta. Jake and Robert knew one another in college and when he heard from a mutual friend that Jake might be bisexual, Robert didnít believe him. Before Robertís trip, they discover a mutual affection for one another. Jake shares his desire to stay behind closed doors because he canít stand being called a fag, but desperately wants Robert to be his man. Robert and Jake want a chance to reconnect on a more personal level, but will this budding relationship ruin their careers?

Read an excerpt: http://www.evernightpublishing.com/reconnection-by-michael-mandrake/

Visit the author on the web: http://michaelmandrake.wordpress.com

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