Fire Play

Dany Sirene
Available from Dreamspinner Press

Jesse could feel Lau watching him from the bed and didn’t even need to turn around to picture that sly little smile of his, the narrowed eyes, biting down on his lower lip, probably. It made a very pleasant shiver run down his spine, and his cock stirred in his boxer shorts. Come on now, he reminded himself, this stuff was due tomorrow, and he hadn’t even started. He could let Lau have his way with him once he was done, as a reward. A little delayed gratification was good for your health, right?

“Come back here,” Lau purred. Making it difficult, then. Jesse smiled to himself.

“Sorry. I have some homework I gotta take care of.”

“Homework?” Lau asked, mock indignation in his voice. “You’re ditching me for homework?”

“Sorry.” He could barely keep from laughing. “Some of us have exams coming up, you know.”

“Pfff. Exams. You’re way too pretty to have to take exams.”

“Too bad, but my professor is straight. At least I think he is.” He chuckled.

“You’d convert him in a heartbeat.”

“What? You wouldn’t be jealous?” He retrieved his backpack from the corner where he’d tossed it and took out his Theology 101 textbook and his battered notebook and pen.

“Me, jealous? Like there’s anyone at that school of yours who could compete with me.”

Jesse smiled, somewhat uneasily. “In fact, no one at that school knows,” he said. “At least didn’t, until you laid one on me in front of the whole humanities department.”

Whatever he was thinking, that particular memory instantly made him hard. He was angry at himself for it… but not too much, he decided, glancing over his shoulder at Lau who’d hopped out of bed, gloriously naked and without even a trace of self-consciousness. He’d said he’d meet him after class, and Jesse thought he was just teasing or would forget and flake out like he was known for doing, and put it out of his mind. Much to his surprise, Lau did turn up outside of Ancient Religions class, in full attack gear complete with low-slung army pants that sat just a quarter of an inch too low under his hipbones and the ubiquitous Flammable T-shirt that showed off his belly button ring. And before Jesse even had a chance to pick his jaw up off the floor, he’d practically dipped him in a classic old-movie kiss.

His first reaction was to get so hard it was a wonder his zipper held up. His second reaction was to wish the earth would split beneath him and swallow him whole.

“Watch it,” he murmured into Lau’s mouth, feeling himself turning red with both arousal and embarrassment. “Remember, if this gets back to my dad, I’m toast….”

Lau had laughed. “No one here cares. Get used to it.”

And now, his reaction was the same—a careless shrug. “Knows what?”

Jesse tried to focus on the text. “That I’m… you know.”

“Geez, do you people always have to categorize everything?”

“Most people do like to categorize, yes.” Jesse sighed impatiently. “And you live in their world, so as they say, when in Rome….”

Lau howled with laughter. “Some analogy. You study all this historical stuff. You should know what they were up to in Rome before the Christians got there and spoiled the party.”

Jesse raised his eyebrows. He didn’t think Lau had so much as a GED. Meanwhile, unfazed, Lau sauntered up to him and hugged him from behind, resting his chin on Jesse’s shoulder. “So what’s this thing about?”

“Theology.” Jesse had to admit he didn’t mind having him in that position. His soft red hair brushed against his cheek, his neck, and his shoulder. It was distracting but much too pleasant to tell him to stop.

“Lau, why don’t you go to school?”

“Me?” He chuckled. “What the hell do I need school for?” Teasingly, he nibbled on Jesse’s earlobe. “Are you saying I’m dumb?”

“No, exactly. You’re smart, I know it. You could do very well if you wanted to.”

“Bah. There’s nothing they can teach me that I don’t know already.”

“Oh, really? Then….” He quickly scanned the text in front of him. “Who’s Anubis?”

“Egyptian god of the dead, funerals and such,” said Lau, disinterested. “Typical invention of primitive humans. Satisfied?”

Jesse blinked. “Actually, yes. See? You could do anything if you put your mind to it.”

Lau carefully bit down behind his ear, sending shivers down his spine. “I already do.”

Jesse laughed, rolling his eyes. “Come on now, you have to have some kind of bigger aspirations in life.”

“Nah. Life’s too damn short.”

Jesse wasn’t sure what to say to that when Lau’s hand slipped down his bare chest and then traced the line of pale hair down from his navel. Blood instantly flowed away from his brain. Damn. How did he do that?

Having gotten the effect he wanted, Lau wrapped his hand around Jesse’s cock.

“I… really… should be doing my homework,” Jesse panted. But that was purely rhetorical at this point. Lau began to move his hand up and down, slowly tightening his grip.

“You can keep doing your homework,” he murmured into his ear. “Don’t let me stop you.”

“You’re… distracting,” he gasped.

“That’s your problem, not mine.”

Jesse relaxed, letting his head fall back on Lau’s shoulder. The smell of his hair enveloped him, shampoo and skin and soap and pure sex. He let his eyes close, giving himself over to the sensation. Lau took his time, and the orgasm felt like it would never end. When his muscles stopped contracting, an eternity later, Lau gave him a quick peck on the cheek and started to pick his clothes up off the floor.

“Where are you going?” asked Jesse, too disoriented to really think.

“Letting you do your schoolwork. Wouldn’t want to be a bad influence.”

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