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Katey Hawthorne

Superpowered Special Agent Gabriel Genêt's first solo mission: go to Hooperstown, North Carolina, find evidence that Andrew Wynne is operating as a vigilante, then bring him in. Ten years ago, Gabriel spent a summer alternately torturing and hooking up with Andrew as they tried to ignore their parents' embarrassing affair. Of course Andrew, the big puppy dog, will be happy to see his old friend and never suspect a thing. Career-driven, cocky young Agent Genêt can hardly believe his luck.

A covert game of betrayal ensues. Things start out complicated, with Gabriel using Andrew's open arms and attraction to him for all it's worth. Gabriel tells himself he doesn't reciprocate, and then that he can control it, but it's too violent for either of them to deny. As he gets closer to the evidence he needs, a heady combination of nostalgia, genuine affection, and even understanding brings Andrew closer to him. Dangerously close, in every sense.

The stakes are much higher than just their livelihoods. Gabriel begins to fear it'll come down to a choice between everything he's ever believed in, wanted, and stood for--and the only love he's ever known.

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Reviews for Losing Better

4.75 Stars from Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words: http://scatteredthoughtsandroguewords.com/2013/02/14/review-losing-better-superpowered-love-4-by-katey-hawthorne/

4.5 Stars from Reviews by Jessewave: http://www.reviewsbyjessewave.com/2013/02/10/losing-better/

4.5 Stars from Joyfully Jay: http://joyfullyjay.com/2013/02/review-losing-better-by-katey-hawthorne.html


Visit Katey Hawthorne's web site

Read an excerpt from Losing Better


About Katey Hawthorne

Katey Hawthorne is an avid reader and writer of superpowered romance, even though the only degree she holds is in the history of art. (Or, possibly, because the only degree she holds is in the history of art.) Originally from the Appalachian foothills of West Virginia, she currently lives in the D.C. Metro Area. In her spare time she enjoys comic books, B-movies, loud music, Epiphones, and Bushmills..


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An Interview with Katey Hawthorne
By Holly Hewson for The Romance Studio

HH: Katey, thank you for talking with us at TRS. Your featured book is Losing Better and is filled with action and suspense. Where did you get the idea for this breath-taking, suspense-filled story?

KH: Since these books take place in a world where superpowers exist, I've been wanting to do a proper superhero-themed one. When people think of superheroes, they usually think of them as the good guys. But in the eyes of existing law enforcement, they're really, really not. They're vigilantes who operate outside the law, and therefore have a way easier time of abusing their power, should they decide to. The idea of pitting an FBI special agent against a self-styled superhero was too good to pass up.

HH: What do you like best about Gabriel and why will readers be pulling for him?

KH: Gabriel's hard to love at first because... well, he's an arrogant ass. But once his reasons for that protective armor become evident, once the layers start to peel away, there's a really squishy candy core at the center. He's driven, which can be difficult, but he's driven by a genuine desire to protect and serve, both personally and professionally.

HH: What do you like best about Andrew and why will readers love him?

KH: Andrew... means well. He loves to be loved and useful, he loves to see people happy and safe. He's stuck in a position where he can't really get close to anyone, so he surrounds himself with people and parties. His active fantasy life is more real to him than most of his relationships, so he's one of those "lonely in the middle of a crowd" guys. It's kind of sweet, even if he is a little daft sometimes.

HH: What about their relationship do you like best and how is it different from those in your other works?

KH: I like that it seems so wrong on the surface, but no one will ever get Gabriel like Andrew, and vice versa. They have this past together, one summer spent at the lake a decade ago watching their parents have this horrible affair, and they've both sort of romanticized it and/or written it off as an adolescent fling. But it turns out it's just stronger now they're older, and that's kind of fun.

HH: What sort of research did you do for this story?

KH: Tons. I didn't know a lot about actual FBI procedure, legality, and training, so I had to ask my friend Hayley for all the info there. She walked me through the education and career path (one of the many paths an agent can take to get there) to Special Agent Land. Got to be some of the most fun I've ever had putting a book together because of her.

HH: What else do you have in store for lucky readers?

KH: Definitely more superpowers. There are at least three more Superpowered Love books on the way--and like the ones already in existence, they can be read in any order. The next one, hopefully, is called Reentry Burn and is vaguely related to Riot Boy. 

HH: What do you enjoy most about being an author?

KH: I always made up stories, so my favorite thing about this job is that it lets me make use of that to entertain other people.

HH: What’s your writing schedule like?

KH: It's a bit wild at the moment. I have two pen names, one that does dark fantasy and one that does romance, so there's always something I was meant to turn into an editor somewhere last month. Ha! Right now I'm working on the next elemental book (the first was By the River) and my current dark fantasy (vampire!) series, so it's definitely write every day, edit every night.

HH: Where can readers find you online?

KH: http://kateyhawthorne.com is the Superpowered Love blog, and there are links and info for everything mentioned above there. I also hang out at a few other sites on the web:


HH: Why will 2013 be a very good year for you?

KH: Because any year that involves superpowers, vampires, and elemental fae cannot be bad, let's be real!

HH: Thank you!


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