Brenda Talley

I am a redneck woman with an unbelievably heavy southern accent, who loves country music and reading, not necessarily in that order. I live in Union Grove, Alabama (about 20 miles south of Huntsville) with my husband of 30 years. We have one daughter who is a charge nurse in the emergency department of our local hospital. She is currently working on her master's degree with The University of Alabama. Our son-in-law, of whom we are also very proud, is serving "us" in Iraq. Lastly, but first in my heart, is my husband. He works as a maintenance mechanic leader and is very active.. He takes care of me on days I cannot take care of myself. When I can't, he cooks, cleans, grocery shops, does laundry, etc. He's the BEST thing that ever happened to me and I thank God for him every day.

At 56 years old, I have been retired from government service since 1998; I have various heart problems as well as debilitating arthritis. Staying home was very hard for me at first because I have always been very active and involved in various activities. Now, I stay busier reading and communicating with TRS reviewers. That helps to pass the time. I have loved reading for most of my life; my absolute favorite genre is historical, western romance. I also love regency romance and inspirational. I absolutely love to read series and I get so wrapped up in them that I have trouble putting them down. I do read contemporary romance and have just been introduced to erotica, so I can only take so much at a time!

I previously ordered books from and loved to read the reviews posted there. I used those reviews to decide what I wanted to purchase. It is serious business to me. I hope that my reviews tell enough to interest someone without giving away the plot. I love to read these books for review because, with a limited income from retirement, I don't have to pay for my reading! Plus, I like being able to read something before it comes on the market.

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