I love to read, and nothings better than when a book grabs my attention and wonít let go. Even if it means an all nighter! I am a voracious reader, and found myself running out of options with print books because they just werenít publishing enough of what I liked. I discovered E-books by chance, and found out that they are just as good if not better than some of the print books Iíve read. I was reading reviews and trying to decide which book to get next when I found myself on the TRS website. I decided to try out for a reviewer slot on a whim, never thinking I would get it. I felt like I had one first prize when I got in! I try to give reviews that I would like to read, and make them as informative (without giving away the plot) as possible. I donít see myself as a writer, simply someone who loves to read. I usually like romances, erotica, and science fiction, but Iím willing to give anything a shot.

Email Julia at j65bryan@yahoo.com.

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