A Neighbor's Ultimatum

Qwilla Rain
Available from Loose Id
ISBN: 978-1-60737-475-6
November 2009

With their one year anniversary just weeks away, Gina has had it with her two husbands! It isn't that they don't love her and it isn't that they don't sexually satisfy her, keeping her happy in and out of bed. It isn't that they don't provide for her because she has everything a woman could desire. And it looks like her husbands are more than ready to work on the dream of a child with her. Really her life should be perfect...

George and Garrick love Gina, their wife, and there isn't anything they wouldn't do for her. But each has a secret they won't admit. George and Garrick are interested in each other sexually and neither of them is willing to talk about it or act on it. Instead they will pull away from each other forcing a wedge in their happy home.

Gina has had it and there is no way they can continue living like this. It is time for her to force hands and give her two husbands an ultimatum that just might tear their family apart forever.

The very talented author Qwilla Rain packs quite a powerful punch with this extremely emotional and passionate story that is one that will be treasured and long remembered by readers. Ms. Rain hits the mark by infusing an impeccable plot with dynamic writing, sharp dialogue and enchanting characters, displaying a deeply emotional romance. A Neighbor's Ultimatum realistically portrays the poignant fears and courageous determination to hold together a marriage of three when the very foundation that holds it together starts slowly crumbling. Gina, George and Garrick are amazingly captivating characters who tug at the reader's heartstrings. The sexual tension is palpable without feeling overdrawn as Gina struggles to fight for what she believes in. First rate emotion-filled sex scenes are smoking hot as well as being tender and seductive. The ménage play (M/F/M) is sexy and seems to sizzle with a sense of deep sensuality. The sexual play between George and Garrick is edgy, erotic and roughly playful.

This exciting and sensual follow up to Meeting a Neighbor's Needs is a deliciously erotic romance that shouldn't be missed!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Shannon
January 25, 2010

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