Hi.... My name is Sandra. I am 39 years old. My husbands name is Ranse and we have been married for 19 years. I have two daughters, Jacqui age 18, she has just moved out and is a full time student in college as well as holds a full time job. She is studying to be an attorney. My younger daughter, Staci is 10, she turns 11 next month and is a very outgoing, talkative child. I have lived in Tennessee my entire life (so far). I work at a bank full time, as the Assistant Vice President of Secondary Lending (believe me the title sounds bigger than the job is). In my spare time, what little I seem to have, I read. I love to read and have for several years now. Although, I am not one who enjoyed it from a young age, I did not take to reading until about 10 years ago, And I have found with TRS that I also enjoy giving my opinion of books, and will always give my honest opinion whether good or bad in the hopes of helping other readers.

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