Susan W.

I'm Eastern Cherokee and Choctaw and live in Michigan with my husbad of 26 years. He is Ojibwa and a traditional dancer at powwows around the state. Our two sons are almost 20 and 25. They both still live at home. We have a much beloved chihuahua mix dog whose name is Yoda. I love beadweaving and am an avid beadworker when my health lets me.

I love books and have been an avid reader since the age of four. Nowadays my preference is erotic romance especally M/M/F menage. I love sci fi, fantasy and the paranormal but I am happiest if those are erotic and contain romance. I do enjoy books with a contemporary Native American theme. However, I am extremely choosy with those because I am very conscious of misinformation and misconceptions, and very knowledgeable about native culture and heritage. Reading is definitely a wonderful way to learn about anything and everything.

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