Tj is a forty years young woman who loves anything to do with books! I have been married to my wonderful husband Rick for fifteen years now and we have two delightful children, Anne 9 and David 6. I can truly say they are great kids. Guinness is the last addition to our family. She is a 3 1/2 year old boxer mix that adds even more excitement to our lives. I graduated with a degree in British Literary studies and promptly went to work for one of the Big Three automakers--not at all what I envisioned doing with my life! After 8 years I quit to stay home full-time with my kids and have never been happier. Some of my passions include music (major listener to all types!), reading, writing, traveling, visiting with friends and being with my family. I have a great group of friends spread out across the US and one in Paris who help me deal with the craziness that comes with life sometimes. That's about it for me...I can only add that I love being a reviewer for TRS and working with a such a great group of people!

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