Hoofin it to the Altar

Silvia Violet
Paranormal romance
Available from Changeling Press
ISBN: 05896-01891
August 2012

Vampire Detective Drew Danvers proposes to his shocked boyfriend, deer-shifter Jason Fleetfoot, and of course, he says a resounding yes. Both are looking forward to marriage. Jason's sister eagerly insists on planning a nice ceremony. Before they can start the next chapter in their lives, Drew must find a vicious vampire killer before he becomes the next victim.

What can I say? I'm happy the author wrote this follow-up to "Sex on the Hoof". It was a pleasure catching up with Drew and Jason and being one of the invited guests at their wedding. Ms. Violet has the knack for infusing lots of witty humor into the dialogue between the characters. I like the way they talk to each other. Drew and Jason have really good chemistry together. They click as friends and even better as lovers. The storyline was interesting and very sexy. This author knows hot to write some hot sex scenes. All in all, this is a very nice continuation of a good paranormal love story. The pacing is fine and the story isn't boring. I wouldn't suggest reading it as a standalone, knowing the back story would go a long way in your overall enjoyment of this one. I very much enjoyed the read and look forward to more of the author's unique paranormal romances.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Beverly
September 17, 2012

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