A Man For Mom

Linda Lattimer
Paranormal romance
Available from Wings ePress
ISBN: 1-59705-192-6
September 2006

Forty-seven year old Lizbeth was nervous, really nervous. For ten years she had said that she did not want another man especially after what John had put her through before he had died. Yet she was minutes away from marrying again---and to a man seven years younger! Lizbeth had married at a young age and was so in love with John that she failed to see the obvious signs that stared her in the face. Looking back, Lizbeth should have to run while she still could as John wanted to go to his parents for their honeymoon! After the wedding, they were traveling to Atlanta and then to New Orleans for their honeymoon with the ghost of John in the back seat of the car.

Forty year-old Mark Stuart fell in love with his employee's mother-in-law at first sight and vowed to make the skittish woman his no matter their age difference. Lizbeth was just the woman that he had searched for and he could not wait to make her his. Mark had noticed the secrets in her eyes, the way she furiously wrote in a journal that was never far from her side and he was determined to get her to open up; then on their honeymoon he heard her yelling for someone named John to get out and to leave her alone, what the hell was happening? John was her dead husband!

Linda Lattimer tells a compelling story that was a tad too detailed and made the story boring in places, but if you stick with the book, you will love it! I felt drawn to Lizbeth from the beginning and marveled at her bravery in staying married to that slime. The sex was hot enough and the story flowed smoothly, and A Man For Mom is an excellent read.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Linda B.
October 10, 2006

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