An Ambush of Tigers

Mandy Monroe
Fantasy romance
Available from New Concepts Publishing
ISBN: 9781603949972
September 2012

Abby Reynolds is a veterinarian in Houston specializing in tiger rescues. Apparently Texas has high numbers of people who think tigers are good pets or they can make lots of money with them (at least in this story anyway). Enter Damian with his sister, both in tiger form, being held in a cage too small for them. When a veterinarian tells the human who put them there that the two are siblings, another male tiger (Konar) is brought into the fold. Konar and Tiana mate in tiger form since she's in heat and becomes pregnant. Because the three of them are being kept in terrible conditions and not really fed, the cubs do not make it and eventually Tiana is put down. I have to admit this is an issue close to my heart as tigers are more than endangered, some are extinct.

It wasn't until twenty five percent through the story that we learn Damian and Konar are shape-shifters. Not only are they shifters, they've never been in human form before and both have Russian accents. Did I mention they are Siberian tigers and therefore the largest breed of tiger? Anyway, Abby starts to have an anxiety attack thinking she's lost her mind... then thinking she recognizes the human males as the tigers from her sanctuary. Now she ends up having to teach the two how to be in their human form while trying to convince herself she isn't a slut or whore or any other derogatory term that our society might use for a woman who is having a relationship with two males. These men don't remember their family names or anything other than their capture as tigers.

Now, I chose this book to read and review for two and a half reasons. The first being that I figured the men in the relationship were tiger shifters due to the cover with two tigers on it. The second reason being I guessed between the cover and the blurb that this would be a ménage story. The half reason being that I recognized Ms. Monroe's name and knew I had read a werewolf story written by her before. I read a lot of books, many genres, so usually I can read a book within about a day or two. The pace of this book was so slow and plodding that it took me three days to just get to the thirty percent mark. There seemed to be too many things that made no sense. Why do the men have Russian accents if they've never been human? How do they suddenly speak and understand English? Also, Abby's best friend and a volunteer at the sanctuary is also a shifter and never once scented the two were shifters when they were in tiger form in the cages. You know, there's a good book here, it's just significantly shorter and with less thesaurus.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Teresa T.
October 29, 2012

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