Arielle and the Three Wolves

Dani April
Paranormal romance
Available from Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN: 978-1-62241-407-9
August 2012

This story begins with our heroine, Arielle Banks, driving home one night and hitting a wolf. The good news is she's a veterinarian and gets him into her vehicle so she can care for him. Turns out, 'wolf' has a broken leg which she performs the surgery on, and continues his care for about a month. So... our girl here seems to have people issues. She loves animals and mostly can't stand humans. Did I mention she had moved recently from St. Louis to Wyoming? About a month into his care, she wakes up with a naked man in her bed, freaks out completely and he turns out to be the wolf. He is a wolf shifter from up in the Tetons. His name is Jason Wildback. Jason tells her she is his mate... she freaks out some more.

Sigh. Alright, Jason is the alpha of his pack -- a pack total of three with his two younger brothers Kyle and Luke. Apparently, she is mate for all of them, thus making her come unglued, again. Jason, besides being an alpha, is also a dominant man. Since Arielle is normally a submissive, she does everything he asks of her. Well, the brothers are also dominants and at least that part seems to be going well. She acquiesces and takes a couple of weeks off so she can go up to their ranch and get to know the other two brothers.

What I really liked about this story is the fact that Arielle gets to know all three brothers separately rather than having all three of them expecting sex from her together right away or she was in love right away with all three brothers. The biggest issue I had with the story is that I just didn't like Arielle very much. I sort of liked the fact that Ms. April showed us some of Arielle's insecurities and those of the three brothers. But I had moments of really not liking any of the men either. I wanted to read this story because it is usually my cup of tea, werewolves, ménage, beautiful scenery... I really didn't hate the story but I'm sorry to say I didn't like it either.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Teresa T.
January 12, 2005

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