For Better or Hearse

Ann Yost
Romantic suspense
Available from The Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 978-1-61217-204-0
May 2012

Turning an old morgue into a stylish wedding boutique seemed like a piece of cake for Daisy Budd and her sisters. But nothing prepared them for the bodies that would soon be presenting themselves at the doorstep of their dream. Now not only does Daisy have to contend with brides wanting the perfect wedding, but she has to find the person responsible for putting the dead where they're no longer wanted.

Nick Bowman has one mission only and that is to locate some loot his grandfather stole back during the war, which the old man stored in the old mortuary's cellar. But things become complicated when he realises someone is after the same thing, and will do anything to stop him even by pitting him against the new owner, a woman who doesn't trust him.

What an enjoyable story this turned out to be. From the beginning, the plot as to the dialogue enticed me as the reader to not want to stop reading. The secondary characters really bought life to this story, adding to the mix of suspense, adventure and romance because as a reader I didn't once figure the villain's identity until it was revealed which is just the way I like my suspense novels. The sex scenes were hot, and revealed the building sexual tension between Nick and Daisy very well, even though they had issues between them such as Nick having dated one of Daisy's sisters in the past. What I liked so much about both the heroine and hero was their strong personalities and sense of loyalty to those they cared about.

Overall, this author has done a great job of penning this novel and it has made me eager to see if the secondary characters get their chance at a happy ever after.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Very sensual

Reviewer: Bec
July 24, 2012

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