Big Horn Storm

Kim McMahill
Romantic suspense
Available from Prism Book Group
ISBN: 9780615679204
August 2012

The story begins in the break room of an advertising firm in Denver, Colorado. Everyone is watching the news since a trio of countries is attacking the United States. Those countries are Iran, China and Russia with Iranian Special Forces already at the Canadian/US border. Basically, this scene was the equivalent to the opening Jaws theme (you know, the two notes playing slowly and then becoming faster thus filling everyone with fear knowing the shark was on its way). There was no relaxing from that point on! Alright, at the company in Denver was our heroine Niki Garat and she was about to go on vacation to Wyoming to spend time with her grandfather, Papa. She drives out to the ranch where Papa has already left with the sheep they keep in the summers and the son of the rancher, Deuce Blackburn, is waiting to ride out to the campsite where she'll be staying.

Niki loves going to the ranch and has been in love with Deuce for what seems like forever. He has at least been madly in 'like' with her. But after his mother passed away a few years before this he just puts up walls to protect himself. The two of them are constantly sniping at each other. They get to her grandfather's campsite and eventually Deuce goes back to the ranch to take care of business. Then at least one helicopter passer overhead, gunshots can be heard and Niki is worried because Papa hasn't come back to the site from checking on the sheep. Just so you all know, if you haven't been there, the Big Horn Mountains are part of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. They are basically in part of Wyoming to Southern Montana. It is quite beautiful, but there really isn't very good cell phone coverage.

Ms. McMahill has set up quite a suspense filled story with flavors from the '80's movie Red Dawn and all the tension from the Cold War and the Cuban missile crisis. And just so you know, my favorite character is Storm, Niki's horse. I don't want to tell you too much, since it is a suspenseful thriller, but Deuce and Niki do have to work out all their past issues, and they have to join together to fight for the country, for the lives of others and most especially for each other. My only problem with the story is the lack of any adrenalin fueled lovemaking between the two. Yes, I am smirking right now. This is such an intense, action filled adventure! Ms. McMahill makes me want to go back to Wyoming to see the mountains again!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Teresa T.
October 21, 2012

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