Love Bound in Ice

Marisa Chenery
Paranormal romance
Available from Ellora's Cave
ISBN: 9781419941436
December 2012

All her life Haven has watched her mom give love to a man who did not love her back. When her mother passes, Haven knows that she will never let that kind of love rule her as it did her mother. She will never let any man into her heart, especially one as gorgeous as Ketah. Only heartache can come from that. Yet somehow he is worming his way into her heart and her walls are starting to crumble. Afraid and confused, Haven must make a life-changing choice. Love this man or run. Both give her the chance of heartache, but which one will she choose?

This is book three in the new Werewolf Sentinels series by Marisa Chenery. Once again, we are immersed into the world of shifters and good and evil. We learn that evil will go to any lengths to get what it wants. The dark and evil Andre has no qualms about using to hurt loved ones to gain what he wants. What he wants is one of the Sentinel wolves. He has decided that Haven is to be used to get what he wants. I loved Ketah and how patient he is with Haven. He gives her just what she needs even if it hurts him. He is willing to give Haven the world and will stop at nothing to do that. The two make a beautiful couple. The sparks are there right from the start and watching them turn into so much more made for a nice read. I enjoyed seeing all of the wolves band together as the family that they truly are to help Ketah and Haven in their time of need. I loved the scene with Lindsey and Ketah, it was the most touching scene in the book for me. The two and their quirky relationship throughout this series have been a wonderful addition to each story and to see Lindsey comfort her grandfather in this book was a beautiful thing to read. I am enjoying this series and cannot wait to see who finds their mate next.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Gabrielle
February 3, 2013

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