Breaking Point, (Place In the Heart, Book One)

Delores Goodrick Beggs
Historical romance
Available from Desert Breeze Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61252-166-4
May 2012

Mauranie Wells lost some of her hearing when she was younger after a bout with fever. Since her parent's death, she tries to run the Wells Double Bar ranch. It is her intention to turn it into a reputable horse ranch. Her sister, Tennyson, doesn't concern herself with the horses; instead, she would rather spend money on nice gowns and a social life. Mauranie has tried everything to get her sister to assist but nothing helps. Stemson Arroyo Smith is a horse wrangler who has now turned banker. He has come to help Mauranie with the horses, and ends up doing a great job helping out. Mauranie and Stemson soon realize that the more time they spend taking care of things on the ranch, they slowly grow more accustom to being around each other. She wants to tell him about her partial hearing loss, whereas Stemson carries some demons himself that he would like lifted, but sometimes things are best not opened. Can the two find that perfect equation to keep them working together to make the ranch prosperous or is it a lost cause?

Breaking Point is a magnificent read that engages the reader and keeps them spellbound. I loved the way Mauranie and Stemson made a connection. It was filled with warmth, much care and deep committed love. There were times; this reader almost felt the racing of their hearts when they were drawn together. Their connection was intense and powerful, leaving an impact on the audience. This is one story that will long be remembered. Delores Goodrick Beggs creates an endearing read that cuts right to the heart, allowing the reader to see all the genuine events that lie around the fantastic couple and their obstacles. She instills a beautiful ambience in this well-developed tale of romance.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Linda L.
July 24, 2012

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