Cowboy Lust

Delilah Devlin
Contemporary romance
Available from Cleis Press
ISBN: 978-1-57344-814-7
August 2012

Riding Double by Cari Quinn
Danica Connor wants her neighbour, Jack, if only for a one-night stand. So when she asks her sister to help her seduce him, so he has two women in his bed, her plan backfires because he's not interested in anyone but her.

Under the Southern Cross by Cheyenne Blue
Sam has been hiding out in Australia until she's needed to testify at a bad man's trial. When she needs to be protected by people coming after her, there's only one man for the job and that's Jake -- a man that appears to be more than he seems.

Banging the Cowboy by Randi Alexander
Annie Paris is a wanted woman, yet she doesn't know it until Rafe McCord asks her out on a date. But from the rumours she's heard about his reputation she doesn't know whether to give him a chance or not. Yet there's only one way to know, so she follows her intuition on giving him a chance.

Ladies Love Country Boys by Cat Johnson
After ringing for help after her car breaks down, Julie Craven finds herself walking down to check out the rodeo that's in town. And when she meets Morgan Mitchell she can't believe how quickly her luck can turn around.

Drought by Michael Bracken
A drought has hit Texas and not just Amanda's Wilcox sex life. So when she falls into a ditch after spraining her ankle while out running, she finds herself being rescued by Cade Garrett, a man too tempting for his own good. Wanting to repay him for his kindness, she accepts his invitation to accompany him to the Cattleman's Ball.

Roped by Charlene Teglia
Regan Morris is having a miserable time being home for the holidays. So when her best friend sends her to one of the local ranches that are hosting a big party, the last thing she expects is to run into an old friend, Jonas, the first man she'd ever had sex with.

Rough Stock by M. Marie
Kennedy Rawlings needs one thing from Dawson Conway, and that is for him to distract her before the big competition she's set to compete in the next day so she doesn't end up in a riding accident like she did in her last competition.

The Ranch Hand by Sedona Fox
Charlene Solt can't believe her father is selling the ranch she's lived on for years. Even worse he's offered the new owner her hand in marriage. When the new owner's ranch hand comes to assess the ranch she is impressed with him, but will she still be when she learns his secret? That he is really the man her father sold the ranch to.

Small-Town Famous by Lissa Matthews
Bethann is jealous of any woman that gets close to her man. So there's only one way for Tommy to get her to see reason, which is by having her arrested in hopes of finally convincing her of his love for her and her only.

The Storm by Tahira Iqbal
While on her way home during a vicious storm, Candace has an accident only to be rescued by her ex-boyfriend, Brent, A man still very much in love with her. After taking her home to his house, he takes care for her making her realise that there is a second chance for them.

Caught Unawares by Nena Clements
Lacy Wills is in love with her brother's best friend, a man she believed out of her reach. Now though with a plan in hand, she sets out to seduce him and finds he's easy enough to reel in especially since he returns her feelings.

Some Like it Dirty by Kimber Vale
Jenna McManus is late for a meeting, and it doesn't help matters when her car breaks down. When a handsome cowboy comes to help her, she finds herself face to face with the very man she's supposed to meet with even though she doesn't know it since they never introduce themselves to each other.

Raney's Last Ride by Chaparrita
Everyone assumes the fastest shot in the territory is a man, but in fact Raney James is all woman. So when she comes home to find her husband to find her husband murdered, she sets her sight on revenge. Pitting herself against a man just as ruthless as she is.

Runaway Bride by Delilah Devlin
Jackson Lowry is in a bit of a quandary. He's kidnapped Sammi Jo, the woman who stood him up at the altar. Now though, he's going to use any means necessary to convince her that they're meant to be together even if it's the last thing she wants.

She Don't Stay the Night by Anna Meadows
Ever since Buckley Carver wandered onto her family's land when she was fifteen, Adabella has found him the most fascinating of people. As she grew older, she wanted nothing more than to get to know him better and now that's she grown old enough to do it, she sets her sights on achieving her goals of becoming his woman.

This book of short stories delivered everything that I love about cowboy novellas. There was lots of passion, plenty of adventure and even some mystery that had alpha heroes making sure that the heroines remained safe. All of the novellas were entertaining, but in saying that, some were more enjoyable than others especially the ones from some of my favourite authors including Delilah Devlin, Cat Johnson and Cari Quinn.

Moreover, the sex scenes were quite explicit in each story which made for some steamy reading that I'm sure were about to set the pages on fire at times.

Overall, the plots were well-developed as were the characters -- both main and secondary ones -- and I'm glad I got the chance to read this anthology. Of which I'm sure I'll read again in the future.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Bec
October 29, 2012

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