Deer Heart

Zenina Masters
Paranormal romance
Available from Extasy Books
ISBN: 978-1-77111-516-2
April 2013

This is the third story in the Shifting Crossroads Series by Zenina Masters. In the big scheme of things, you don't have to read the other two first... but I actually do recommend it so you can understand the Crossroads.

This story begins with Venizia Raingo completing her most recent months flying her plane, doing her job in the middle of nowhere. She's desperate to get home because she knows she will be in heat soon and supposedly she had a man, Kevin, willing to mate her. Sigh. This has been an ongoing problem with her. First of all, she's a reindeer. Second, she's an albino, you know the drill, white hair/fur with red eyes and being albino has always made her life difficult. She returns to town and head over to Kevin’s to find him there with another woman. She leaves and gets far enough to have a breakdown in the forest. That’s where she meets Krisia. We met Krisia in the first book of the series Owl’s Fair, and so Krisia hands Venny her card and sends her off. Venny goes to her Herd Master Pierce Anders. Apparently Kevin made a vow in front of witnesses and the Herd Master to wait for Venny. Obviously everyone is displeased at this point.

Ok, in case you haven’t read the first story, Krisia is a magic user and she is able to open magical doorways to get people through to a completely different place. So, Venny calls her and she goes on a trip to the Crossroads. This is where shifters can go if they are having a hard time finding a mate or if they want to toss the general traditions and mate for love. Our girl may be an albino but she is used to all the slurs and bullying that comes with it. She dyes her hair and wears contacts, it’s only when she shifts that all the pigment goes away. Oh, did I mention she’s a massive reindeer with incredible antlers! Anyone messes with our girl learns the hard way about the sharp end of her rack. This is where she meets Athon who is a lone wolf. Apparently he didn’t want to kill his brother so broke ties with the pack and went to pursue a career in photography.

These two are really something special! I love how Venny is nothing like the stereotypical dear, or in this case prey, she is an amazing character and matches very well with Athon. And you know, he does help her get through her heat and they do officially mate. This leads to a meet up with the Herd Master then a trip to meet his family. I really like the Crossroads series. Ms. Master’s gives us a fun diversion from how we think it should be. I have to say, this is the third book I've read recently that had Apollo involved. Of course, they are three different books, different authors, different publishers, different genres and the Apollo of this story is Athon's brother the pack alpha not a Greek god. I have said this before and in other reviews too, but you can't really go wrong with Apollo! Now bring on Book Four, Dragon Around!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
April 19,2013

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