Destined for the Dom

Jan Bowles
Available from Siren-Bookstrand
ISBN: 1-61926-696-2
June 2012

Zoe is not happy with the way that her life is going as an exotic dancer. She knows that she does not have a lot of years left in her profession and she is having a hard time making ends meet. Her ex hit her and stole her money. Hunter feels guilty for never coming back for Zoe and so he shows up at the club to check on her. He is not too happy at what he finds and Zoe doesn't know what to think when she sees him. Hunter talks her into catching up back at her place and once he sees it he wants her to go live with him and start over.

I enjoyed this story a lot. The characters are great and well written. They are real and touching. There are a lot of emotions that build in this story and that are resurrected from the past. Zoe and Hunter grew up together in the foster system and so there is a lot of history that adds to this story. Because of the past that they have together the speed of the relationship and emotions are very believable and nothing feels rushed. At first they are just friends and nothing happens even though they both desire the other. It is funny to watch them dance around their desire for each other. Hunter is clear that he is into BDSM and at first it scares Zoe but it also intrigues her. Zoe doesn't know how to handle the BDSM and so she hides her interests at first, though it is funny to watch her try to do that because Hunter knows. The sex is explicit and fairly frequent. It is not overly so though and it fits into the story effortlessly. There are emotions involved from the very beginning of the story and as they explore the relationship they only grow. I enjoyed the emotions and watching the relationship build. This is part of a series, the second installment. The reader does not need to have read the previous book to fully enjoy this story.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Lexee
August 21, 2012

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