The Diplomat's Daughter

Liz Crowe
Contemporary romance
Available from Decadent Publishing
ISBN: 9781613333075
June 2012

This book is a part of the Turkish Delights series by Liz Crowe. Technically, this is the fourth book published but it is about Vivian and Levent who are the parents of the Turkish characters in books one, two, three and the official book four. So it is really book five and set in the 1960's.

Vivian Kincaid is the daughter of a U.S. diplomat in Turkey. This story switches from current (of that time) and past (when she was a young girl). After her mother dies, her father forces her to leave California and go back to Turkey. She is forced to stop taking art classes and doing art and has to take business classes. On top of that, her father married what I like to refer to as the trophy wife (his secretary) and has a new baby son. Let's just say she is disgruntled. She sees a man in her business class who looks like the boy who had been her only childhood friend growing up at the Embassy. Levent Deniz was the son of the groundskeeper and the cook. The two of them were constantly together and getting into trouble. Levent was sent away after one particular night of trouble and Vivian was heartbroken. Her mother also found out about the secretary and the two of them left for the States after the divorce.

With Vivian seeing the adult Levent, and visa-versa, the two of them are almost hypnotized. One of the problems is that he is always trying to protect her, especially because his country is so conservative and she is a rebel. Well, that, and the fact that his father had told him the night the two of them were in so much trouble that she was too good for him. Poor Levent had his father's voice stuck in his head telling him that for fourteen years. Vivian's father, the Consulate General, is really just a jerk. I have other names and words for him but I won't use them here. He didn't want his daughter to even socialize with the servant, it didn't matter what she thought. It was quite a battle, especially because her father wanted her to date Ron Harrison and then marry him.

Ms. Crowe gave us an incredible story. I cried, laughed, held my breath and also cheered. I had already read the other three with their children, but it was very cool reading about their parents love and how it all happened. Levent and Vivian are really an excellent couple and I more than enjoyed their story!

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual

Reviewer: Teresa T.
August 13, 2012

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