Earth Witches Aren't Easy

Heather Long
Fantasy romance
Available from Champagne Books
ISBN: 9781927454497
January 2013

Chance Monroe barely survived when a serial killer stabbed her in a parking lot where she attended college eight years ago. She moved on with her life after being told of his death, content with her powers as a hedge witch. But he is still alive and has started killing again. Her friend Jack Harker is the FBI agent tasked with watching over her and keeping her safe until Randall Oakes, the serial killer, is found. While she is glad to see her friend again, his disbelief in her power hurts, especially when it may be the one thing that helps her survive.

Though the book starts off a bit slow, the first chapter really builds up Chance's character and her gifts and abilities as a hedge witch. It also shows how content she has become with her life since her attack and makes for a good contrast to the rest of the action and upheaval she deals with throughout the rest of the book. Chance's ability to deal with everything that is thrown at her, from the emotions brought on by Jack's appearance and the danger because Oakes is alive, highlights just how strong she is as a person. And Jack's evolution throughout the book, especially in regard to his attitude toward Chance being a hedge witch, illustrates the depth of his caring for Chance. They really make a nice pair.

This book has a nice plot and pretty good pacing once Jack appears in the second chapter. The secondary characters, especially Billy and Betty, really add some depth to the book through their relationships with Jack and Chance. There are also a number of interesting twists that will keep readers turning pages all the way to the end. The ending is written well and the story builds up to it nicely.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Sweet

Reviewer: Karin
June 10, 2013

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